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Jesse James -- Straight Shooter

1/13/2011 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James started off the new year with a bang -- because he posted video on his  resurrected Twitter page of his new favorite toy ... a sniper rifle!

Jesse James

JJ -- who got the gun from his girlfriend Kat Von D -- posted the video last night and said, "Wanna know why @thekatvond is the Perfect Woman? She Got me a SNIPER RIFLE for Xmas!"

BTW -- Jesse's not the only one in puppy love -- Cinnabun has a new  boyfriend named "Pierre."


Let's hear it for the happy couples.


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Cin favor's those who resemble "DADDY"

1377 days ago



1377 days ago


2 points I would like to make.
1 this is not a sniper rifle
2 It could only be a sniper rifle if infact it was a sniper shooting it. Snipers are trained and have a code of honor nither of which this person has.

Point I would like to make this sir is a douche bag rifle.

1377 days ago


Jesus, really perfect timing - considering what happened in AZ some days ago ...
So weird! Hope he keeps his new toy away from his daughter.

1377 days ago


Posting this video while in AZ they're laying people to rest including a 9 yr old killed by a gun...definetily Idiots! Especially since they have a 7 yr old under their care.
And Kat what a hypocrite always talking about love, energy & good karma gives this POS a rifle for Xmas, like they say Actions speak louder than words. Poor Kat Jesse is taking her down with him.
Thank God this man wont be raising Louis! And with Jesse & Kat taking care of Sunny, Janine getting physical custody of Sunny is beginning to look good.

1377 days ago


His insecurity is just oooooooozzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnng out!

1377 days ago


All I can say is -- Yayyyy Ryan and Sandra are a couple!! And double Yayyy this D-Bag has nothing to do with Sandra and Louis!

1377 days ago


Him and Kat are back together, again!?!??

Jesus, she's such a skanky wh0re. They probably got back together because she gave him the HERP and they figure "why spread it more?". Really, these two are pathetic. Lets hope he's sterile.

1377 days ago


jesse is a piece of trash, he openly screwed over bullock for more trash, and that kat chick, lolzzzzzzzzzz... they belong in a trailer court, just goes to show you no matter how much money you have it will never buy you class!

1377 days ago


Wow! That is sooo sad that Pierre looks a hell of a lot better than Kat!

1377 days ago


Talking about 15 minutes all you with rude comments have probably had your 15 seconds of fame too.

1376 days ago


Don't even read their twitters to each other unless you want to be sick!! They tweet like their in high school and think it is their first love. Jesse saying he loves Kat just proves even more he never loved Sandra and should have never married her. Sandra seen something in him but he USED her and was not happy. If he had a decent bone in his body (which he does not) he would have divorced Sandra before his true self was made public.

1376 days ago


No wonder massacres like Tucson happen when people have easily access to weapons even for a xmas gift. Bad taste or REALLY bad moment to post that?

He wants peace and quietness in his life. So then, why is he now exposing himself that way? especially everytime something new comes out on Sandra. No publicity hunting? hum...

In less than a year: calling someone the love of your life and then someone else your true love, to say having hit rock bottom and have your girlfriend writting about her deepest depression in July and turn around like that?!? Who are they fooling?

1376 days ago


Nice rifle! .338 Lapua ? .50 BMG ? Looks like a Barrett. Why is everyone all pissy ? That's only a 5 round magazine. BTW, mental midgets going on shooting sprees doesn't place the rest of the world on hold. Your 24-hour "news cycle" has become a joke. There is no "bad time" to go shooting, or to enjoy target shooting with your family. Clearly everyone scared of weapons is either mentally or sexually underdeveloped. Do your thing guys.

PS: how about all these people wishing harm on accident on others ? Perhaps they should be looked into ? I'm FAR more concerned about being around someone who would intentionally wish harm on Jesse based on this video, than a lawful owner himself.

1376 days ago

Fruit Loops    

How is it legal for a civilian to buy a weapon like that???? No wonder the US is f*cked up

1376 days ago
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