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Sarah Palin's Big Decision -- Payday vs. Politics

1/10/2011 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Sarah Palin's TLC reality show comes back for a second season, it's a sign she's choosing a big payday over a run at the White House ... Palin sources tell TMZ.

Network sources say TLC "would green light another season of Palin's show in a second." The show scored huge ratings and network honchos believe another installment would be even bigger.

We're told the decision to continue the show is squarely in Sarah's hands. Here are the considerations, according to our sources:

A) She would make millions of dollars by doing another season.
B) If she does sign on, she knows she's giving a clear sign to America she's not running for President in 2012.

We're told Palin has made absolutely no public decision, nor has she informed the network. There have been no negotiations. For now it's total radio silence.


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Poster #1, you are one of those bottom feeders. You are at the bottom rung of the ladder and Sara appeals to poor white trash like you. I have news for you. The Republican party is not out to help you. It's President Obama who and is policies that will help you.

All you Tea Party racist pigs should be kept in your sties and wallow in the dirt. GO AWAY!

1362 days ago


She needs to stick with TV and stay out of politics.

1362 days ago


According to this article and others I've read, her show was cancelled.

1362 days ago

Dan F.    

I saw her last week making comments about what a thick skin 22 years of politics have given her? Hahahahahahahaha! Right! Every single time she or her brood are criticized, she goes into a Twitter tirade, foaming at the mouth about her status as a "mama bear". She in reality has a very thin skin and is prone to knee-jerk reactions once her precious and substantial ego is challenged. She is so not qualified to be President of the United States, she doesn't have the mental capacity, nor the emotional maturity, she was damn lucky to have been elected governor, and as we all know, she couldn't even fulfill that obligation, as the lights of Hollywood and her own narcissism and greed took over and she showed America what her real ambitions and values are. She may be the darling of the Tea Party, that doesn't say much about her other than her stupidity riles up people as ignorant and uninformed as she is. She and her clan should just go away, we don't need any more self-absorbed chowderheads on TV or in public office, we have far too many as it is.

1362 days ago


It's not coming back on.. it was cancelled yesterday. The same day she managed to have 6 people killed. Reload, redump.

1362 days ago


jason, shut your stupid mouth, you idiotic liberal S888 head. HOW DARE you call John McCain a loser. He has given more than you will ever come close to giving for this country. Unlike our current Commander In S888, he fought for this country and was tortured and never betrayed this country. You can say what you want about politicians but someone who was tortured and stood by this country deserves more respect, you p o S.

1362 days ago

Home Skillet    

Does this mean Sarah will finally make O'Reilly's "Pinhead" list??? It took long enough!

1362 days ago


...bloody life support system for a vagina she is.

1362 days ago


Palin is a coward. She refuses to engage in a meanginful manner, she plays exclusively to a fringe element (and, as we now see, a homicidally insane element), she hides behind Facebook and Twitter, and she will not sit for an interview with anyone who won't throw her pre-set, softball questions.

She is incapable of running for President because she cannot handle difficult questions, she cannot handle criticism, and she cannot debate. She can twit-twit-tweet all day long, but that's a one sided dialogue that's all about her. Suits her narcissistic, shallow personality and dim intellect to a tee. A real world national election? Oh...yeah...she already failed at that...and then quit the job she WAS elected to do.

Now she's indelibly linked to the cold-blooded murder of innocent people, including a little girl born on 9/11/2001.

There are people out there so politically ignorant they seriously think she has an ice cube's chance in hell of winning? And those people are her base? Yep...pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

Palin's done. Believe me. There is no future for Palin after yesterday, politically or otherwise.

1362 days ago

JBG Past Prime    

Do Americans a favor Sara and go for the second season, that way Americans have the choice if they want to hear you run your mouth or not...

1362 days ago


Todo or isn't the Democratic men trying to tell women what to do with their own bodies now is it?? I am not for abortion but it is the Conservative *******s who try to tell a woman that she can't have an abortion even if she is raped or molested?? WTF?? So take that and stick it where the sun don't shine. No one, especially a man has a right to tell a woman what to do with her body,, NO ONE!!

1362 days ago


I thought I just read there is no next season?! Get the facts straight already! Who watches that show anyways? So retarded...

1362 days ago


Who wrote this article? Todd Palin? It reads like a press release from a Palin family member.

More accurate websites have already reported the show was not renewed. The network didn't want it. The ratings were just not that good. Plus the average age of the viewers were in their 50s, definitely not a good thing from a network point of view.

Palin is delusional if she thinks she will ever hold any type of elected office, but by all means go ahead and try.

1362 days ago


Hope she runs, so I can vote against her!

1362 days ago


Everyday I find it harder and harder to take Palin seriously. I am a republican/moderate and I can honestly say if Palin becomes the face of the GOP then I will lose faith in the entire party. This woman has no business running for president, and if the GOP thinks that electing another inexperienced, unlikeable person into office is a good idea then they have truly lost their minds.

1362 days ago
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