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Lindsay Lohan -- Giving New Roomie a Free Ride

1/9/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan won't be living in her new Venice pad by herself -- TMZ has learned she's going to have a roommate ... and the girl will be staying there rent-free.

We're told LiLo's new roomie is a girl she met during her time at Betty Ford. According to our sources ... the girl has been sober longer than Lindsay has (FYI -- Lindsay celebrated four months of sobriety Friday).

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she feels it's important to surround herself with other sober people. We're told she's helping the cash-strapped girl out ... letting her live rent-free.

Seems Lindsay's first role post-rehab ... is that of a sugar mama.



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Why's everyone hatin'? That's nice of Lindsay!

1381 days ago


I think Lindsay is doing great. Friday she had 4 mo. way to go Lindsay. Having a recovering addict roommate is a GREAT idea. She will be good support for Linsay when she feeling weak. You wait and see people Lindsays going to change her life and someday she will share her story to help another addict. Prayers are with you Lindsay stay strong fight the good fight.

1381 days ago


@lou @jwoolman
Lindsay does have 4 months of sobriety. She failed the drug tests on September 7th and September 10th

1381 days ago


Oh is this what Betty Ford reccommends? Hey why don't you continue your out patient treatment by moving in with Lindsay Lohan? That's a stable low pressure environment, isn't it? Not.

I guess LL will get a free maid and/or a scapegoat.

1381 days ago


no nicole... it's 4 months of not getting caught. there is a difference. you forget she refused a breathalyzer. you don't refuse a breathalyzer if you weren't drinking.

1381 days ago


So this is Lindsays pay off to the girl lying for her, and at the same time Lindsay is gets to eat sushi

1381 days ago


This is a bad idea.

1381 days ago


Nothing like to 2 addicts living fresh out of rehab fighting cravings together with Sam Ronson right next door to give them a cup of sugar

1381 days ago

LA Native    

What I'd like to see happen here is a sober coach moving in instead of a recovering alcoholic/addict, and more news of attending meetings (but no photos). This shows more sincerity of really WANTING to be sober. I see absolutely nothing that shows this sincerity now. This scenario is going to be an epic FAILURE as if it wasn't already moving in next door to an ex.

1381 days ago


It sounds like Lohan just wants to hook up with another Fur Trader

1381 days ago


It's a very bad Idea to live with another addict. Because if the roommate falls off the wagon Lindsay has a higher chance of falling off too. This girls keeps on making the dumbest decisions. And her mother is no help.

1381 days ago


Why are some of you bringing up Dina? What does she have to do with this news? If anything, this sounds more like Michael Lohan than Dina and Michael Lohan talks to the press 20 times more than Dina does. Some of you an obsession with knocking Dina. She's no heroine of mine but she's not even in LA with Lindsay right now and Dina's keeping a pretty low profile.

As for Lindsay moving in with a former BF patient, you don't know who it is, whether or not it was recommended by the team of experts at BF, and what other measures are put in place to try to prevent a relapse for Lindsay. Really, the only reason why a relapse is a big deal is because it'll land Lindsay in jail for a parole violation, not because it's such a big deal that she would relapse after rehab at some time in the future. Relapse is part of recovery. But, as I said before, something else is wrong with Lindsay. Anyone who continually follows someone who relocates has a clear self-esteem problem as well as obsessions and a reality-distortion field around the nature of her relationships. And Samantha is just as much a part of this, visiting Lindsay in sober house, jail, rehab and sending contradictory messages to her. It's not only bizarre that Lindsay is planning to move right next to her, it was done while she was in rehab. Did her father help arrange this, who really helped Lindsay find this place? This is one of the worst possible things should could have done at this time. Could she have waited till at least after the next hearing before putting herself in jeopardy. Who is to say they won't have another major ugly very public fight where cops may be called. How stupid of Lindsay and people managing Lindsay to do this and how desperate and sick does she looks to the public?

1381 days ago


Maybe her and Sam can now have an all you can eat tuna buffet?

1381 days ago


Seems like every move she's made since getting out has not been a positive one that will help her out with her recovery. She's heading down a fast path to relapse and I doubt anyone will be shocked when it happens. I wonder who she'll blame this time?

1381 days ago

David Gillis    

Sugar Mama? The superficial, ignorant people at TMZ are despicable. Why don't you get a real job and quit being part of the problem rather than the solution? You should try getting sober for a while.

1381 days ago
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