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Kelsey Grammer's a


... Ex Insinuates

1/12/2011 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer's soon-to-be ex-wife strongly insinuated on a national radio show this AM ... Kelsey likes to dress up in women's clothes.

Camille Grammer Howard Stern Show
Camille Grammer not-so-coyly told Howard Stern that Kelsey wasn't gay, but then strongly suggested he appeared in the cross-dressing "La Cage aux Folles" because he liked women's clothes.

Sources connected with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" tell TMZ Camille has made the same claims to the cast after Kelsey dumped her.

Kelsey's rep, Stan Rosenfield, tells TMZ, "While it is not clear why Camille Grammer continues making public statements about her marriage to Kelsey, it is crystal clear that Kelsey will continue not responding, regardless of content."

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What a bitch this woman is. I sure she looked into Kelseys eyes many a time and said i love you to the man. Now shes on National Radio bashing him. Some of these ho's i tell you are just evil. Thats why men you really gotta watch out for some of these blood suckers and make sure you find a decent ho that you can trust. And trust me, it aint easy.

1317 days ago


Sounds like a real scorned gold digger to me!

1317 days ago


Camille has all of the atributes of a person with Anti-social Personality Disorder (Sociopath). She is one that everyone should avoid like the plague. Kelsey has only said nice and kind things publicly about her... well, we know how she speaks of everyone... Next!!!

1317 days ago


Man, this woman is hideous looking. She looks scary as h3ll.

I really don't care if Kelsey cross-dresses or not. He's not even relevant any more anyway. The only press he's getting now-a-days is because he's getting divorced.

And Camilla is just one ugly woman. Big nose, wrinkly skin, and weird eyelids.. she's disgusting.

1317 days ago


Camille Grammer is the new "Heather Mills"... a despised piranha. Her current direction is down... like the Titanic. She will not succeed in taking Kelsey with her. God help her children, because she is paranoid, wicked, and sick. Good thing she did HWBH show so that the world could see her live and in action. I'm just surprised it took Kelsey this long to escape her.

1317 days ago


i understand she is very hurt about what happened to her, but shes acting like a 15 year old, i think once kelsey saw her overly flurtatious behavior on tv, he would have left her anyways, meeting a new (and normal) woman or not. obviously shes always had this personality and im sure he had some ideas of her attention hunting ways, which is probably why he fell out of love with her in the first place.

she clearly accepted "cross dressing" when she was married to him.. now using it against him definatly says more about HER than it does him.

hes a cross dresser, Camille? well you are the woman who married a cross dresser and pretended to be okay with it.

1317 days ago


WOW! Just when I thought this skank couldn't get any lower and I couldn't hater her more she pulls another low blow! This thing is the bottom of the barrel s***!

1317 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Harvey greatly approves of this news and gives it 5 "Little Harvey's thumbs" up.

1317 days ago


Who cares. Kelsey could do anything at this point and I would still love him. I predicted that C*****e would stop at nothing to destroy Kelsey after he left her. I hope he doesn't fall to her level and share the real reasons he left her. She knows how private he is and doesn't think he will go public. But if she pushes enough she will she will need to be called out properly. As a Pisces - Kelsey should have known better to ever go for a snake like her.

1317 days ago


Camille is a man!!! she was born a man and had a sex change!!! hows that for a tidbit??? hahahhahahha!

1317 days ago


she claimed they had sex less then two dozen times during her entire marriage with him, also that he had erectile dysfunction and was freaked out by him dressing up like a women. Sure adds up to sound like she is not lying

1317 days ago


She should take a page from Kelsey's book and stop running her mouth. Who was she before she married him?...anyone?....anyone?

1317 days ago


I am sure they will say juust be Howard Stern like Bravo portraying Camille in a bad light but why am I picturing Kelsely in a diaper with a pacifier.

1317 days ago


You know what comes to mind about one of the "star" wives just "letting it go and getting on with their life"?

Charlie Sheens first wife...what's her name? She has kept her mouth shut through all the B.S.

So has Mel Gibsons Ex...class all the way...mouth shut. Camille should take a lesson form these ex's.

1317 days ago


Who really cares? If I had $100 million, I would buy several thousand acres of land anywhere I wanted and not wear anything at all or maybe I would want to wear a frickin dress... But it would have to be expensive and look really nice. HA HA HA HA What a major Bitch!

1317 days ago
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