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Camille Grammer

Schizo on

'Housewives' Decision

1/14/2011 7:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer is leaning toward "walking away" from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- so says a source closely connected with C.G. ... and we've learned it's not the first time she's thrown in the towel.

Camille Grammer
Sources involved in the production of the show tell TMZ Camille walked off the show several times during the taping, saying she was "done with the show." In at least one case, scenes had to be shot without her. But every time, Camille had a change of heart and returned.

As TMZ first reported, Camille's lawyer, Larry Stein, got Bravo to give her an "out" for Season 2, at her option ... and she has 'til the end of the month to exercise it.  We're told Camille will wait to see how she's portrayed in the reunion show before making her decision.  Bravo hasn't officially announced Season 2 is a go, but it seems like a foregone conclusion.

As one person connected with the show tells TMZ, "She's crazy. She changes her mind from one minute to the next. Whatever she says now means nothing because she thinks something different tomorrow. Who knows."

We think Camille likes the publicity ... good and bad -- likes it a lot.


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Dumb BROAD better think for first time in her life...duhh until ur $$ comes in from Kelsey dropping ur crazya$$ u better be kissin Bravo's A$$ bigtime...i'll be happy if she does get fired or quits! Cant stand schizo myself lol

1356 days ago


omg the show wouldn't be the same without her. i love all the drama that surrounds her. i hope she stays. she kinda grew on me.

and i dont know why people are saying she's ugly, i think she looks great. hell shes twice my age and she can rock a bikini better than i can.

1356 days ago


It seems to me that Camille gave Bravo the "green light" to line up a replacement when she insisted upon negotiating a termination provision in her contract. Time is money and producers really don't appreciate being left to wonder how they will shoot future episodes with uncertainties related to casting. This woman is not a "professional" entertainer and her supposedly authentic character isn't well liked. Her decision not to return would probably be accepted with extreme gratitude. Times are hard, even in Hollywood, and there are probably many "high profile" wives who would jump at the chance to earn some extra cash to tide the family over until business picks up.

1356 days ago


go home and take care of Your other woman made 4 family children..These middle age broads who cant get PG and want to show their asses and tits make me sick..She is a has been..NEXT.....Move on blondie ..She could not even make her own babies..ATTENTION whores are all over the place

1356 days ago


# 32 ( Vodka Drinker) made me smile :)...been there dude, had Margaritas last night...booze is a hell of time twister!

1356 days ago


Someone call the Wambulance

1356 days ago

Judy S.    

Run Kelsey, run!!!

1356 days ago

Jill Conway    

Of course she doesn't want to do the show. During that heinous dinner party scene where her "psychic" friend was telling Kyle about her "unfulfilled marriage", Camille was smirking. Well, Camille, I guess your friend got her psychic waves crossed and it's YOU with the crappy marriage. Not so funny now, is it? Besides, it's true, you are absolutely NOTHING without Kelsey and therefore you're really not worthy of the show. Thanks for leaving, the show will be a hell of a lot better now.

1356 days ago


Camille, I know you may not read these comments but you need to put on some weight. Please see Dr. Phil or someone because you are way to thin. You will feel better and be more beautiful with 10-15 lbs more on your frame. P.S. Your Ex (what's his name) is a total dirt bag for leaving you the way he did. I wish you the best. P.S. I never watched your reality show but I'm glad you left! You don't need this in your life. Enjoy your life!!!

1356 days ago


Camille makes the show so much more fun to watch!

1356 days ago


The last sentence of your article says it all.She loves the attention and publicity...good or bad.And dollars to donuts (mostly dollars)she'll be back next year.She'll want to show the world what a brave,sacrificing mother she is.Plus she can then retell the world how like Jesus she is,how she's too nice,etc.What a load.

1356 days ago


Wait, so this "star" of a "reality" tv show wants to know how she's "depicted", before she decides to stay or leave? Isn't a reality show supposed to be about the real people? Aren't the real people supposed to be depicting themselves? What? You mean reality is scripted? Then who is scripting MY life? They're doing a pretty ****ty job of it so far.

1356 days ago


C'mon Bravo! Show some guts and get rid of her! We don't want to see that woman in ANY show.

1356 days ago


Much like Kelsey, I'm sure Bravo is willing to pay her to leave...I know I certainly would as well!!

1356 days ago


I hope she stays on the show. She's the most interesting character.

1356 days ago
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