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Bristol Palin -- Bargain Shopping in Arizona

1/10/2011 9:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin shopped for a few household items for her new pad in Arizona, hitting up a local Walmart over the weekend with her son Tripp and an unidentified matriarch-ish type woman.

Everyone loves a good deal.


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Ponch stomach and cellulite legs, nice look...

1318 days ago


She doesn't look unfit to me, which is the important thing. Women especially can be in good physical condition with more fat on them than Hollywood believes. (Mother Nature doesn't really like our half of the species to be skinny for all sorts of excellent reasons). But she still could be preggers again....

1318 days ago


How would Sarah feel if someone targeted her daughter, Bristol on their Facebook map the was she did Gabby? Would the gun toting Mama Grizzly reload or retreat?

1318 days ago


Some of you folks need to get your eyes checked if you think Bristol is "ugly". Those of us with better vision can see she's quite a nice looking young woman. Thousands of miles away from ugly.

1318 days ago


I dont think she gives a rats ass what anybody thinks about her weight. How many people her age have their own house and money in the bank and a single parent. Its not like shes obese, she a mother and has a child.Not to many keep their teen body once they have a baby.

1318 days ago


way to shop at walmart... not supporting the us job market shows your fatness

1318 days ago


Absolutely fascinating. You have one young woman trying to provide a future for herself and her child and all some of you can do is pick at her weight and life? Isn't there a Lindsey Lohan article you can vent on?
What Bristol is doing is admirable she is picking up the pieces of her life and trying to be self-sufficient. Good for her and good luck to her!!!

1318 days ago


Criticize her all you want..she's RICH!

1317 days ago


Why is this dyed-in-the-wool American girl shopping at a WALMART?? Why isn't she buying AMERICAN?? And stay out of the Walmart girl! You're starting to look like one of those pictures we see online of Walmart shoppers who look like mental patients with poor fashion choices.

Did she get bigger?

Posted at 10:36 AM on Jan 10, 2011 by Mary

Where are all these stores that sell American products because I'm not aware that we produce most of the stuff we use anymore. Unions drove the cost of our products so high that we couldn't afford them. I'm assuming you have electronics and clothing, and they're almost all produced overseas. That would make you a hypocrite, wouldn't it? Are you driving a 100% American made car? No, because the parts are mostly made elsewhere. Let us know when you purge your life of foreign made products and then maybe we'll listen. Meanwhile, don't try to push your socialist pro-union views on us.

1317 days ago


Baaa! Baaa! Baaa! What a bunch of sheep. The ugly marxist woman in the Whitehouse says we're too fat and the government should raise our children for us and you all go right along with it. Do any of you have brains? Can't any of you think for yourselves? I'd love to see all of you and your families. Send us some photos so we can evaluate you and your loved ones and rate them for you. It's only fair. I bet a lot of you, your parents, and grandparents need to be run through a fat farm and monitored for the rest of your lives. Maybe we should put them all in concentration camps and starve them into submission. It's for their own good.

1317 days ago


Why can't some of you just refrain from all of the negative and bad and mean comments. She is trying to be a good mom and I applaud her. If you cannot say anything nice just do not even bother to comment, who needs it and who needs you and your vial negative comments. This is what is wrong with America. We need to all learn to be nice to each other even if we agree to disagree with what another person believes or says. Keep up the great job Bristol, at least you are attempting to make it on your own, more than I can say for generations of some families that have lived off of the system. You have our support!

1317 days ago


Yep, saw the same pic of Brisket on peopleofwalmartDOTcom

1317 days ago

Chun LI    

Of course it's not her mother.She's too busy being a famewhore.I hate this family.

1317 days ago


I love what she's doing. I've been to that area and have looked at houses there (didn't buy). The houses are really nice, and being that this is her first house probably makes it even better for her. She moved to the exact opposite of Alaska. I think Arizona must be one of the hottest, if not THE hottest state in the union. Temperature in summer goes to 110 and even higher.

But I wish her lots of luck, and I'm sure she must love her new home.

1317 days ago


She's pregnant people. Shapers under the shorts still can't press her belly in. About 7 months.

1317 days ago
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