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Camille to Kelsey:

You're Not Divorcing Me Yet!

1/13/2011 5:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer just fired off a legal response asking the judge to reject Kelsey Grammer's request to get a quickie divorce -- and estimates the estate's value at $120 million ... TMZ has learned.

Cammille Grammer
Camille says in her declaration, Kelsey is trying to bifurcate the divorce (get a quick decree now and work out the property settlement later) "...solely for the reason that he intends to remarry as soon as possible."

Camille continues, "I don't believe this is a sufficient reason to prejudice my rights to the community estate."

In the docs, Camille also lists their assets -- including "multiple real estate properties" and more than 25 vehicles.

The rest of the declaration gets pretty technical, but the bottom line is this ... it looks like Camille's lawyers believe Kelsey's papers don't square with the legal requirements for a quick divorce decree.

And get this -- if the court grants Kelsey's request Camille wants $10 million immediately ... to hold her over until a final decision is made on the separation of the estate.


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TMZ: WHERE'S NICK??????????????

1346 days ago


Depending on the state him and his hussy want to get married in, they might not be able to get married for up to 90 days after the divorce is finalized. But I guess everyone forgot that?

1346 days ago


Why should she make it easy for him to get a quicky divorce? Because of the money...pLZ!!! If I was dumped the way she wouldn't divorce until the propery and money was settled. Wake up ya dumb AMERICANS!!!!

1346 days ago


There is a waiting peeriod in my state also.
I wonder why he feels the nee to marry every woman he hoos up with. Seems insecure or something.
Then he leaves children behind like collateral damage.

1346 days ago


Oh Miss Debbie: @ 39 Does Cameltoe interact with her childen? No she leaves it for the nannys. At one show she had to ask how her son was doing as he was sick. Mother material? I think not.

1346 days ago


what you people refuse to realize is mr. grammer was almost broke and an addict when they met. she is the brain behind the braun. she deserves at least half, if not more. he is an ungrateful a##hole. why doesnt he just settle and move on. why should it always be the woman. he is a pig.

1346 days ago


to "BY YOU KNOW IT"....

YES!! Finally another Camille supporter! Thank you thank you!!!

GO CAMILLE! Stay strong! I believe in you! Your past?? who cares! Your a woman in control! Soft spoken! Kill them with kindness...I LOVE IT!!!

1346 days ago


Camille, you failed to mention the importance and urgency of deciding the children's future as well ...

oh wait, that's right, you did - you mentioned how much child support you would need for each.

you don't have to worry about physical custody because you have four nannies that raise your spawn for you.

your children are mere po$$e$$ion$ for you for one reason and one reason only ... the almight $$$.

just watched you on watch what happens live and you lied through every tooth you had. for instance, the escort rumors are not false or made up but keep denying it. go ahead.

your nervous laugh, constant twitch of the eyes tells your entire story and lack of credibility but for those of us who know you off camera, it tells oh so much more.

the more you dig on kelsey, the more your past will rise to the surface.

hold on tight, dear - it's going to be a bumpy ride.

1346 days ago


she was a NOBODY when she met him and she still a NOBODY with good lawyers now....LOOSER blood sucking cabrona

1346 days ago


He wanted out of the marriage make him pay for it...

1346 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

If my wife had a neck like that, permanently stretched and disfigured due to dozens of cosmetic surgery procedures, I'd divorce her too. And that would be the kind thing to do. The natural thing would be to slit her neck to relieve the pressure.

1346 days ago


I have not been able to stand Camille since the first episode of the show, she irritates the hell out of me and I find her unattractive and crazy- but after watching her on the after show tonight and her interview on Howard Stern (watched it on Howard TV), I have a new opinion of her. Don't love her but she seems much less neurotic, more laid back, open and humble.... Just my opinion. Kelsey is a jerk, a major geek and seems like a total fake, freak…

1346 days ago

my moore    

Ok I am not on her pay role so what I am about to say may not go over well.
I know Camille in fact I gave her one of her first jobs in the industry.
She is NOTHING hear me NOTHING like they have edited her in that Real House Wives show.
She is a loving an supportive person, not only there for her family but for her friends, she has always been like that and she is like that now.
What you people forget is that she was on the fast track to being a star herself when she meet him and helped him though some really ROUGH times in his life.
If it wasn't for her Kelsey Grammer may not of been on this planet.He owes her not only his career but his life!!!! She is to kind to say anything but HELL I WILL!!!
So whatever she gets from this situation BELIEVE ME SHE DESERVES SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!
So GIVE HER A BREAK!!!!!! Thank You!!!!

1346 days ago


Did she not stay with him, when he got caught having sex with an underage girl. He really was a mess at one time and she stayed with him.

1346 days ago

Make it stop    

I have ZERO sympathy for this whore. After watching her on Real Housewives yesterday I actually gained even MORE respect for Kelsey. Amazing how this entire season that "mother" hasn't been seen once doing anything w/her kids. Now all of a SUDDEN she's taking her daughter to dance class and "holding it together" after getting a call from Kelsey saying their marriage is over. Yeah OK. Nice try. And what was up w kissing her "friend" Nick on the lips right in front of his wife? The gold digger Camille wouldn't have teeth left if she EVER tried that in front of me.

1345 days ago
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