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Norm MacDonald

OJ Simpson's a

Prison Bitch

1/11/2011 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson's a pocketholding jailhouse bitch -- at least according to prison expert Norm MacDonald ... and it's all because OJ committed the wussiest crime ever ... stealing his own football jerseys.

Norm explained in L.A. Sunday night -- the pecking order behind bars is pretty brutal ... and people who jack their own sports memorabilia are lowest on the totem pole.

A double homicide conviction, on the other hand -- now that will get you respect. Too bad.


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Wow, TMZ, we surely want to know this little tidbit as well. File it with the porn star who got the award for anal sex, the 90210 plastic surgeon that bleaches a holes and this man who informs us of the pecking order in prison.

We'll need that information-all of the above to go on in life.

Jesus Christ, what is happening at TMZ?

1380 days ago


Yet another worthless D list Hollywood comedian thinking he has any real understanding of life much less let alone the pecking order in prison. He must have went to the same school as Jon Stewart.

1380 days ago


Norm knows about being low in a pecking order

1380 days ago


well this was a waste of space

1380 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

How does this idiot know what goes on in prison? Has he been there or does he enjoy the company of felons?

Hey McDonald. It's easy to judge and criticize someone that's incarcerated.

How cowardly of you.

1380 days ago

who dat    

Too bad this hack has NEVER been funny.

1380 days ago


Norm is humor, by the looks of some of the comments here...people need to find some...'humor'

1380 days ago


@Jason - you should probably reconsider insulting the intellectual prowess of another person when you obviously have no grasp of the English language yourself.

@James R. - Yes, it IS easy to judge someone who's been incarcerated, especially when that someone was handed a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card for being a piece of $#!t wife-beater who murdered two people then hid his assets so the recipients of millions of dollars judgment against him couldn't get it. But, he got away with it and subsequently thought he's entitled to pull a gun on someone to take back his stuff that should be going to someone else.

Yes, it is easy to judge him. It's also easy to say he's a waste of oxygen. His football-playing ability did nothing for the betterment of mankind and does not make him a worthwhile human being.

Norm was making a joke. That's what he does.

1380 days ago


O.J SIMPSON is incarcerated at the WOMEN'S prison (a minimum–security all–female prison) in JEAN few minutes away from PRIMM, Nevada. If you drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Primm is the first little city with casinos right after you pass the state line. Drive 5 more minutes will see only one casino on your right GOLD STRICK and behind is the prison. O.J. is there.

1380 days ago


Being Jewish in Prison would be the hardest,You couldn't even team up with the aryan brotherhood for protection.

1380 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

I sincerely hope OJ's not in a women's prison. I want him afraid for his life, every night of his life, for the rest of his life. Aaaah. (Sound of cigarette lighting).

1380 days ago


that was kinda dry...

1380 days ago


Norm/David Brenner/sam Kinison/Jay Mor=NOT FUNNY COMICS!
@ lest OJ had talent...killing peeps.

1380 days ago


yea **** norm dude is also on the low pole n jail he would get f%%kd n tha assississ... trust me oj is @ the top of the game n jail n just think people r scared of double murders who get of...

1380 days ago


True, but the sad fact is that Orenthal is such a pervert that he is probably enjoying prison sex.

1380 days ago
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