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Sarah Palin's Big Decision -- Payday vs. Politics

1/10/2011 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Sarah Palin's TLC reality show comes back for a second season, it's a sign she's choosing a big payday over a run at the White House ... Palin sources tell TMZ.

Network sources say TLC "would green light another season of Palin's show in a second." The show scored huge ratings and network honchos believe another installment would be even bigger.

We're told the decision to continue the show is squarely in Sarah's hands. Here are the considerations, according to our sources:

A) She would make millions of dollars by doing another season.
B) If she does sign on, she knows she's giving a clear sign to America she's not running for President in 2012.

We're told Palin has made absolutely no public decision, nor has she informed the network. There have been no negotiations. For now it's total radio silence.


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There is no way in hell that this birdbrain will ever become President so she may as well opt for another season.

1360 days ago


Best case scenario;she decides to run,spends all her own money on the campaign,then loses.She then dissapears faster into obscurity than that recent crosshair picture on her website dissapeared.

1360 days ago


SHE has to have this TV show because she is in reality SUCH a FAILURE!

Yeah, this is the FACE and the VOICE of the REPUBLICAN party for 2012...

Yeah, I will REALLY BELIEVE in the REPUBLICAN party as a savior of the country. 2012!!!!!

QUITS her job as a GOVERNOR, QUITS for MONEY . HAS no FOREIGN POLICY experience. No CONGRESSIONAL experience, No SENATE experience, NOT a LAWYER. TALKS like a CARTOON CHARACTER. COST the REPUBLICANS the election.. .NICE going John McCAIN!!!! thanks, loser!!

This is the absolute BEST the REPUBLICANS feel is the VERY BEST FACE that portrays there cause? What HAPPENED to my REPUBLICAN PARTY?????

Hope that she falls out of site soon as the 2012 election will be ANOTHER losing DEAL if SHE IS IN THE PICTURE at ALL!!!!


1360 days ago


Do both.

1360 days ago

jealous of kate    

I thought she said from the very beginning-SHE DOUBTED SHE WOULD DO MORE THAN ONE SEASON. and now, everyone is doing the, if the show is not renewed RIGHT THIS MINUTE, PALIN IS RUNNING!!!! She had to resign from GOVERNOR because of all the legal bills, therefore, the speaking career and tv career. Which, has cleared up all her debts and made her life financially easier and Todd was able to quit his part time job. It is a lot more than SHE IS NOT DOING ANOTHER SEASON, SHE'S RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, in this decision. YOU, TMZ, Perez Hilton, EW and the rest, have no idea how this has played out on her family. You all ripped her, ESPECIALLY YOU, HARVEY, EVERY CHANCE YOU COULD. Don't you think that might play into the decision? Kathy Griffin saying she is going on to attack Willow in 2011? Palin has other children, SHE JUST MIGHT BE TIRED OF ALL OF YOU!

1360 days ago


#1,Birdbrain????Thats too much of a compliment.Maybe wormbrain at best!

1360 days ago

Ron Burgundy    

She might as well just take the money. This moron has ZERO chance of ever making it to the white house.

1360 days ago


She never will be be The President of the USA, so she better take option A(the money)

1360 days ago


I think if she does a 2nd season, the logo for the show should be a big picture of her with a rifle scope positioned on her nose.

1360 days ago


On tv, an good looking, amusing redneck. As the President, the best looking monster on the planet. TV saves the world

1360 days ago


I think she should team up with Mel Gibson and do a reality show about how to bully people.

1360 days ago

Buba Einstein    

She never finished the only office she was ever elected to, so she could make money. I'm betting, money is all she cares about. Let's she what happens.

1360 days ago


Good idea, Disturbed - after all it's just a "surveyor's symbol," right?

1360 days ago


Would be GREAT if while out hunting ( for her specular TV show!!) a GRIZZLE would ambush
And while trying to save her, Todd trying to shoot the bear
shoots her instead, crippling her and she can not talk with that
annoying childlike grating voice of her's. AND she gets the Republican sympathy vote to run again in 2012, loses again AND is IMMEDIATELY
given HARVEY'S job and takes TMZ in a new direction and move it to ALASKA.....C O O can happen......... Where's my agent....

1360 days ago


Despite their best (liberal) efforts, TMZ can't really find a bad picture of her can they? Even with her mouth hanging open and eyes closed, she STILL looks pretty. HAHAHA

1360 days ago
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