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Ted Williams Detained By LAPD

1/11/2011 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the argument between Ted and his daughter was over money. Williams has gotten several job offers and made numerous tv appearances since last week.

Ted Williams
-- the homeless man with the golden voice -- was detained by LAPD last night after getting into a shouting match with one of his daughters.

Ted Williams Arrested

It went down at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood -- where Ted and his daughter got into it so loudly ... a hotel employee called the cops.

Ted and his daughter were both taken to the Hollywood station, but neither Ted nor his daughter wanted to press charges so both were released.

UPDATE: Ted Williams enters rehab.


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rex kramer    

Wow. I sure didn't see this one coming.

1350 days ago


Some of you people are disgusting and hide behind a computer to spew your venom. I hope after you type the garbage that you do, you examine your own lives. You wonder why some of your own lives are horrible? Because you project nothing positive and do not know how to wish others well.
To Ted Williams, I wish you and your family well. We all make mistakes and no one has the right to judge you. I pray that one descent, honest and genuine human being can step in to be the buffer between you and this crazy society. This is America. They build you up to destroy you. May God be with you and prove these weak trash talkers wrong.
As for some of you spineless people, grow up.

1350 days ago


He looks like Obama.... Uncanny.

1350 days ago


To his children and his family. If you all wouldn't help him when he was sleeping on the street and if all you could do was talk about him and put him down why are you all in the media? You all should be more supportive of him. Give him some time and space. And by all means put your hands back in your own pockets!

1350 days ago


First, he should hire a trio of bodyguards. Then, he should get down on his hands and knees, apologize to everyone (wife, kids and baby-mommas) and pay them all off to leave him alone and never contact him again.

1350 days ago



"He is a nice man. he was always respectful to me. "

You must have either worked for a government agency, gave him money yourself, or been a crack dealer.

Screw all of you that think the kids are golddiggers and blaming them for not giving him a place - this POS never never anything for his kids their entire lives.

1349 days ago

Leon Phelps(The Ladys Man)    

Yup, his 15 minutes of fame have been and gone. His kids are trying to get in the picture so they can get THEIR 15 minutes of fame now. You'll be seeing them interviewed on tv talk shows before you know it. They wont make much but they want to get what they can. I'm sure the kids will be coming out with a "tell all" book about him too.

1349 days ago

Leon Phelps(The Ladys Man)    

Is it just me or does this guy look a lot like me, Leon Phelps "The Ladys Man"? Google me and let me know your thoughts.

1349 days ago

David Walker    

I just want to say this its not going to be easy i know but let me say this live "one day at a time" and do this only if its for you, if you do it for any other reason you will not make it, Your kids will
Love you no matter what but having a relationship with them is what counts, But by the grace of GOD there go i..... ONE DAY AT A TIME..... LET GO AND LET GOD.... Ted if you ever need to talk.

1349 days ago


"the argument between Ted and his daughter was over money"

Should have known....soon as they smell money they are on him like leaches! The man haven't even got himself together yet, and here comes family members begging for money. Where were they when he was sleeping under a bridge? He should have never contacted them. Looks like they are the reason he started doing drugs in the first place. Idiot daugheter should be ashame of herself! She should be offering him money and a place to live. Not begging for money from a homeless addict!

1348 days ago


of course they want his money the kds and his wife, these women were as hot asses just like ted what happen to birth control they all are welfare golddiggers , these women will fall for anything .

1347 days ago


i bet you when he shouts he still sounds good

1346 days ago


These women give Black women and families a BAD, BAD name. Before the man could make a buck they were all over him digging for gold SAD
These women acted like animals. Mean and nasty as could be. Go get jobs and fend for ourselves. He may owe child support but, they did not give him a chance to even earn any money to help pay any back support he owed.
Those women are a prime example as to why black men do not want relationships with black women
if they were smart they could have waited till the money started to flow and go to county to get anything they thought he owed them. Now none of the greedy BITCHES get anything Too bad for him but, good for them.

1344 days ago


My brother and I were abandoned by our father at an early age- it was tough then but we went our way and made something of ourselves dispite his abandonment. Ted's children should do the same. Move on and make something of yourselves and don't try to tear the broken man down even further.

1344 days ago

kevin reed    

your all a bunch of losers. ted williams is a winner he will have more in his life in the coming years then all you losers who sit around putting people down because most of you are praying for an extension on your unemployement benefits, and when they run out you will be one step from where teddy came from. losers

1343 days ago
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