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Alleged Lindsay Victim to Cops: How Dare You!

1/13/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for the former Betty Ford worker who was allegedly attacked by Lindsay Lohan has fired off a letter of outrage to the Riverside County District Attorney, after authorities secretly went to the worker's home this morning to grill her over the incident.

Lindsay Lohan Victim

Members of the D.A.'s office went to Dawn Holland's home this AM to get a statement from her about the incident, even though her lawyer, Keith Davidson has repeatedly told authorities she wanted no part of it.

In the letter, Davidson says he wrote cops a letter last month and had a follow up conversation stating that Holland "does not desire prosecution of Ms. Lohan and that any communication with Ms. Holland is to go through my office."

Davidson is indignant authorities went to Holland's home without even giving him the heads up, calling it "a blatant attempt to stomp on the 6th Amendment [right to counsel]."


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Ohh! wait a minute! Holland did have the money for her off money!!

1381 days ago


@ 31 FUTMZ

Keep watching maybe you will catch the episode where they show that no citizen has to cooperate with or answer the questions of anyone. If your indited or arrested or charged you still don't have to answer any questions. The right to keep your mouth shut is absolute.

1381 days ago


lawsuit. harassment. when a cop gets out of hand you need to put them in place. take their money. teach them a lesson. this is another one of them lil boiz that get corrected and straightened out.

1381 days ago

Material Witness is the law in which other comment was made. This law is used to detain material witness concerning criminal proceedings. It dates back to 1789 as Judiciary Act, but it was amended in 1984 but for amended the text only. Ever since 9/11 2001, it was used mostly detain suspects indefinitely of securing grand jury testimony - controversial tactic.


1381 days ago


Two words: blood libel

1381 days ago

d.j. right    

The person is a witness and not a suspect. Therefore the police can talk to her no matter what her attorney says. Now, the police can come to her and ask her questions, but she does not have to answer. Why does she need to remain silent if she is not the suspect and has nothing to hide.

1381 days ago


If blackmail is being used to intimidate a victim/witness in a criminal battery, it reeks to high heaven of criminal conspiracy and obstruction of justice at the least. The LieHos better watch where they tread; they might not like what they step into.

1381 days ago


If she didn't want to be questioned about it, she never should have filed the report and done interviews about it in the first place. She opened the door. She can't complain after the fact that people came in.

1381 days ago


Well, if she's now saying it didn't happen, then go after her for filing a false police report.

1381 days ago


Great attorney. The constitutional right to legal counsel only applies to someone suspected of a crime. It does not apply to a witness to a crime otherwise cops would have to read the whole "you have a right to an attorney; if you cannot afford one . . ." crap to everyone that they interviewed.

1381 days ago


Jan 13 letter has Det. Nagels while Jan 3 letter has 'Dear Det. Neagles'- same Detective or misprint by lawyer?

1381 days ago


If her lawyer informed the DA and police she should not be questioned without him being present then they have broken the 6th Amendment which is her right to Counsel. It doesn't matter if she is a witness or not, she officially dropped the charges and said she would not cooperate. Dawn Holland fears intimidation and thats why she wanted her lawyer present. I'm kinda wondering if she lied in her report to the cops.

1381 days ago


to #46: You are wrong. Go back to law school and read the cases.

1381 days ago


Wow! This is stupid. You only have a 6th Amendment right to counsel when charged with a crime. If you are not charged with a crime, like this "victim" then you have no such right. The cops then have every right to "interrogate" this woman without her lawyer present. Leaves me with two conclusions: 1) the lawyer is a liar and a fame-whore (and not the police); and/or 2) the lawyer is an uninformed moron. Either way, he's an idiot.

1381 days ago


Worker's Comp has to investigate her claim. The doctor has a statement too. Get those reports.

1381 days ago
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