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'Dexter' Connection in Gruesome Vegas Murder

1/10/2011 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Dexter" -- the show about a charming serial killer -- was used as bait to lure a Las Vegas showgirl to her death ... this according to investigators.


According to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, 31-year-old Deborah Flores-Narvaez told her roommate she was going to her boyfriend's house to watch "Dexter" on December 12 ... the last day she was seen alive.

Cops believe when Deborah got to her BF's house, the two got into a fight -- and the BF choked her to death. Cops believe the BF -- an alleged scumbag named Jason Griffith -- then chopped off her legs and buried her in cement in an effort to hide the body.

Eventually, Jason's roommate -- who was allegedly involved in hiding the body -- informed police about the killing and led cops to Flores-Narvaez's corpse.

Griffith was arrested and charged in connection with the murder -- and according to the Las Vegas Sun, he told police the killing was "not a premeditated thing."


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1384 days ago


Obviously Harvey is responsible for this murder. He constantly praises Dexter and thus is directly responsible for the murder of this woman. I.m pretty sure his constant promotion of the movie "Airplane" is directly responsible for 9/11 as well.

1384 days ago


By the way, isn't Dexter make-believe? So Palin's make-believe as well? Just sayin.'

1384 days ago


Also, I don't think anyone believes Palin should be charged with the crime. She should just own up to using irresponsible rhetoric. Threatening people isn't okay, whether it leads to something or not.

It's the same with Columbine. The shooters are responsible for their crime, not people who bully..but that doesn't mean bullying is okay.

1384 days ago

Sarah Palin is responsible.

1384 days ago


Any attempts by you dumb asses at TMZ to tie this to the best TV show on the air currently is just plain idiotic. #3 is right.

1384 days ago


Because people apparently think that a) made-up TV shows should be taken as seriously as politicians, or b) neither should be taken seriously. Personally I'm fine with B, but I'm not sure that's how politicians would want it.

And you just know they are dying the blame the show the way they usually do when these things happen...but they can't now without either owning up to their own culpability or implying that we should take TV shows seriously, but not their own propaganda.

1384 days ago


SONY should be implicated as well...because it was a SONY TV they were watching it on! OMG!!! And don't forget COMMIECAST and SHO! Wha!!! Wait, it was that damn producer from 24 who just started working on Dexter this most recent season!!! Ah, and his professor at USC!

1383 days ago


"an alleged s***bag named Jason Griffith" .. nah I think you can saw with certainty that this guy is a s***bag. he's an alleged murderer, but definitely a s***bag.

1383 days ago


Why is there a connection being made here? Burying people in cement is not Dexter's MO so it's doubtful that he got ideas. This is as dumb as politicians blaming GTA for reckless driving.

1383 days ago

Rage Rage!    

I try to warn women all the time you have to be careful men are born predators their instincts are repressed due to laws however in fits of Rage, jealousy or acts of rape they will kill.

A lot of women watch TV and Movies and think they can be strong enough to stop a man but in reality you cant. You need to be careful who you play with.. You can see signs that a man has rage issues when you fight/argue.

When you see someone you think could be like this the best is to tell them not to call you or come around you or you will get a restraining order and if they still continue to stalk you, get one..

It's sad to see... so if you are female take note and be careful.. It doesn't take much for a man to kill you.


1383 days ago


Dexter is the ****!!!!! I love that show!!!!

1383 days ago


Wow, leave it to TMZ to turn this all around. If I were the producers ofDexter I think I would file suit against TMZ. All the police report states is the girl stated she was going to her ex-boyfriends house to watch Dexter. THAT'S IT! For it to be made into a headline like this is ridiculous. Come on, TMZ! You know better than this crap! I guess there isn't enough going on right now to write about.

1383 days ago


2 lessons here. Don't be a 'dancer' and don't be with 'bad boys'.

You stick with them, you ask for what you get.

1383 days ago

Ratings Needed    

He buried her whole body in cement, however, the container was leaking so he and another guy broke up the cement and that's when he cut off her legs to fit her into two separate plastic containers and filled them with cement. 'Dexter' certainly isn't a positive influence, just my humble opinion..... we have the death penalty in NV and that's what he'll probably get. This was a 2nd boyfriend that beat her up... she liked those types.

1383 days ago
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