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Kelsey Grammer's a


... Ex Insinuates

1/12/2011 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer's soon-to-be ex-wife strongly insinuated on a national radio show this AM ... Kelsey likes to dress up in women's clothes.

Camille Grammer Howard Stern Show
Camille Grammer not-so-coyly told Howard Stern that Kelsey wasn't gay, but then strongly suggested he appeared in the cross-dressing "La Cage aux Folles" because he liked women's clothes.

Sources connected with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" tell TMZ Camille has made the same claims to the cast after Kelsey dumped her.

Kelsey's rep, Stan Rosenfield, tells TMZ, "While it is not clear why Camille Grammer continues making public statements about her marriage to Kelsey, it is crystal clear that Kelsey will continue not responding, regardless of content."

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You guys need to stop printing this stuff without some factual evidence. They are going through a bitter divorce and she is spouting off left and right. You can't believe her right now.

1347 days ago



Who was she before she married him?...anyone?....anyone?

I read somewhere that pre-Kelsey Camille was a high-end hooker that worked for the Sultan of Brunei and people in the Middle East, among others. If this is true she needs to thank him for the lifestyle and millions she got from the marriage and STFU!

Posted at 1:32 PM on Jan 12, 2011 by Uzi


I couldn't agree more! It doesn't take a "rocket scientist" to figure out what actually attracted this callous, vindictive woman to Kelsey Grammer in the first place. It's quite obvious that "love had nothing to do with it". More like the "love of money and opulent living". I guess she's just "too old and farted out" to resume her prior profession. If she actually had some "game", she wouldn't waste her time stooping so low! I can't wait for her to disappear!!!

1347 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

This woman is just jealous he has moved on, inpregnated (but miscarried) and got himself engaged to a much lovelier and younger woman. She needs a man to get her attention off Kelsey.

1347 days ago


Maybe he dressed in panties to pretend he was actually WITH a woman. This vapid bitch is anything but.

You could not pay me enough to talk about my ex like this, she is hanging out her own crusty underwear for the world to see. Pathetic.

1347 days ago

maria heard    

I can't stand her.She so false and loves herself.

1347 days ago


This woman is just a bundle o'class...

1347 days ago


Camille's a rotten tramp/ex hooker. She should take the 30 million he offered and run. She just wants him to suffer and have to stay in contact with her forever. It was so obvious from the housewives show that Kelsey is all she really had going for her anyway.

1347 days ago


Do people ever realise how low they lower themselves by telling things like this to the public. She must think very little of herself to tell such a thing. I guess the next man she is married or living with need to hope she won't tell something like this about them. Can't trust her.

1347 days ago


maybe she is mad because he is prettier in the Prada than she is...

1347 days ago


She obviously is a loving parent who is totally concerned with the welfare of her children. When her kids come home from school upset and crying because some other kid teased them over the things she has said. She can just send them off to one of the four nannies for comfort. The bitch should just keep her mouth shut just for the children's sake.

1347 days ago


Really? She would. Camille is a nasty b*tch. She obviously can't get over her husband wanting a divorce and is just looking for some way to stay in the spotlight. Poor Camille she needs some help.

1347 days ago


So what? I still watch Frasier every night. I don't care if any of them are gay..that is their private lives. Has nothing to do with what I watch on tv.
But one would wonder...if she didn't like the man,and they had all these problems,and she didn't approve of his behavior.. why would she accept it all until now? Oh wait..maybe it was all okay as long as he wasn't divorcing her. And if she didn't technically have those kids..would that make them NOT her kids, so that he would get custody? I really, really cannot stand this woman and hope that they take her off the Housewives..
she's fake and irritating. We all know cheating is wrong. But the fact is if she herself said something was missing between them, and she was worried about coming up to get her own fame,..but then says this breakup was a surprise ? how was it?
We also don't know..they could have talked about divorcing a hundred times. But how could she say it was a surprise? If something is wrong in my marriage, I would know.

1347 days ago

Nichole K    

Wow she is such trash. Someone is clearly bitter. You wanted to be your own person go be it and stop continueing to use Kelsey as your identity.

1347 days ago


Really who cares, we have heard this for years...we all have some kinkiness if it bugged her why did she stay so long....she is a piece of work.

1347 days ago


For all the bad things that can be said about Camille, & there are many, Kelsey is much worse. He loved her, he married her, he put a lot of money & work into ensuring he had kids with her, he spent 14 years with her. Then he did the worst thing you can do to a spouse to her. She sucks majorly but he sucks more.

1347 days ago
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