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Oy Vey! 'Jersey Shore' Duo Rips Joy Behar

1/9/2011 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki Polizziwitz and Jwoww Farleyberg -- the Jewish alter egos of the "Jersey Shore" ladies -- have had enough of Joy Behar's constant insults, so they're mercilessly mocking the co-host of "The View."

Joy has poked fun on both of her shows about the fact Snooki has "written" a book. So in some form of revenge, Snooki and Jwoww conjured up a pair of Jewish accents and made fun of Joy -- calling her an "Italian wannabe" who hates the "Jersey Shore" kids because kids like them ruined her childhood ... back during the Great Depression.


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b kaczmarski    

These young girls may have been wrong about Joy Behar being Jewish (she is Italian) but they are so brilliantly correct that JOY is a socialist old hag who rags on anyone who does not expound her values. Joy's facial expressions are so vile when she disagrees with a person or subject. You sometimes see Barbara Walters cringe when Joy is on a rant. She is obnoxious to the fullest. Whoopee is a delight while she may not agree with someone she allows the subject to continue unless Behar goes crazy. Those girls are correct in so far as Joy being teased as a child which shows in her demeanor as a adult. I am 57 and grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Queens similar to Joy. I hope she got her ass kicked as a kid.

1320 days ago


Whenever Snooki or any of her other co-horts from The jersey Shore are on a talk show I cringe and want to throw a brick through the screen. All of them have eogs the size of NYC and they have nothing to think they are so great about. Just loud mouth no-talents that serve no purpose for entertainment. MTV please wise up and get rid of ALL of them ASAP!!!

1320 days ago


I am not a fan of Joy's but these two morons make me want to hurl. I think their 15 minutes were up 20 minutes ago. They give Jersey a bad name. Wait they aren't even from Jersey are they?

1320 days ago


Now THAT'S funny!!

1320 days ago


I agree with Joy. Where did you girls come from, under a rock. You have no Class
Stop trying to think your smart by Writing a book, or Singing
the only reason you are on tv, is one of you probably slept with the producer

1320 days ago


Oh my god too funny I love Snooki and JWow that was funny.

1320 days ago


someday they'll learn that if you dress like this in public: - you're gonna get comments

1320 days ago


If I were Joy I would kill myself, ugly, stupid and uniformed..not a good way to go through life son.

1320 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Are Joy and Kathy Griffith in competition with each other to be the most obnoxious women alive? They think they are funny - they are wrong. There's nothing amusing about constantly putting down other people. They must really be jealous of really funny, attractive people. Poor things!!!

1320 days ago


I cannot take someone who only read two books in her life seriously.

Snooki is Italian for adopted Chilean orphan.

1320 days ago


Has No one in the 8 pages of comments said that Joy is actually CATHOLIC? She's a New Yorker of course but she's not Jewish.

1319 days ago


snookie and jwwowwww are hos...and they are idiots

1319 days ago


Tasteless and crude just like they will always be.
I will take Joy Behar over that mess any day.

1319 days ago


Love how the two non-Italian are making fun of joy behar who is actual a Italian she isn't Jewish her boyfriend of like 27 years is Jewish. Maybe they should research before trashing her Im sure Joy is jealous of those ladies who glamourous having sex with everyone and binge drinking and of Snooki who brags about sleeping in garbage cans.

1319 days ago


While I can't stand Joy Behar and loath every word that comes out of her trap, I have to say it cracks me up that these two are making fun of her for being old, just as it cracks me up when any young person makes fun of an "old" person. I am only 30 (I guess to teenagers that would be "old"), but do these chicks think they're going to be in their 20's forever and magically avoid aging???? Especially with how much they tan, they will look 60 when they are 40. And, 20 years from now, the teenagers will be laughing their asses off at that "old show" Jersey Shore and won't believe their parent's generation watched that crap.

1319 days ago
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