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Hugh Hefner -- I'm Taking Back 'Playboy'

1/10/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Hefner has sealed a deal to buy back control of his Playboy empire from stockholders -- a deal that didn't come cheap.


The quick and dirty: 84-year-old Hefner will spend $207 million to buy out Playboy stockholders ... giving him significantly more control of the company he founded more than 50 years ago.

Hefner had previously stated that he intends to pass control of Playboy over to his two sons -- and this move will make it easier for him to execute his plan.



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I'm glad he is getting serious about his kids. Take care of them first before a new bride.

1347 days ago


I guess its a strategy to keep his grand-daughter aged bride. Lets face it....the ONLY reason why anyone would want him now is because of his money!

1347 days ago


I guess its the only way he can be assured his grand daughter aged bride will stick around before he finally goes to that strip joint in the sky. Because the ONLY reason why any woman young or old would be interested in him now is because of his money!

1347 days ago


What about Christie? She ran the company for a long time.

1347 days ago

Stacy Harris    

My antenna went up when I learned that Hugh Hefner announced plans to marry for the third time.

Doesn't anyone else remember that when Hefner divorced his second wife he indicated- and I'm paraphrasing- that when he remarried (because, as a romantic and a conservative he believes in the sanctity of marriage as an ideal) he had forgotten the "lesson" of his first marriage which was that he is incapable of monogamy? This reasoning, following that second divorce, caused Hef to proclaim to anyone who would listen that he would never again marry because it just wouldn't be fair to the prospective bride.

No reporter has questioned Hefner about this in the wake of his current engagement to Crystal Harris (no relation to me).

Now, regarding Hef's reacquisition of PLAYBOY with the expectation that his youngest sons will eventually control it,

There is a great deal of mystery re: David Hefner. Speculation has ranged from David's considering his father an embarrassment
and there being an estrangement between the two (with David wanting a completely separate identity as a computer programmer) to David just not having the head for business that his older sister, Christie exhibited when she took over PLAYBOY (nor perhaps the interest given, if as bloggers indicate, that David is openly gay).

Of course, when the economy tanked, Christie could do nothiing to save PLAYBOY from the fallout that began with PENTHOUSE and continued with the easy accessibility of Internet porn. There just weren't that many PLAYBOY subscribers who bought the magazine solely for the articles, so Christie resigned as the company's CEO in 2009, supposedly to increase her devotion to philanthropy.

My guess is Christie's feelings about returning to PLAYBOY's executive suite when her father retires or dies is "been there, done that."

If true, the plans for the youngest Hefners to eventually control the familiy business- their and possibly their half-siblings'inheritance- might make sense. I only hope Marston and Cooper are/will be taking business courses in the meantime so as to preserve and enhance what is then left of what was once a cash cow.

Stacy Harris
Publisher/Executive Editor
Stacy's Music Row Report

1347 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Poor Holly~ She slept with that old goat thinking he would leave her Playboy. Everyone knew he would leave it to his sons. Who is she trying to bag this time?

1347 days ago


Wow, didn't think he had that kinda cash.

1347 days ago


It's not the magazine he's getting back control of, it's the brand name "Playboy" which comes with a line of clothing (for strippers and thugs), website, production company, etc...

But what do you want to bet his new bride is behind this? Once he has control back, she can **** him to death then contest his will to wrest control away from the sons.

1346 days ago


Hugh Hefner is one of the most discusting, wealthy men on this earth..and his "slut" women that marry this old wrinkled up discusting old man, wearing P.j's, and living on Viagra are even more discusting..High class prostitutes is what I call them..

Does anyone believe that Hugh Hefer is a young woman's idea of a loving, caring, long last marriage? The are money whores and stop at nothing to live a high life style..I'm 77 and I don't like looking at my old worn out body in a mirror and you tell me these woman that are his bed partner's/money grubbing B's don't almost vomit when he takes off his clothes, pops a Viagra, more like six and get's into bed with them..

I'd rather be on welfare..

1346 days ago


Hey all you dummies talking about how the internet has taken over/destroyed magazine porn - do you not think Playboy is aware of that? Don'tcha' think they've got a website (or two) of their own? Are you aware just how many Pay-Per-View channels belong to Playboy?

Get with the program folks - Hef isn't losing any money!

1346 days ago

bunny man's not about the magazine, it's the brand. The rabbit head is one of the most recognizable icons in adult entertainment. The magazine remains as a symbol of the empire. Kudos to Hef.

1345 days ago


Should take back the CRSSPOOL (PLAYBOY MANSION) from the evil spirit's possessing it TOO!!!

1344 days ago


Meant to say,

Hef should take back the CESSPOOL (PLAYBOY MANSION) from the evil spirit's possessing it TOO!!!

1344 days ago

Sonny Romano    

I love most of the ignorant business comments posted here about Hef. Most of you couldn't sell ice to an Eskimo!......Hef is taking back Playboy because of the brand name not the magazine. Like most people who comment on these articles, you post without thinking about the real content.

1265 days ago

Jon Gregory    

YOu guys are idiots. Playboy is well worth the $200 million if they use it for what it is. They need to get away from the magazine and just go to licensing the brand. The only reason Playboy still loses money is because they keep trying to reinvent the mag. Playboy needs to do what the guys who bought penthouse did. Slowly get away from the mag and move to just take advantage of the value of the brand name.

1191 days ago
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