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Charlie Sheen Shooting Vodka In Las Vegas

1/10/2011 7:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of Charlie Sheen at The Palms hotel in Las Vegas taken less than an hour ago -- moments after the actor pounded a shot of vodka -- and there is "deep concern" for his well-being.


Sheen -- who was with a female companion -- bought himself the Grey Goose vodka shot ... and we're told there were other shots before that. 

Charlie -- who has been in Vegas since the weekend --  was complaining to people at the bar that the suits behind "Two and a Half Men" had been urging him to go to rehab.

That's not far off.  We're told Warner Bros. has been in touch with Charlie's team, trying to figure out a way of getting Charlie healthy.  Sources say members of Charlie's team have urged him to go to rehab, but Charlie doesn't think he has a problem.  Apparently, he's the only one who doesn't.

Sheen is due back on the set of the show tomorrow morning.



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I guess it's time to go cold turkey, on watching Two & A Half Men.
We just had to live through reruns, for December, and there's
another one, tonight. I wish this a$$ would shape up, and get his backside on set. He's screwing up a lot of people's paychecks, as well as my favorite 30 minutes of the week:(

1384 days ago

Home Skillet    

Who's the hot piece in the picture with Sheen? Come to Mama, baby boy, and bring that gap-tooth smile with ya'!

1384 days ago


Gee's I couldn't tell if this was Charlie Sheen or Michael Douglas. The girls in the make up room on set must work miracles. So sad. I have a brother who went down this road and now he is dead. I hope his family doesn't give up on him. Death is final. There's always hope as long as he is still breathing. Charlie is depressed and self medicating. Someone needs to help him and stop making a living off of him. Don't let his suicide note be the last time you hear from him.

1384 days ago


One shot??? *****.

1384 days ago


That sucks. Now I'm going to watch Men at Work.

1384 days ago

stan zalen    

#34 and the rest of you envious finger pointers. Take a pill and mind your own business. I will bet your family has a Charly or Charlene in it, so nobody cares what the hell "YOU" say. You are a nobody, and you don't enjoy it. Sorry Charley,(#3)Go tell somebody who will listen to "YOU" and the rest of the cry-babies

1384 days ago


Hey I think I saw and Perez Hilton holding hands at a bar in South Beach. See how easy it is to start rumors about people. This is stupid, people. Get a life!

1384 days ago


Charlie needs help but he's the only one that can do it. I have BTDT and now sober for 15 years. When I see his face in that pic, he's a dead man walking, just like I was.

Too bad.

1384 days ago

stan zalen    

I like#60... and others who keep their nose on their own side of the fence not these "LIL old ladies that need instructions to suck their thumb. Your Daddy would be proud to jerk up a kid like you jelous s***-balls that don't have a match or a Mustang convertible to stick it in. Grow-up and get a hobby.'Knitting will work for all the sissies who have bad stuff to say about anybody.

1384 days ago


......If Charlie is complaining about the "suits" of HIS show that gives him a GIANT Salary, and 'they' want him to go to rehab........THEN he OUGHT to he is RUINING NOT only the future of that show, but the CAREER FUTURES of his Actor-mates on that show! How SELFISH can Charlie be???? He's ruining a good thing for a lot of others!!!

1384 days ago


#34, I was implying that he should be locked up and dried money for booze, whores or drugs. No, I am not a democrat, but I do have a brother thats an addict and the only way they stop is to cut off their supply. Carlos Irwin Estevez is a lousy father, a lousy son, and instead of acting like a 19 year old on spring break the looser needs to wake up and live in reality. Hope Denise keeps those 2 little ones FAR FAR away from him. He is just no good.

1384 days ago

Katie C    

This guy is already dead due to his disease of alcoholism. His body will follow suit soon. Prayers out to his family for strength as this guy implodes.

1384 days ago


One day they will find Charlie Sheen dead in a puddle of someone else's vommit.

1384 days ago


Does he show up to work on time and produce a quality show- yes; he may be hurting himself but that's on him- he is not drinking and driving- he is not hurting anyone but himself; he is at a bar drinking a bit too much. so what.

1384 days ago

Jim in Cali    

what happened to that guys teeth on the left? Charlie should give that guy some money to go to the dentist and fix that up.

1384 days ago
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