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Seymour's Son Defends Strange Beach Photos

1/12/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stephanie Seymour and her 17-year-old son Peter took some online heat after a couple of weirdly affectionate photos of them in St. Bart's surfaced last week -- but now Peter says it's A-O.K. because he's gay.

In a message posted on his Facebook (via Gawker), Peter Brant II writes "I would just like to say that these pictures have been taken completely out of context ... she often hugs and kisses me and my siblings in an manner that is intimate, any mother in the world does the same. That day on the beach we walked around with each other completely aware of the presence of photographers there."

Brant continues, "We have nothing to hide and with that in mind I would like to say that I am openly gay.  At my age my mother and I are almost like friends and I feel open to talk to her about anything (and yes our relationship may be different because of my sexuality)."

That being said ...



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there's nothing wrong with a son kissing his mom and groping her breasts as long as she's okay with it, it's called "All in the family"

1380 days ago


That still doesn't explain the boner!!

1380 days ago


Anyone seeing anything wrong or inappropriate with the pic is the SICK ONE! It is possible that human beings who are related hug each other lovingly and there is ZERO relation to sex! It is filial love, the kind one has for our kids or parents! All over the world, people would look at this and think nothing, but Americans are strange about sex. She is his mom, wiped him, changed his diapers until she didn't have to and bathed him as a baby! You sick people! It is mom and daughter just showing affection, nothing remotely sexual is going except in SICK people's minds!

1380 days ago


SO inappropriate. C'mon, stop being politically correct on here (it's like 50/50 for that poll) saying it is okay for a mother and child to do that. You people are pathetic. He's a young adult, not a little boy. Being gay does not make a difference. Gay men think they can get away with touching straight women where they shouldn't is another issue, too. "Oh I can pinch her ass because I am gay."// Frolicking on the beach w/ your mama is fine, but groping and kissing -- are you kidding me? Number 30 is obviously into his mom. Weirdos!

1380 days ago


Even the question He's gay, it's O.K. ... is out of line. Are we sheep expected to have our thoughts steered? The people who write this are the Hoes.

1380 days ago


For God's sake, his hand is on her BOOBS!!. kind of weird to me. Gay or not, it's weird.

1380 days ago


These pix are not "strange" he was obviously giving her a smack on the lips and had grabbed her at the same time...get your head out of the gutter TMZ...even if the kid WASN'T gay it would be's his MOTHER for God's sake.

1380 days ago


I'd rather see THIS than Charlie Sheen and a bunch of Whores and Porn trash...

1380 days ago


why are people freaking out over two people in the same family being affectionate? he isn't even kissing her on the lips, I don't get what the big deal is. so what, slow news day again Harvey. boring stuff, again. yawn.

1380 days ago


These are taken out of context. There is nothing wrong with a Mother and her child showing their love by exchanging a hug and a kiss. People who see something wrong in this obviously can't deduce the before and after of this action shot. Or, they need more hugs in their life.

1380 days ago


And, shame on TMZ and others for trying to twist simple affection into something less.

1380 days ago


All of you PRUDES and HATERS need to realize that this is 2011, not the Ozzy & Harriet 1950's! Even our President & VP acknowledge that their views of sexuality are "evolving"...haven't we learned anything about tolerance from the DADT debate??? The guy's 17, which means he's probably over the age of consent, so stay out of their bedroom! STOP THE HATE SPEECH, INCESTOPHOBES!!!

1380 days ago

bunny man's an innocent photo. Some people on this site are morons.

1380 days ago


How many posters here who say they are "creeped out" by the "gross" photos would jump all over someone who said they were 'creeped out' by 'gross' photos of two men kissing? Sounds to me like you're trying to impose your own morality on someone else...but, of course, "THAT'S DIFFERENT". Bigotry is the in the eye of the beholder.

1380 days ago


#7 Secondman=Being gay is wrong, but f*cking your mother is hot? Um, yeah, you're just a little bit screwed up.

1380 days ago
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