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Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee -- Disses Charlie Sheen

1/13/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bombshell McGee has standards ... and apparently, Charlie Sheen just couldn't live up to 'em.

Michelle Bombshell McGee

McGee -- who hung in Sheen's hotel room during his Vegas bender this weekend -- was back in L.A. yesterday visiting Dr. Michael Niccole about a boob job (seriously) ... and strolling around with the same tattooed chick she brought to Sheen's "trainwreck" suite.

But when we asked if they'd be partying with the actor again anytime soon, Bombshell was crystal clear -- it ain't gonna happen.

As we first reported, Bombshell and her pal high-tailed it out of Sheen's place after a couple of hours ... still no word on what went down behind closed doors.


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Simply disgusting.

1290 days ago

Make it stop    

How can you use the word "bombshell" in front of this ones name when she looks like THAT. Not even a slight hint of attractiveness. GROSS whore!!!!!

1290 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

The pot calling the kettle black?

1290 days ago


Get real!!!

This broad is only into woman like "Jessie James". She's gotta be the one strappin' it on, right Jessie???

1290 days ago


Holy crap mcgee is so ugly, maybe charlie couldnt find a dark room so he wouldnt have to look at this bitch. What a bunch of skanky whatevers. I heard mcgee likes foot longs so maybe charlie didnt measure up. Who know maybe that will shut her up.

1290 days ago


The way that McGee, in particular, was giggling, it sounded like she had sex with him.

Let me guess....McGee doesn't like Charlie because he dresses too preppy, doesn't have a big dong, doesn't have a happy wife (getting divorced), and doesn't have a hundred tattoos.

1290 days ago


I cringe every time I see this woman.

Now.....I'm spitting up my morning coffee seeing TWO of them.

Why do women do this to themselves? It looks awful, trashing, icky, rode hard, put up wet, classless, and just plain weird.

"Tattooing a woman is like slapping a bumper stick on a BMW." - T. Hartwell {my hubby with words of wisdom.}

NEVER a good idea.

1290 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

I'm sorry, but i have a hard time believing this racist piece of self-righteous trash even has standards...

it's all about seeing how many celebrities she can sleep with and then ruin... that's 2 now... how many other hollyweird morons are going to sleep with this disgusting skank?

1290 days ago


Yea,because she's so classy.

1290 days ago


Well I'm glad to see she's trying to better herself and realizing that hanging out with Charlie Peen works against that.

1290 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

They probably got as far as taking their shirts off before Charlie through their nasty arses out of his hotel room in favor of something cuter and not looking so beat to hell. They are skanky as can be and even Charlie has some standards.

1290 days ago


Oooohhhh. Bad news for Charlie if Nazi McGee turns him down. What's left? Toothless grandma hookers from Tijuana?

1290 days ago


The photographer sees these two walking and all he can think of asking them is "Does Charlie like big boobs or small boobs?"

Is it a requirement one must be a moron to work for TMZ?

1290 days ago


No wonder Crackhead Charlie had Bree along for the ride,something had to make his soldier come up. I'd love to hear what Bree had to say about these two rejects.
These two must have been frightening to look at when you are high. Methinks they may have heard about the 12 grand that Capri should have got and expected The Crackhead to make it rain for them since they are "older and more experienced".
Nice try Uglyshas but Charles wouldn't be having you back anyway.

Look at us! We dyed our entire skins like two mad parrots! Aren't we interesting!

1290 days ago


Whores who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.....

1290 days ago
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