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TMZ to Verizon Users: iPhone Us!

1/11/2011 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's official. Verizon Wireless announces at a press conference it will start selling a version of Apple's iPhone 4 next month!

Verizon iPhone Announcement

Problems with AT&T's service have scared off an untold number of potential iPhone users, but it's about to change.

Pre-orders of the Verizon iPhone will begin on February 3. The price will range from $200 to $300 with a 2-year contract.

iPhone us! Check out the TMZ App ... the price is FREE!!!!!


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1389 days ago


I've had Verizon service for 15 years. It has always been reliable. I've had AT&T, Sprint & Nextel users borrowing my phone when they didn't have service. Hopefully the influx of iPhone users won't have a major impact on the network...

1389 days ago


at&t sucks here in Tucson. I wanted to get the iphone but the price will be too high. I had read that AT&T was going to sale them for 99.00 with a contract.

1389 days ago


Why is you TMZ app not available outside of the United States, I'm in New Zealand and would like to have it on my phone but can't :-) Does TMZ not like New Zealand ;-)

1389 days ago


both suck. Probably the two worst service providers out there.

1389 days ago


I have AT&T and it works fine 99% of the time. Once in a great while a call is dropped.

HARVEY!! PLEASE IMPROVE YOUR TMZ MOBILE APP! It's awful! I want to be able to read comments, browse old articles and enlarge photos.

1389 days ago


I have had Iphones since the original launch day. AT&T is pretty good, I do like the idea that Verizon will let you use theirs as a hotspot (which you can teather your Ipad) but you will be stuck with their old 3G network for the life of that phone. Apple will likely roll out the Iphone5 in June with 4G for the AT&T network and Verizon customers will be left waiting until the end of the year and then have to pay a very hefty upgrade fee to get 4G. I will wait and see what the June release is all about before thinking about leaving AT&T.

To poster #7, I couldn't agree more, update the TMZ mobile app, it is truly awful, check Huffington Post ap, that has a nice design.

1389 days ago


I have Verizon, was looking forward to the iphone. i'll get one when they make one for LTE. Until then, there is no point.

1389 days ago


The hotspot feature is awesome but too bad about the lack of multi-tasking. See 2nd bullet point after article:

To not be able to use data and talk on the phone at the same time (which I do quite often as I use features/apps to give info to people I'm chatting with) is crazy. But I guess Verizon could always fix that at a later date.

1389 days ago


Also, I think it's common sense that the performance of each companies network depends largely on where you live! I've never had slow performance when I surf the web on my iPhone, nor have I ever had multiple dropped calls and I live in a huge city.

I switched from Sprint (which also worked fine for me and their unlimited data plans are the cheapest!) to AT&T almost 2 years ago to finally try out an iPhone and since then I think I've had only 2 dropped calls.

Before I had Sprint, I was with Verizon for nearly 10 years (loved them, too!) and considered switching back if their iPhone data plan is going to be cheaper. But if they can't multi-task - a horror, it's 2011! - I won't move back to them till they do.

1389 days ago


Feb 3rd is my birthday! Yay I'm so excited to be able to actually use the iphone as a phone rather than an ipod.

1389 days ago


I have Verizon and Nextel and I like ATT best. VERIZON SUCKS and it's THE WORST, WHEN ONCE VERIZON USED TO BE GOOD ... and I didn't have it. Then but not now, Verizon worked when my Nextel did not. Now with my Nextel, I get better reception than I do with Verizon .. ugh... and I keep Verizon for free incoming calls cause it can't be purchased now. But I needed a second number for my business so I got Verizon too. I get dropped calls all the time and most of the time my LG phones and others I've changed to, well, the Verizon phone doesn't ring. Not at all !! And after waiting in line for help all the time and exchanging phones and getting replacements, it's the same crap all the time. I have the phones with me all the time but Verizon most all of the time never works. The duck to remind me I have a message works best and then sometimes a day or two or just hours after the initial message is left. NOT GOOG .. The ATT phone in all the same locations work. In fact on the ocean front in the 93035 zip code, California, ATT is the only cell phone that works. And in Vegas, I borrowed a friends ATT phone to call out when neither of my cell phones worked. VERIZON USED TO BE GOOD AND I USED TO BE 7 YEARS OLD. So sick of Verizon. I hate it.

1389 days ago

A dude    

This would have been a great 2 years ago, but with all the smartphones out on Verizon (especially the far superior Android phones) there is no reason to switch of to an Iphone (especially one that is almost a year out of date). No LTE, no open source, no dual core, among others = No thank you, wake me up when Apple catches up.

1389 days ago


I loved Cingular, but when they officially switched over to AT&T/were bought out/whatever, I had dead zones in places I used to have coverage. I remember seeing the "least dropped calls" commercial that AT&T used to have, and laughed every time. I've been with Sprint, AT&T, and now, Verizon. AT&T used to drop my calls left and right, and Verizon is 100% better. Their customer service is way better, too.

1389 days ago

David Dewbre    

Don't do it Verizon ppl! The TMZ crapp ... er App is useless!

1389 days ago
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