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TMZ Live: Murray on Blast, Sheen ... Porn to Be Wild!

1/11/2011 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen actually made it back to the set of "Two and a Half Men" after his ridiculous porn star-filled bender -- and Dr. Conrad Murray got blasted in court today by a doctor from the L.A. County Coroner's Office ... but did he deserve it? Plus ... a new feature debuted on TMZ Live!!


(0:00) Attention UK'ers ... TMZ IS BACK!
(1:30) Charles' new 'do ... and Harvey's afro???
(4:50) Charlie Sheen's bender in Vegas with 3 porn stars. Legally? Not a problem. But he might need rehab.
(6:30) New Britney Spears song -- a rip off? Let's consult our resident Britney expert, Jason.
(16:10) The "Jersey Shore" kids ... why are they famous?
(18:20) Palm Desert PD's legal action against Lindsay Lohan over the Betty Ford incident -- it's a wild goose chase.
(20:00) Mike attended the porn convention in Vegas for "networking" purposes. Right, and Charlie Sheen hung out with Bree Olson for the conversation.
(20:40) NEW TMZ LIVE FEATURE ... the employee cam! Mike and Max test it out
(25:20) Conrad Murray poses a danger and the medical board should pull his license -- at least according to the D.A.
(27:35) The Coroner says Dr. Murray is on the hook even if Michael injected himself
(28:45)Charles knocks Harvey's funky-shaped hoodie.


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Mark Morris    

when is TMZ going to get start up it's own network?

1327 days ago



When TMZ started, did you ever think that the "legitimate" news outlets would so often credit you on breaking news?? Great job and keep up the great work. You guys are terrific at doing serious stories while never taking yourselves too seriously.

1327 days ago


I love Max too!!!!

1327 days ago


I hope its going to rain :) :) I enjoy watching you

1327 days ago


Why not send Mike back to school to learn grammar? .. much nicer without him .. GET ON with the questions and stop with the personal stuff .. Stop with talking to all your 'employees' .. WHO CARES .. 2 1/2 men is a HIT show and makes money .. I worked for functioning drunks and they did fine .. if the ratings drop . show will be dropped .. Universal cancelled LAREDO because they could NOT keep Neville Brand out of 'the bar' .. and it was high in the ratings .. different time then than now.

1327 days ago


Your half hour of LIVE is getting shorter every day . you are LATE . OK . but ridiculous .. boring!

1327 days ago


HARVEY, your head is NOT ugly! I always thought you had a VERY cool shaped head.

1327 days ago


Your head has an ugly shape because you're a Jew.

1327 days ago

Marc Elliott    

Look when you make hugh money, on going flow, the human condition to be hedonistic is ON.
Any human in his position should seek to live his life (without hurting anyone) of course hard core. We all are here with one shot, x # of years, so live large. If you have good health and dough. Forget society norms. They exist for the masses anyway if you have bank enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, give generously! always tip big!

1327 days ago


Did MJ's security confirm that there was security tape outside of MJ's room? If so, why does security not know what happened to the tape?

1327 days ago


Yes, Harvey, so I don't have either a Tweeter account on my cell phone, so that means I don't get to ask questions?...wait a minute, I just ask a question, this is weird..dejavu.or what? wait another question, ??? I can hear myself thinking a question, I better stop...

1327 days ago


Wear the Snuggie!!!

1327 days ago


Leeann rimes and eddy have left facebook. What's up???

1327 days ago

northern gypsy    

great to see the tmz staff working hard !!!
the roaming camera keeps them alert...
keep it in your works !!!

1327 days ago


Harvey - you and Charles were acting as if it were 20 below zero when it was sixty some-odd degrees today on TMZ Live. I guess you two wouldn't make it here in the midwest where we have snow and actual cold temps!

1327 days ago
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