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Camille Grammer

Schizo on

'Housewives' Decision

1/14/2011 7:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer is leaning toward "walking away" from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- so says a source closely connected with C.G. ... and we've learned it's not the first time she's thrown in the towel.

Camille Grammer
Sources involved in the production of the show tell TMZ Camille walked off the show several times during the taping, saying she was "done with the show." In at least one case, scenes had to be shot without her. But every time, Camille had a change of heart and returned.

As TMZ first reported, Camille's lawyer, Larry Stein, got Bravo to give her an "out" for Season 2, at her option ... and she has 'til the end of the month to exercise it.  We're told Camille will wait to see how she's portrayed in the reunion show before making her decision.  Bravo hasn't officially announced Season 2 is a go, but it seems like a foregone conclusion.

As one person connected with the show tells TMZ, "She's crazy. She changes her mind from one minute to the next. Whatever she says now means nothing because she thinks something different tomorrow. Who knows."

We think Camille likes the publicity ... good and bad -- likes it a lot.


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She's what keeps it interesting though. If everyone talks about her constantly then she's doing her job. It's TV. You have to admit if Kyle keeps going back for more she can't be all that bad, ha

1376 days ago


Interesting character? Is she an IQ business woman? did she discover the cure for any life threatening illness? is she an intelligent and caring mother who takes care of her kids without 4 nannies?

Is she kind an unbalance individual full of insecurities? Yes,but there is a lot of "interesting characters" out there. Nothing new.No wow factor.

1376 days ago


Attention whoring seems to be an addiction, especially for people with no redeeming values like this "runt with a c".

1376 days ago

Kinkee Pinkee    

I wasn't too impressed with CG at first. I do believe now that many of the scenes were edited in a way to make her look "worse" than the others on the show. I realize "tons" of people like Kyle but I haven't since the start of the show. She's the one that seems the most high maintenance and egotistical to me plus....she treats her sister Kim like trash. It seems like all Kim does is constantly mess with her hair.

I agree.....Camille is way too thin.....when your bones are protruding through your skin do NOT look hot!!! Beyond her being underweight though.....she didn't dodge any of Andy Cohen's questions last night. She honestly admitted she'd said and done several things she now regrets.

I don't really think it's fair to call the woman a gold digger either. From what I've been able to find, and read, on the internet.....Kelsey's bank account wasn't exactly overflowing when she met him. She seems to have been an integral part in his comeback and success. No matter what the truth is.... I think it's pretty damned ****ty the way he handled the split. He didn't seem to think about his kids either while this played out.

1376 days ago


For someone like Camille, she can walk away from this gig, and it won't matter. She doesn't depend on the check that this reality show provides her.

1376 days ago


Just watch the show and her behavior and one will understand why Kelsy found a "real woman" who is normal and ran like Forest Gump. The woman is cold as ice!

1376 days ago


Stop cutting your Prozac's in half and go get a new boob job - you can afford it.

1376 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Where did Kelsey meet this gold digging, nutty, slut? No wonder he wants a divorce. What did she do to deserve half of his fortune?

1376 days ago


What is plastic encrusted, lives at the beach and wouldn't know parenting if it hit her over the head?.....CAMILLE GRAMMER

1376 days ago


That's not what schizo means.

1376 days ago


I am sure there are some very good reasons that her husband left her. Let's quit reporting on her - she is nothing!

1376 days ago


She seems to turn psycho after a few drinks and doesn't remember what she does or says. Maybe some AA or NA is in order.

1376 days ago


Camille doesn't appear to be good and decent person. I don't condone the way Kelsey stepped out on her, but jeez...Camille seems to be a real piece of work. She's pretty scary - both in appearance and in behavior!

1376 days ago


This woman is nothing but a gold digger. And now her meal ticket has thrown her aside. Bravo Kelsey, just wish you had done it sooner. And no prenup? Are you insane??? You give away all your money to your ex's and there will be nothing for your kids...they are your kids, right? Just curious since Camille chose not to give birth to them...was that because it might mess with her "figure" or was it because of her severe IBS. Which she plays to the hilt. Alot of people have IBS but she treats it like a best friend. Look at me....look at me.....look at honey, we are sick of you :)

1376 days ago


i love her shes like anna nicole a train wreck spoiled and if she leaves i wont watch it any more then the show will be boring i love to hate her

1376 days ago
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