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New Fears Over Sarah Palin's Stalker

1/10/2011 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A man who's been legally ordered to stay away from Sarah Palin is causing a new wave of concern in Alaska -- after federal agents learned he plans to visit Sarah's home state in the very near future.

Sarah Palin Stalker

TMZ has learned ... 19-year-old Shawn Christy has told family members he plans to travel to Wasilla in the hopes of removing the restraining order issued against him last year after Sarah and her close friend Kristan Cole proved he sent them threatening emails and letters.

Now, Cole is launching a preemptive strike -- through the courts -- in the hopes of blocking Shawn from "dissolving" the restraining order.

Cole just filed new documents, obtained by TMZ, explaining how Shawn has continued to harass her and her family in the past few months ... and keeping the restraining order in place is essential to their safety.

Law enforcement sources tell us Shawn -- who lives in Pennsylvania -- has not been spotted in Alaska yet ... but he's already filed a motion to remove the protective order.


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Joyce N    

I hope all this means that Palin will now slink off into the darkness and take her zombie tea party followers with her. Palin has not only proved that she is dumb, but dangerous for our country.

1381 days ago


she hates violence she just likes to insight people. nothing ever positive comes out of this mouth. you want a revolution be careful what you wish for honey .

1381 days ago


David Larson,

You have made a threat and you have been reported to the FBI!!!

1381 days ago


Give me a break. No one is stalking Palin except maybe one of her children.
Trying to do some deflection, Sarah?

1381 days ago


I would be more concerned about her daughter in Arizona considering their lax handgun law & maybe some "nut" wanting to hurt her through her daughter! The chickens are coming home to roost Sister Sarah!!!

1381 days ago


Joyce N,

Your the only dummy on this blog - go complete your GED!!!

1381 days ago


#6 Bob
First let me start by saying while I think Palin is gorgeous I also think she's totally unsuited for political office. Great for reality tv though.

How is it someone who has time to write huge rambling letters to TMZ also is privy to the most recent and sensitive GOP onformation? And if you are in a position to have this info, how can you be so stupid to leak it to TMZ readers? No buddy, you're just a nut job with an axe to grind. Spewing out crap that is so highly doubtful just makes you look stupid and mitigates your whole opinion. Next time try writing with the part of your brain that isn't damaged.
PS Oh and stay the hell out of Canada, with the Quaids here we don't need anymore foreign whackos thank you

1381 days ago

Someone who actually knows what they're talking about    

for 6+ yrs libs spoke of doing harm to Prez Bush .... they had protests outside of his ranch in Crawford for months. Heck, there were articles written about Bush's death for GOD's sake!!!

That was LIBERALS inciting violence ... not conservatives.

Obama calls non-libs "enemies" and suggests (albeit metaphorically) that if those opposed to his policies are "bringing a knife to the fight ... then we'll bring a gun".

Take a look around the World folks ... our history ... when was the last time you saw violent protests from a conservative group? It's always the lunatic left throwing bricks through G10 summit windows .... or beating people up for wearing fur.

The punk who shot that congresswoman was a freak .. not a conservative. His own friends described him as a "left-wing pothead". He freakin worked for the congresswoman's campaign ... they were subscribers of each others YouTube channels!! They knew each other!!!

The shooting has nothing, had nothing, and will never have anything to do with Sarah Palin.

And now the libs want to make a law regarding "threatening remarks" .... wtf?? ... did this kid ever make a threatening remark? How would a new law deter such an act?

The problem with this country isnt Sarah Palin (although she IS an attention desperate goober at times) .... it's the crazy people "inciting violence" against a family in Alaska ... for no good reason other than they hate them because their TV God told them to.

1381 days ago

Buck Boy    

People who follow Sarah Palin never completed grade school. They think that yelling bumper sticker slogans makes them politically informed.

1381 days ago


I hope she feels terrible about what happened. She inspired "second amendment resolutions" and should bare the responsibility

1381 days ago


#14...I absolutely agree with you

1381 days ago


Typical "Palin Spin". Planting this story in the media, and making herself out to be some kind of victim, just a day after she got a bunch of people shot and killed. You stay classy, Sarah.

1381 days ago


BOB - STFU - youre an idiot!

1381 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I only have one thing to say about this.

HAHAHA!!!! Suffer, B*tch. The rubbish she incites on people is coming to back haunt her now. I think this Palin idiot really thinks she is invulnerable. Her inbred cult has placed that silly idea in her head that she can say whatever she wants and not have any repercussions. Now look, someone is out to get her. LOL!!!

1381 days ago


The blood thirsty mob screaming for Sarah's blood because a schizophrenic, pot smoking Satan Worshipper described as a hard core lefty went crazy. No political connection to Palin or the Tea Party that we've seen. The shooter was angry because he felt Gifford slighted him with her form letter. It has to be Palin's fault! Everything is Palin's fault including your mother's hemorrhoids and your father's gout.

1381 days ago
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