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Kate Gosselin

Moves to Hold Jon in Contempt

1/10/2011 7:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin is asking a judge to hold ex-hubby Jon Gosselin in contempt of court, TMZ has learned.

We've learned Kate's lawyers filed a Petition for Contempt of Custody Order last Thursday. 

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Kate believes Jon is squarely violating the judge's custody order -- prohibiting either of them from talking about the case -- by allegedly selling information about the case and tweeting his displeasure of the judge's various decisions.

We're told Kate is claiming Jon is willfully disobeying the orders, mostly to make a buck, and she wants the judge to modify the custody agreement to protect the kids from their alleged money-grubbing dad.

We're told a hearing is set for later this month.


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Gee, how many corrupt judges have J&K been in front of? Kate wins every time and somehow you want to convince yourself that ALL these officials are on the take? Brings new meaning to grasping at straws.

1295 days ago


The comment made by #7 (marty) said it the best! Great post bro.

1295 days ago


When OH WHEN is The Lying Channel going to drop this WITCH. I refuse to watch the channel as long as this WITCH is on.

She has NO TALENT except for her horrible attitude toward anyone who passes her. She is a TOAD.

1295 days ago


Kate is so vile. I have never cared for her. She is so rude to her kids. Not loving at all.
She made me like Sarah Palin (and that is a small miracle) after watching a snippet of their episode together. You have to be very bad to make Palin look normal.

1295 days ago


Wait a minute. She is holding Jon in contempt of court for talking about the case, but SHE went on Regis and Kelly last September AND TALKED ABOUT THE CASE!!!!! She had nothing to promote, nothing new going on, she just sat there and complained in that God-awful, grating, valium laced whine of hers how she waits by the phone for the kids to call while they're on their visitation with Jon because they want to be home. Why is it ok for her to talk about it? On national TV no less.

Also, I want to hold her in contempt of competent parenthood, for having TWO kids expelled from Kindergarten for bullying and hitting adults and children. Instead of getting them the help they need, she drags them across the continent.

1295 days ago


She should talk she put the those poor kids in front of the world agian and agian she using them as chash cows that all she money then kids. Why dont they both grow up and act thier ages. Kat needs to be a mom stop putting her kids on t.v

1295 days ago


Kate is vile. TLC is bile.
If this judge has a brain in his/her head they would see Kate is guilty of the same things she claiming Jon is doing except she goes on Regis and Kelly.
Just because you give birth to your children does not make you a mother. I feel bad for the 8 because they spend so much time with this narcissist.

1295 days ago


Kari, You seem to know an awful lot about Kate's evidence. Perhaps YOU should be held in contempt of court as well.

Mark my words, Kate will win this case like she has all the others. It's not because the judge is corrupt either. Jon has been laughed out of court every single time he has appeared. This time the judge may not be laughing, however. Some pretty damaging information has been dug up on Jon & Ellen. Supoenas were served and Kate's lawyer has a damaging case against him and Ellen.
Posted at 4:50 PM on Jan 10, 2011 by Kari


Gee, how many corrupt judges have J&K been in front of? Kate wins every time and somehow you want to convince yourself that ALL these officials are on the take? Brings new meaning to grasping at straws.
Posted at 5:06 PM on Jan 10, 2011 by Kari

1295 days ago


When will the courts charge her for lying about EVERYTHING! She's trying to get back at Jon (who is working in the private sector)for trying to keep her from taking the kids out of school to go film in Austrailia and New Zealand. At how many zoos and beaches does anyone care to see her prance around as "Fake Kate" dragging those poor tired children along looking extremely BORED!?

1295 days ago


Here come da Judge Jon.

1295 days ago


I hate these sites. Hope the judge has thenm in his sites too.

How much more can Gina Neild take?

1295 days ago


Kari (94) -- you don't know what you're talking about. Jon and Kate don't go before a different judge every time they go to court. Once a judge is assigned, all petitions regarding that matter are heard before the same judge. You need to check your facts before running your mouth defending that c.un.t Kate. You look and sound foolish.

1295 days ago


She has sold her kids' childhood and privacy which is a far worse crime than anything Jon may have done. He tweeted that he didn't agree with the judge's decision to let them go down under to film. She is a piece of work. Hopefully the judge has removed the blinders from his eyes and will see her for what she is. Jon has the kids this year on holidays and vacations which will cut down on her fillming time. TMZ why don't you get the balls to do a real expose on Kate.

1295 days ago


When will a judge see that Kate doesn't care for her kids and uses them to make money and destroy her ex's life. I hope someday that Kate gets to use those hooker heels for her true calling on the street corners of PA.

1295 days ago


TMZ why don't you get the balls to do a real expose on Kate.

Posted at 6:02 PM on Jan 10, 2011 by njgal

Wouldn't that be nice? Somebody in the media needs to go after this manipulative, child exploiting liar once and for all.

1295 days ago
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