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Lindsay Lohan -- Best Seat in the House

1/9/2011 7:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you're looking for Lindsay Lohan tonight, all you need to do is turn on the Los Angeles Lakers game -- because she'll be sitting in the front row.

Sources tell TMZ LiLo will be courtside at Staples Center tonight when the Lakers take on the New York Knicks. We're told the prime seats are courtesy of Pascal Mouawad -- who will join Lindsay so the two can discuss their upcoming jewelry line.

Business meetings at NBA games -- only in Hollywood.


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LA me    

If I'm wrong, I'll pitch my teepee on some lonely plain and sit inside and hang my head in shame. We'll see.

Posted at 8:23 PM on Jan 9, 2011 by Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull/Dina......is that a promise???? I'm holding you to it!!! Gawd....if only Dina would wander off into the desert never to be seen from again......*sigh*....it'll never happan alas...Can I wish on a star?

1320 days ago


Just took a look at all them pictures of her and a few things came to mind.

1.Boy does she look old and used up to be just 24 !! even pastered with makeup and fake eyeslashes she doesn't look fresh... Her lips are pumped out like a over inflated innertube.

2. She was playing for the camera the whole dam time....Her eyes are constantly looking for the camera and that fake smile plastered on her face. People don't go around grinning like a cheshire cat constantly but dam she is....I wonder if she was even aware of what was going on in the game.....

3. She is no more interested in the ball game then the man in the moon. This is all acting on her part..pure PR.......

4. Wonder what she will do today ...go down to the soup kitchen and hand out lunch to show how caring she is..

Sorry but I ain't buying what she saling !!!! Still Conning away......

1320 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I wonder how the people sitting next to her felt about her photo shoot during the game that they paid big $$$$ to see. Not very considerate of others I would say.

1320 days ago


A little too much wine last night. If you rag on Lindsay, I'll rag on you. It'll be fun. She could come back...BIG!!!!!! She's about as "done" as she is unattractive. Look at the photos!!!!!!!!!! People still watch her movies over and over and over on TV. Her name gets tens of millions of google searches. Her 6126 clothing line is perfectly fine...never failed. Every hater wants to think nobody wants Lindsay and more Lindsay and more Lindsay!!!!!!! Think again.

Posted at 7:45 AM on Jan 10, 2011 by Sitting Bull

In What Universe ??????

Rag all you want ....I've faced down a lot worse then you can even think of ....

If this girl really wanted help and change she would have gotten her self out of Hollywood and its toxic enviroment and consentated on rebuilding her life on a more solid foundation away from the drugs and drinking and partying. No she moves right back into the same cesspool she was in before and around the same enablers friends that got her in trouble in the first place..

She is not welling to give up her partying and fun and games.
I have no respect for her or the people who support and enable her to keep the money rolling in they are as guilty as she is all for the sake of the limelight and money.....

How much Harvey ? how much are you getting for this promotion of Lindsey Lohan ? Ride that Pony Harvey ride !!!!

1320 days ago


#92 RagingBull**** aka Papa Lohan (hey, username appropriate!)

Lindsay IS gorgeous here (not beautiful, beauty is the WHOLE package), but your little Precious is high as a KITE. So is Tom Hardly (typo intended). He is PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT for Lindsay, perhaps he will teach her to be a responsible drug addict??? It's plausible. (Cause we know good movie stars don't do drugs) Just like Brad, Right??? (and MOST ENTERTAINERS) years ago I was telling you people he likes his green, ya'll dummies thought I was crazy.

He will be her B.A.G. and she will get her shine back (just LOOK if you're not blind) haha and she will be riding the effing top of the wave. She will be back and she WILL be the biggest thing to hit the Htown. Jeez, just look at the young actresses, all averages. TRUTH. There is no 'It Girl' right now, just your pack of average wannebes. That's the truth, like it or not.

If she could keep looking like this AND STAY OUT OF TROUBLE... maybe Tom's plan is to really adopt her, hmmm. Maybe he could straighten her ass up. Maybe he's grinning like the p whupped Dummy he is here, cause he know he gonna own that. If it is good, it's REAL good if you know what i mean.

1320 days ago


Can't this dumb ass ever just stay home?
She's can't exist without trying to be seen.......

1320 days ago


Maybe you could show people you have a heart and make ammends to those you ended up hurting.

Like give that lady a nice chunk of money (not the chump change your family paid her) if and when you get your first big job, and no later. Cause you know, you were the reason she lost her job. Show you have a heart.

You could return or reimburse for things you've stolen, or buy that lady a new stroller.


1320 days ago

Tookie Topbox    


1318 days ago
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