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Kate Gosselin

Moves to Hold Jon in Contempt

1/10/2011 7:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin is asking a judge to hold ex-hubby Jon Gosselin in contempt of court, TMZ has learned.

We've learned Kate's lawyers filed a Petition for Contempt of Custody Order last Thursday. 

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Kate believes Jon is squarely violating the judge's custody order -- prohibiting either of them from talking about the case -- by allegedly selling information about the case and tweeting his displeasure of the judge's various decisions.

We're told Kate is claiming Jon is willfully disobeying the orders, mostly to make a buck, and she wants the judge to modify the custody agreement to protect the kids from their alleged money-grubbing dad.

We're told a hearing is set for later this month.


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kr, how can you be so cruel? Are you like this in real life? You don't even know Ellen. How can you pass judgment like that on her? Jon is trying to have a normal life, out of the limelight. It's Kate who wants to be a celebrity. Don't even put Michael Lohan in the same sentence as Jon.

1352 days ago


She's a disgrace as a woman, a nurse, a wife and especially as a mother. Anybody ever hear of Narcisstic Personality Disorder? It's too late for her, she will always believe she is right, the best, the most beautiful, etc. She needs to sell the McMansion and go back to being a nurse. Oh wait, I'm a nurse and we don't want her either--the patient's probably don't either. I'm beginning to think she is a Nurse Ratched clone.

Jon needs to keep working and laying low. He's coming back into his own after going wild when his 10 year sentence with the witch was done.

The kids need a Guardian Ad Litem that has the power to say what is best for the kids. The kids need to get off TV and start therapy now before they turn into the 21st century version of the Dionne Quints.

The rest of us need to quit watching "the poor, pitiful me" show which passes for entertainment on a sleazy network. Ditto to watching her interviews on other shows when she returns from her little trip down under. No one is paying attention to her over there/down under so filing this suit against Jon is another way of keeping her name out there. Watch, she will go on all the shows when she returns and moan about how hard all this is on her while saying how wonderful it was to travel without being recognized. Flip certain words in this last sentence and you will have her true story.

1352 days ago


Maybe a judge should take those poor kids away from both of them and give the children to a couple who would love them for being children and teach them some values so they can survive as adults! Those poor kids don't stand a chance with the parents they have.

1352 days ago


This sounds more like
"OMG, no one's talking about us anymore. I thought the kids getting suspended and expelled would put us back on the tabloid pages, but no. Plus, Jon's seems to be getting on folks good side by not acting up and staying out of the public eye. He even has a real job now. What can I do?"

1352 days ago


Why don't BOTH of these parents learn to get along and parent these kids properly rather than duking it out in court on a monthly basis. Good grief! Grow up already! The kids should come first, not their issues...

1352 days ago


Pot. Kettle. Black

1352 days ago

I Luv TMZ    

Those two have nothing but contempt for each other so this is no surprise.

1352 days ago


Mark my words, Kate will win this case like she has all the others. It's not because the judge is corrupt either. Jon has been laughed out of court every single time he has appeared. This time the judge may not be laughing, however. Some pretty damaging information has been dug up on Jon & Ellen. Supoenas were served and Kate's lawyer has a damaging case against him and Ellen.

1352 days ago


Apparently when one is a POT (i.e. Kate) everyone around looks like a black kettle (i.e. Jon, her brother Kevin, her SIL Jodi, etc).

1352 days ago


Jon has a regular job again. Is the judge in PA being paid off by TLC to keep those kids working? Jon wants them to quit, stay in school and get counseling, Kate and her BF, the bodyguard Steve Neild are now the paps...selling pics of the kids from Australia and Kate in her bikini, isn't that right Harvey? Kate's a sociopath destroying her kids' minds and souls. Downsize Kate, maybe the family of sextuplets in KS or the Dilly's could give you pointers how not to exploit and live off the backs of your kids.

1352 days ago


Maybe Jon should hold Kate in contempt for being an exhibitionist and being more interested in bikini shots than in her children. She NEVER and I mean NEVER interacts with them. The Judge on this case is obviously in TLC's pocket. He needs to be acquainted with the damned facts before making a blind ruling based on TLC having better attorneys than Jon. That's a battle Jon will NEVER win. And this Judge should be disbarred for allowing Kate and TLC to continue to use these children for their own selfish money-making schemes. Those children need to be IN gawd, someone help them. It's abuse, it's abuse, it's abuse. STOP IT.

1352 days ago


What a evil Bitch Kate is.
She gets all the goodies and Jon is told to keep his mouth shut and not have access to his kids while she visits countries with her lover.

1352 days ago


Can't wait until the kids can take TLC and Kate to court.

1352 days ago


How much more can Gina Neild take?

1352 days ago


I thought her 5 minutes was up.

1352 days ago
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