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Palin on Shooting: Stop Mindless Finger Pointing!

1/12/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin has just posted an 8 minute video about the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords -- slamming critics who say she may be to blame for the event.

Palin says "We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker ... Acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own, they begin and end with the criminals who commit them ... not with law abiding citizens who respectively exercise their first amendment rights at campaign rallies."

Palin came under attack after it was discovered Giffords was targeted by Palin on a map released last fall featuring crosshairs over her district.

In the video, she continues, "Journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible."

Palin also adds "We are better than the mindless finger pointing we endured in the wake of the tragedy."


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But, Sarah Honey, the criminals generally are mentally ill, and that means we can easily plant seeds into their thought processes. Your gun sites (or whatever they are called) planted a seed to shoot, who and where. Sarah, you are one of the dumbest broads I have ever seen. I get embarrassed for you.

1378 days ago


BTW....There ae barely any comments because most people know how ridiculous blaming her is!

1378 days ago


Quite Disingenuous considering she was listed on your effective "hitlist". I think these polititians who incite/provoke the ignorant should also be held accountable. Palin, you are one of them. Practice what you preach.

1378 days ago

common sense    

So its ok for Obama to say to bring a gun to a knife fight, and call republicans in congress "hostage takers", and DailyKOS to put out a similar map with bullseye marks on republican districts at the same time, but its not ok for Sarah Palin to say stop the insane accusations for which there is no basis. I swear it gets sol old for people to just hate her, without any real reason other than you are preached at to do so by every left wing media outlet. I guarantee if anyone on the left had said these very same words, it would be praise all around at how great they are. Well, don't hold your breath because it won't ever happen. Instead you have democrat senators using this shooting as an opportunity to raise reelection funds, and people like Frances Fox Piven saying "I don't like violence--unless it is part of your overall strategy", just as recently as last week...DailyKOS writers saying less than 2 days prior to shooting that Giffords is dead to them, and more. Wake up people and do your homework. Quit taking everything the media spouts off as gold. Journalistic integrity is non-existent in this country.

1378 days ago


What a funny statement coming from a Republican. The statement is absolutely correct. So, why can't the same staments be made about those responsible for the World trade Center Attacks? Why does the extreme right continue to attack every Muslim person as a terrorist??

1378 days ago


It IS society and politicians to blame. We make it so felons can't find employment so they need to recidivise to survive; we create laws that take away everyone's rights; the government is thinking of maintaining a registry of everyone's email identifiers like sex offenders; the health care system does not get service and treatment to people such as this guy; our society fights over DADT legislation and gay marriage casting these people to the side and creating a lesser and closeted caste; we don't do enough to nip the bud in our schools where bullying, gender, self esteem, drugs, sexuality and violence issues create the Columbine kids of the future.

Until we are merciful and compassionate, forgiving and empathetic, until the calf and wolf make peace, there will be trouble.

I know a young man who contemplated suicide as a teen, he was forced into counseling and thrown out of school. He joined the Marines and halfway through boot camp they found out about his past and kicked him out. He has applied to three colleges and denied at all three. What are we creating?

I'll end with my favorite quote by Timothy McVeigh "I am what YOU made me."

1378 days ago

two cents    

Whamo.. maybe this is the "change" odumba was talking about. Politics were never as nasty as they were the last election. Instead of going forward, I think we've gone back about 100 years.

She never should have put crosshairs. She never should have said "don't retreat! RELOAD!" Chose your words wisely or they may come back to bite you in the ass.

There's plenty of blame on both sides. Riddle me why Nobama is giving a eulogy today if it not to score some political points. Maybe they can turn this tragedy into a commercial for his re-election bid.

Pfft. Politics.

1378 days ago

Home Skillet    

It took her handlers long enough to craft her message, speak it to her slowly and be convinced that she understood - okay, 80% of what they actually wrote for her - and get her out there spouting this out. This woman could no sooner sit down and come up with something like this than I could swim to Australia. She is spoon fed EVERYTHING because she doesn't have a brain in her head. WAKE UP, Conservatives! I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with you supporting Pawlenty, Huckabee, Romney or someone else worthy of the office - but, keep Bozo the Clown here out of the equation, please. She's an idiot and a dolt.

1378 days ago


An alternative view: The shooter is responsible for his actions, but she and others on both sides of the aisle are responsible for creating an environment where sound bites and cloaking one's self in the flag is a substitute for coherent political discourse. No one apparently made this guy pull the trigger; on the other hand, little exists in a vacuum.

1378 days ago

Not a sheeple    

"Palin says "We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker ... "

Palin is so not original. Thisis from a Reagan quote. Palin is paraphrasing the latest Reagan quote that the RNC is attempting to utilize as their mantra. This after Palin, Bachman, Angle, Beck, Limbaugh, etc., gin up the violence. Completely irresponsible on their part.
Barbara Bush was correct when she stated Palin (and her family) should stay in Alaska.

1378 days ago

two cents    

Ken: GREAT idea!

TMZ: Put some crosshairs on HER kids! See if she thinks that doesn't cross the line.

I double dog dare you! lol

1378 days ago



1378 days ago



Shut the f*ck up and suck a c*ck bitch.

1378 days ago


Poor Palin. I kind of feel sorry for her. It must be difficult knowing you were partly responsible for the murder of 6 people including a little girl. Unfortunatly, she's begging to the wrong people for forgiveness. Any misery she is experiencing here on Earth because of her hate speech is miniscule compared to the all the years in hell that Jesus is going to punish her with after she dies. He has no tolerance for any of her bs and can see right through her guilty facade.

1378 days ago


The real point is that we simply have a culture that worships and glorifies violence and hatred and killing. Try counting how many people are shot or beaten on one night on Television.

The politicians hate each other and the country polarizes between shifting camps. We have the Tea Party, the Republicans, and the Democrats all of whom hate each other with a passion. We forget that this hatred of opposing parties can easily break out like it does in Iraq and other countries with suicide bombers and killings. We are quite close to that environment ourselves.

The politicians don't believe in such things as civil discourse; they feel the need to attack each other but have not yet gone as far as to start bombing.

The police are part of the fight as well - if you are, for example, a right wing democrat and get stopped by a left wing republican cop there's a good chance you will get very rough treatment.

1378 days ago
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