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Dr. Conrad Murray's

Medical License SUSPENDED

1/11/2011 9:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's medical license has just been suspended.

Judge Michael Pastor just ordered the suspension, as a condition to Dr. Murray's bail in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.

The Medical Board of California has asked the court twice before to yank Murray's license, to no avail.  But minutes after ordering Murray to stand trial, Judge Pastor granted the request.

Dr. Murray has 24 hours to notify the medical boards in Texas and Nevada of Judge Pastor's decision.

It's a devastating blow to Murray, because he needs to practice to make enough money to pay his legal team.  Murray's team believes the move is designed to take away his right to defend himself in the manslaughter trial.


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Whether he can still practice elsewhere is moot! Someone as unskilled, and morally compromised as he is will cause the deaths of others...without even trying!

1343 days ago


So here I find myself on a chat with the above mentioned dialogue. Along pops a name called "Mimi".

Mimi rest assured if you were not there I pwned the board and put so and so in his place and no I will not mention the persons name. All you need to know is this person was once again cloning you and splat he got put in his place big time to the point he left chat.

I don't want or need attention from the board I need us all to come together "please" for MJ.

A lot of you folks give your time to help uneducated people like me out for that I thank you.


Posted at 4:16 PM on Jan 11, 2011 by Scott

LOL! It is obvious you mean OhWell. OhWell NEVER gets "put in his place". It only eggs him on more. He THRIVES off of making people mad. I know OhWell better than anyone on the MJ boards, Scott, everyone knows that, it is not a state secret or anything. And if you are saying you "put him in his place" and he left, you are a liar Scott, just like the rest of the fanatics.

Posted at 4:51 PM on Jan 11, 2011 by Deb

1343 days ago


You know, this guy provided a service to Michael Jackson. If he hadn't, MJ would have found another dr who would. If I were him, I'd sue the Jacksons. They only want money - none of them were anywhere around when Michael was so sick.

1343 days ago


His license is "expired" like his dead client. Dr. Murray is going to prison

1343 days ago


Why is there no press conference? does NOBODY have anything to say?!!!!

1343 days ago


f@ck him .let him go court appointed like the deadbeat bum he is.
i am betting he will still have this high powered team because he is being helped by somebody with deep pockets.
i hope he breaks and rolls over on everybody involved in this situation..

1343 days ago



1343 days ago


Why did TMZ just send me a text alert about Leslie Nielsen dying, again? WTF?

1343 days ago


Horrible decision! He has not had an opportunity for his day in court. No one should be able to take your ability to make a living away without a guilty conviction from a court.

1343 days ago


Hell, they need to investigate the damn license anyways, I bet it’s fake, he's too dumb to be a 'doctor'!!!

They should have taken it when he killed Michael….wait, when he killed that other person before he killed Michael!! Okay???

If they don’t bust him then I know someone paid him to kill Michael!!!

1343 days ago


Let's see - Conrad Murray could get up to 4 years. (Note key words UP TO). Say he gets it. With time off for good behavior, not to mention the time California will shave off because their prisons are so overloaded, I predict IF he gets 4 years he will not spend more than a year to a year-and-a-half in prison.

Is that enough to satisfy you nut jobs? No? I didn't think so (LOL) Even if Murray killed MJ with malice, which I don't think, I think he's just a bumbling excuse for a doctor, you FANS will never be satisfied that justice was done because you won't see him HANGING DEAD IN A PUBLIC SQUARE! NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER!

I am not glad Michael died but in light of the ridiculous 3-ring circus that has been going on since June 25, 2009, I think it's hilarious that you will never, ever be happy. After Murray is convicted (if he is) you will feel let down, it will be anticlimatic and not enough. You want his BLOOD and you are never gonna get it! ROFLMAO

1343 days ago


It is wonderful knowing that the Judge, District Attorney, Medical Board, Police and Detectives are protecting the public from a reckless greedy lying physician such as Murray.

1343 days ago


Google 'stoopid housewives' ... great HWs stuff! This guy should have his license revoked... how did he get away with ordering so much propofol!?

1343 days ago

Thomas Mank    

"he needs to practice to make enough money" - Jesus, who ever expects a cure by this man anymore? Maybe he could get work in a slaughterhouse.

1343 days ago

Alex C    

Fantastic news, you are going down Murray!

1343 days ago
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