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Kelsey Grammer's a


... Ex Insinuates

1/12/2011 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer's soon-to-be ex-wife strongly insinuated on a national radio show this AM ... Kelsey likes to dress up in women's clothes.

Camille Grammer Howard Stern Show
Camille Grammer not-so-coyly told Howard Stern that Kelsey wasn't gay, but then strongly suggested he appeared in the cross-dressing "La Cage aux Folles" because he liked women's clothes.

Sources connected with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" tell TMZ Camille has made the same claims to the cast after Kelsey dumped her.

Kelsey's rep, Stan Rosenfield, tells TMZ, "While it is not clear why Camille Grammer continues making public statements about her marriage to Kelsey, it is crystal clear that Kelsey will continue not responding, regardless of content."

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seems quite a few years ago kelsey got into trouble for having sex with an underage girl..

1382 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

This stupid woman's mouth is going to get her more trouble than she's worth...

holy revenge much? Honestly, when you start making outrageous accusations AFTER someone dumps you, NO ONE takes you seriously... you just end up looking like another raggedy-ass woman scorned!

sit down bitch, your 15 minutes are up!

1382 days ago


Bitches are ****ing heartless in hollywood. lol

1382 days ago



Maybe he's a Lumberjack?

Posted at 8:56 AM on Jan 12, 2011 by Tom Paine

1382 days ago


this biotches next show will be titled "Really Jealous Ex-Housewives Of Beverly Hills".What was she before Kelsey married her and what was he.The money is obviously tied up in very bad real estate investments,the same thing that is now screwing nick cage.Real estate can go up and down in a matter of months.It also makes it harder to sell places in posh areas like Manhattan and Hawaii.It was HER idea to invest in real estate,as they have both said "he knew nothing about finances or investments".IMO this all came out of an innocent joke style comment about clothing not fitting to bad or something along that line knowing Kelsey`s dry sense of humor.She is then taking it out of context,pure anger and jealousy.She has now left the show in anticipation of A pay day here and is in the wind on anything other that what she will get from the divorce,mainly all properties from the way its sounding that she must sell when the values increase.The show itself I highly doubt would have kept her seeing Kelsey was the reason it came about.Kelsey should ask for A gag order or this will be another Oksana all over again.

1382 days ago

Make it stop    

She also tried to imply this on the show. Nothing that comes out of her mouth is the truth. This woman is delusional. She's not attractive, can't take care of her own kids and tries to make people believe that she has a brain (LMAO!!!). Cheap, plastic and downright ugly inside and out! I'm surprised Kelsey didn't leave her sorry butt sooner!

1382 days ago


This is why Charlie Sheen chooses to dish out two hundred grand on a binge with a hooker, over marrying one.


1382 days ago


She obviously came off horribly on Housewives and at least she admits that. But if you listened to the entire interview on Howard you can get the whole story of her relationship with Kelsey. They rarely had sex, she had a few O's and basically he was her best friend. They haven't had sex for years. She said there really wasn't chemistry between them from the get go, but she stayed married because of her kids. She definitely has issues, but you do get her point of view on their marriage. Wasn't a good match but they stayed together until he found someone new. Also he won't even talk to her. They have kids together....he needs to grow up and stay friends with her for the sake of the kids. If he did that she would probably be much less likely to talk about personal stuff. They both have issues. But if you aren't into have your husband walk into the bedroom dressed as a woman....I would be out the door.

1382 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

Besides... how can we be expected to believe ANYTHING from this woman, when she literally looks plastic!

she's got so much botox in those nasty ass lips of hers as well as the rest of her face she's like a used-up-barbie who got kicked out of her dream house.

fake-ass body, fake-ass insinuations

1382 days ago


She's turning out to be the Beverly Hills Housewives version of Jersey's housewives' Danielle.
Another sociopath.

1382 days ago


She also said she had worn a strap on!!! Yep!! Listen to Howard Stern and you'll see that's what she's implying!!!

1382 days ago

Ms. B Nice    

... and what is the big deal about being a cross dresser?

1382 days ago


Seriously, is this mentally ill, gold digging, botox, stone face piece of crap going that low? She is so jealous of the woman that Kelsey left her for, that she will do or say anything...she is the mother of his children, you filty pig. This whole country has watched him for years, and think he is a kind and talented man, he got fed up with her whinny voice, and ugly ass face, he left her...get over it. She never took care of their children, she doesn't deserve a penny for child support or alimony, she is a user and did NOTHING to help his career, he did that all on his own. She has no skills, no intelligence, so the only job she will be able to obtain, is on her back, where she does her best work....WITH MARRIED MEN!!!! No wonder she is off the "Housewives"...the whole country saw what she is was like and hate her. Talking crap like this is really going to ensure any future relationship you have, won't either happen or last, who can ever trust a sick liar like you. Oh, and get your nose fixed, please. And lastly, do you even know the name of your own children????

1382 days ago


camille you are a DUMB blonde,of all the talk shows you go to howard stern! someone should have told you that howard stern show is a no-holds bar show.if you refuse to answer questions then why you came to his show.stay tuned something tells me that this dumb blonde is regretting of coming to howard stern show.

1382 days ago

Joe Camel    

A woman scorned is...

a fake, bitter, botoxed, narcissistic creep.

1382 days ago
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