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Heisman Winner Cam Newton Running to the NFL

1/13/2011 10:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cam Newton is no dummy -- the controversial and amazingly talented QB is done at Auburn University ... and says he's going to the NFL next year.


The Heisman Trophy winner -- who was in the middle of a recruiting scandal all season -- announced Thursday that he will skip his senior season and enter the NFL draft.

Monday night Newton lead the Auburn Tigers to a national championship victory over Oregon that went right down to the wire.

An NCAA investigation found that Newton's father attempted to sell his son's football services to Mississippi State ... although he eventually decided to play ball at Auburn instead.

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Last I heard there was no I in Football. This is not golf.

Talent is one thing. Everyone else on the team has talent. Newton didn't win all by himself.

Sounding like he's already got the I'm Gods gift to the team, without me arrogence and attitude. NFL here I come.

1379 days ago


If Mississippi State offered him $180,000 and he went to Auburn instead, what does that tell you? OK, if you're totally stupid, it means Auburn gave him more than $180,000. Expect that Heisman and Co-National Championship they're sharing with TCU to be taken back just like Reggie Bush found out.

1379 days ago


"Auburn fans better lather up because that rented mule is in heat and you're his date!"

This is a bigger scandal then S*** Bag Newton and his POS father.


1379 days ago


Auburn will be eventually stripped of its recent championship thanks to Cam Newton and his money hungry father!

1379 days ago

What the?!?    

Current NFL CBA - no limit on rookie contracts or bonuses

Likely negotiated into the new NFL CBA - a rookie salary scale which would cap the amount even a 1st pick will be signed for

If you were a college player who is a potential top 3 draft pick would you risk losing out on tens of millions of dollars?

1379 days ago


There are some sad jealous little people out there. How much did auburn make off of cam how about the sec and the ncaa,yea millons. So is it ok for all the white men to pimp him for they're gain? thousand of students leave school before they finish because they found a job that they wanted take way cant he.All you sad people need to stop being raciest hypocrits and get out there and try to hit it big your self instead of hateing this young soon to be rich man. haha see you at work tomarrow.

1379 days ago


To #39, the current CBA runs till the draft so the rookies drafted won't be able to sign a contract till a new one is in place. Meaning all the rookies coming out this season will be paid on the new rookie wage scale.

Of course this all depends on them getting a new deal in place. Sounds like there two things that are a big deal for the owners. Rookie wage scale and 18 regular season games.

1379 days ago


It was a hard decision. On the one hand, Jason White was out for injury. And on the other, I read that Ward was left out of the draft because he expressly stated that if he wasn't drafted in the first round he was going to the NBA.

1379 days ago


okay he lied about taking a test he never took,someone else was doing his homework,he stole a computor and then jumped out the window trying to get away from the cops and lied about it,his dad with his knowledge tried to sell him to the highest bidder and then lied about it,accepted money from tostitos...
yeah he will fit right in the NFL,,until he gets crushed a few times and then it will be most likely jail

1379 days ago


bigdee (gee....original) Let's see how this "rich man" is doing in 5 years!!

Your counting his chickens wayyyyy before they hatch.

Having a college education is a great backup to a knee injury. My guesss is his level of education is at about 8th grade.

1379 days ago

Roger Mendez    

honestly he should stay in collge, one of the most common mistakes young athletes make is running to the money when they're so inexperienced. money brings alot of new things to your life. and the nfl is no joke, yeah the heisman is a accomplishment but it does nothing to prepare you, its just a award at the end of the day.

1379 days ago


It's funny how so many people say things about this guy like you all know him. They will never take Heisman or the Bowl win from him. The NCAA cleared him of everything. So why is there so much hate he played a good game. 20/37 for 265 and 2 touchdowns and then ran for 67 more that sounds like a good game to me. And is it about the money hell yeah. all your fav play for the money go ahead and think different if you want.

1379 days ago


What a sinful way to show children that honesty,ethics, and morality are not to be a part of your life to be a success! He lied, cheated and stole his way through these last few years,. granted, he is a phenomenal athlete, too bad the other characteristics are so lacking. But, he will laugh his way to the bank on the NFL's money!

1379 days ago


I have nothing against him personally and think he is a great player but as a parent I wouls say "HELLLLOOOOOO......finish COLLEGE!!!! You are going to need it some day the way this country is going!!!"

1378 days ago


Just goes to show you.... being a cheater and liar will get you everywhere. The SEC folks saw they were in for a huge win in the BCS so this all got pushed under the rug! One day the truth will come out and we'll all know that Cam Newton, his daddy and all those involved in the cover up are s***bags.

1378 days ago
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