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Sarah Palin's Big Decision -- Payday vs. Politics

1/10/2011 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Sarah Palin's TLC reality show comes back for a second season, it's a sign she's choosing a big payday over a run at the White House ... Palin sources tell TMZ.

Network sources say TLC "would green light another season of Palin's show in a second." The show scored huge ratings and network honchos believe another installment would be even bigger.

We're told the decision to continue the show is squarely in Sarah's hands. Here are the considerations, according to our sources:

A) She would make millions of dollars by doing another season.
B) If she does sign on, she knows she's giving a clear sign to America she's not running for President in 2012.

We're told Palin has made absolutely no public decision, nor has she informed the network. There have been no negotiations. For now it's total radio silence.


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correction, millions

1345 days ago


LMAO.....If Americans you choose her as your Pres, then you will show your true colors of stupidity.

1345 days ago


so does sarah palin feel responsible for this congresswoman getting shot in the head..she did put a bulls eye on the lady//basically telling all these wack jobs out there to kill her

1345 days ago


She sucks and her run in 2012 should not even be in question. For the love of this country and all that it stands for, she should not run and people should stop encouraging her.

1345 days ago


I say do the chance of being president.

1345 days ago


I hope she runs! I hope she does the show, have you watched it????? It is a "flippin" good show. She actually is a good mom with values I hope to pass along to my family as well!

1345 days ago


This show is not coming back for another season. It has (internally) already been cancelled by TLC ...

1345 days ago


Last night on TLC the ticker tape said there would not be a second season.

1345 days ago

Patrick Henry    


#66 Your spin of the show is laughable, comparing it to "Wild Kingdom". Are you telling us there was slaughter of helpless animals, for fun, on "Wild Kingdom"?

To the other poster who carried on about learning so much about Alaska, and how you'd like to visit. Sarah Palin is about as believable to Alaskans as "The Dukes of Hazzard" is to the south.
The real Alaskans in the bush laugh at Sarah Palin. She'd never survive above the Arctic Circle, for example!

Posted at 10:33 PM on Jan 9, 2011 by billy cema

Dumbass I do have friends in Alaska one a well known film producer and author. Sorry not all Alaskans are bigots like you.
Despite your dumb ass posting we'd all still love Alaska.

1345 days ago


I know a few fat drunks in Alaska..oh wait,,they are all fat drunks in Alaska

1345 days ago


There is no way in hell that this birdbrain will ever become President so she may as well opt for another season.

Posted at 1:28 PM on Jan 9, 2011 by TXluvsMJ2

I would have agreed with you a couple of years ago but then Obama won the election.

1345 days ago


This bitch would sell her soul and her family to the devil for a few bucks and to get her dumb a$$ ugly face in the news.She is the most money hungry white trash I've ever seen.She has never been a mother to her kids, she is on the road doing god's know what while her daughter gets knocked up in her own home her other has a filthy mouth telling people to STFU....she need to take her family to church.She is one sick puppy.

1345 days ago


As a Democrat I hope she runs for 2012 , with her up against Obama we will surely win a second term. I have republican friends and they have stated they won't vote in 2012 if Palin is on any ticket just like they did in 2008.

1345 days ago


Typical idiotic responses on here. If any of you ever watch the real news you would know that Democrats have used the same visuals with targets on the states and a political target list for years. If you think this is going to take the target off Obama then you are crazier than that shooter. After running on a platform of bipartisan government and 2 years of completely shutting the Republicans out of everything, he now wants to work with the Republicans? Now that he failed at everything he's done in office, ignoring everything the people wanted, he's willing to be bipartisan again? Sarah Palin could do a lot better.

1345 days ago

Matt Leppala    

I thought I heard on the radio today she can't do both as if she does do the show, the network has to give equal airtime to her opponent.. any truth to that?

1345 days ago
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