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Camille to Kelsey:

You're Not Divorcing Me Yet!

1/13/2011 5:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer just fired off a legal response asking the judge to reject Kelsey Grammer's request to get a quickie divorce -- and estimates the estate's value at $120 million ... TMZ has learned.

Cammille Grammer
Camille says in her declaration, Kelsey is trying to bifurcate the divorce (get a quick decree now and work out the property settlement later) "...solely for the reason that he intends to remarry as soon as possible."

Camille continues, "I don't believe this is a sufficient reason to prejudice my rights to the community estate."

In the docs, Camille also lists their assets -- including "multiple real estate properties" and more than 25 vehicles.

The rest of the declaration gets pretty technical, but the bottom line is this ... it looks like Camille's lawyers believe Kelsey's papers don't square with the legal requirements for a quick divorce decree.

And get this -- if the court grants Kelsey's request Camille wants $10 million immediately ... to hold her over until a final decision is made on the separation of the estate.


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It's LA and if there's no Pre Nup, Kelsy watch what you wish for It could be a expensive BTW Infidelity hmmm that wasn't part of you nuptials was it ?

1346 days ago


Camille will do just fine. She's not stupid. I think she's going to end up with Kyle's husband, Mauricio. Yep.....

1346 days ago


am I the only person in the universe that thinks he's a massive prick. He decided he wanted rid of his wife- doesn't have the balls initally (so it would seem) con****s crap about being alone in new york to settle (without his kids - but just enough time to **** and knock up a british air hostess). The dude goes on tv acting like a greasy smarmy **** talking about his new 20 something blonde vagina, I mean please................She might be a loud mouth ass but he is worse. I absolutely believe he's planned this for a time and being a first classs bitch has had alot of advisers from the minute he began ****ing the stewardess strategizing his divorce. Sorry to offend but I think he is a ****.

1346 days ago


What Kelsey did to his family is deplorable . Obviously no one knows what was truly going on in their marriage but the way he has handled himself makes you wonder about his character . He has two very young children and to marry so soon and introduce them to his finance so soon is very painful to young children . clearly this man thinks of himself before anyone else . I hope camille gets as much money as she possible can under calf law and starts a new life with a man who truly loves her , going through a divorce is painful enough but in such a public way must be unbearable .

1345 days ago

Nikea Jackson     

True Cammie was a huge c!@T on the RHW of Beverly Hills, but if anyone thinks for one minute she shouldnt get half you are nuts.!!!!!!!!!! if he wants a divorce thats fine, but its clear to me that she is a very smart business woman and after almost 15 years of Marriage he owes her Half.

1345 days ago


does it really matter what she was (I will not repeat the nastiness), the fact remains, he married her and she IS the mother of 2 of his children. When will people learn, if your not happy in a marriage get out before you move on. Getting a girlfriend before even telling your spouse you want out is called infidelity and is frowned upon in court an by your children.

1343 days ago


Yeah on the Real Housewives, Camille has some annoying qualities, who doesn't in entertainment. Kelsey knew what woman he wanted as do other men in that profession. Here's the double standard: It's ok for men to marry barely-legal, gold-diggers (physical vanity), but it's not ok for those women to marry older, rich, sugar-daddies (economic vanity).

You women here ignore the double standard. Kelsey took the pimp role and Camille took the hooker role. Kelsey has young children (innocent to the world), and he didn't consider them, still pursuing his pimp/hooker lifestyle. Good people marry good people. Vain people marry vain people. Kelsey is the ultimate example of that.

1340 days ago


Too bad she wasted all those legal fees opposing his motion to bifurcate; he'll get what he wants. But maybe she knew that, and is only opposing it to stick it to him. She seems like such a c*nt - probably what got her so publicly dumped in the first place. Motions to bifurcate are SO common in cases where assets are huge and one party wants to remarry, and the court won't give a damn that he's already lining up the next ex Mrs. Grammer. His assets will be valued as of the date of separation set forth in the divorce papers, and thus there's no way she can make a case that her "interests" will be "prejudiced". He's getting shed of her and there's nothing left that she can do about it except whine. Oh, except pay some attorney big bucks to hassle him in court. Whatever.

1340 days ago


Ya sorry, I kinda feel bad for her.....Yes she didn't come off so great on the show. Camille came from nothing and she married into ALOT of money the kinda money that changes people. I don't think the comments are fair, sorry she is entitled to 1/2 of what she became custom to. Plus I don't care how much money she gets, it still hurts to be cheated on and lied to for months. Not a Kelsey fan, I'm routing for Camille all the way. Go Camille.

1340 days ago


Camille is a phoney, unattractive, plastic, empty headed, insecure has-been. He is insecure, but not plastic, phony or a snob. He is an addict, a depressed person, and someone who seems to need instant gratification. Why he ended up with her...who knows. Hopefully, he finds happiness with this next round, but I doubt it. He has to be happy with himself, first.

1334 days ago

Kim Nguyen    

I love camille very much...
Wish you all the best...
And I can feel your pain, be strong. Don't worry about whatever their comments about you, because you do the right thing, you should stand up for your self. They can said all they want because that isn't their husband, so they can't feel the pains...I have your back as always...
Good take care of yourself and your 2 beautiful kids.
How can they go out there, happy, cuddled and doesn't worry about how hurt when you see it???
You are a very beautiful women, camille...
God bless you...

1318 days ago


I just saw the producer's cut of "HoBH: Dinner From Hell”..

If you ask me, Alison Dubois & Camille are as fake as Alison's cigarette, which she may as well "love" herself some more by sticking it up her untalented & pretentious ass & taking it back to the Arizona trailer trash dumpster she came from, you miserable sack of BS!!! I’m sure all will agree that you’re a con-artist who has no talent as a “medium.” Did you foresee your show being canceled, stupid ginger ho! Even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in while..I’m glad your gravy train off our tax dollars has ended!

Camille, stop playing victim & feigning innocence, you vacuous, narcissistic bee-atch! Although I have sympathy for your children, I do not have any for you..Kelsey would probably rather commit suicide with a letter-opener than spend another meaningless second with you & that's why he so easily paid $50 mil to leave your collagen-pumped ass! There is no part of you that is real, except that you are a real bitch.

I'm sure that the majority of viewers will agree that there is no way that both you & Alison were "products of editing." Anyone who has to constantly pat herself on the back to remind the audience & the rest of the housewives of how much she "loves" herself or have “books written.. (and) a TV show made about (your) life” and that others are always "jealous" of you & that your kindness & charity to mere friends should draw comparisons to "Jesus" is clearly very insecure and delusional. Your “friends” (a.k.a. staff) who agree with you are paid lackeys feeding into your delusions. Yes. Go ahead. Pat yourself on your back for curing your loved one's alcoholism. It hardly counts when you probably are the one who drove him to drink in the first place!

1313 days ago
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