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Dr. Conrad Murray -- It's Time to Sweat

1/14/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With his medical license yanked ... and the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial looming ... Dr. Conrad Murray took out his aggression on an elliptical machine in L.A. yesterday.




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Word has been received that my gold panties and dildo are safe.

Thank God.

Posted at 8:33 PM on Jan 14, 2011 by MiMi

LOL, you got them under lock and key do ya, LOL, Hey do you have the one that is being advertised on TV, the one that will blow your hair back..LOL

Every time I see that silly commercial I about die laughing, Me and my sister were talking about that the other night, we were laughing so hard that tears were rolling down our faces.

1345 days ago


Joe’s latest business venture involves a line of Michael Jackson fragrances. Joe has teamed up with a French company to develop Jackson’s Tribute and Jackson’s Legacy, male and female fragrances that are derived from the scent of plants that were grown at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.
Posted at 3:12 PM on Jan 14, 2011 by janalal4

I am not buying that perfume to put money in Joe Jackson's pocket. Only the estate of Michael Jackson should be releasing fragrances with Michael Jackson's name on it.Joe Jackson is a greedy old fool. Why does he not release a perfume with Jemaine Jackson's logo on it? Seems like Joe does not care about his other surviving sons. He only cared about the one who could make him rich.

1345 days ago


Michael Jackson fragrance? I don't care who releases it, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. IMO, no one who buys this (from Joe, from the estate, from Michael's children themselves) has a brain. Michael Jackson was a singer - one blessed by God. His songs are his legacy. Perfume? C'mon.

1345 days ago


It sounds like you need a man REAL BAD! All I see is what may be either a wallet or cell in his pocket.

Posted at 7:23 PM on Jan 14, 2011 by Cookie

LOL. I agree that it's a wallet or cell phone. I assumed that the instant I looked at the picture. It's fairly obvious.

1345 days ago


Ooooooo, I know the exact 'white-suit' photo your talking about. I had to sit back in my chair the 1st time that close-up popped up on my monitor I was so surprised! lol. Much more to MJ than met the eye wasn't there, a-hem:) Did the man EVER wear underwear?...

To those sayin' we're 'sick' cause we're talking about such things? Nice girls really DO look too:) 'Nice boys' do it, why can't we?

Posted at 1:19 PM on Jan 14, 2011 by janalal4

Hahahahahaha! What nice girl wouldn't look twice at that particular photo? I did! And yes, definitely commando! ;)

1345 days ago


The white outfit while exercising on the beach was better.
Seems to own several for photo ops.Yes, a bit of bellyfat has ac***ulated.Does Nicole cook for him? Does not look worried
over loosing his licenses.Knows that money will be coming to him.The court should look into that.It is so obvious he has sly backers-they even shoved up at the hospital almost immediately.
And 2 of them had brunch next to Michaels house the morning he died.

1345 days ago


Forgiveness is not easy to do, but I have learned as I've gotten older that it is for my well-being, not the other person's. Hatred will fester eating away at you, but the other person may never even know how much you have been affected. It doesn't mean that you have to like the other person. It simply frees you and opens up a space for your healing to begin.
Posted at 6:40 PM on Jan 14, 2011 by Anna

So true, Anna. Holding on so tightly to hatred is like taking poison yourself and hoping that the object of your hatred dies from it.

1344 days ago


*** shhhh..........right knee, and atop his right foot ***

.... sitting on that BIKE, he looks a bit perplexed, if you ask me. Leaving the place wondering where his balls have gone since that "elliptical" (HARVEY'S fave work out, btw, internal moron) work out.

Next - whips out his trusty iphone in his right pocket, and calls his d i c k (defense attorney) if he/they might have a clue.

1344 days ago

myra morris    

It really amaze me that this man can just run the streets after what he did. It doesn't bother him that he took a life. He just goes on with his. You know if this was just anyone else we would have been behind bars by now so what is wrong with this picture. Now its going to be almost another year before it goes to trial. Just doesn't make since to me. How much more does the family have to go through? I want to know how they think this is fair? Justice for Michael our Angel Rest In Peace Miss Loved but Never Forgotten

1342 days ago


Ummm....I love Dark Vader's comment. Murray's just like chillin at the cafe, right? Getting on with your life Conrad? Things back to normal? I wonder what they're talking about at the cafe? Like 'what'd you do last year Conrad?'. Conrad: "O nothing my 4th divorce, had my 6th baby out of wedlock, and ...o yeah...murdered the King of Pop. Not too much".

1338 days ago


blahhh, all you ppl got your panties up the bunch. maybe its time to realize, michael is alive. screw what you haters dont wanna see. open your eyes. look at the truth. beLIEve. MICHAEL LIVES!

1337 days ago

mary contrary    

There is little difference between drug addicts except their wallets.
if you are rich you get to get someone procure your drugs and for Mj it was a few containers(boxes) labelled as children stuff).
As with many addicts he died due to his addiction.

We might want to discuss his aberrations, mental illness, who else
Tries to fix his face time and again
Who else tries to become white from black
Who else hangs his kid out of a window
Mary Contrary
Who else wears pajamas to Court
Who else grabs his crotch on stage in front of children
Who else had little boys over for sleepovers in the same bed with them, gives them "Jesus juice, shows them porn" and probably had sex with them?
A great entertainer but a miscreant in his private life!

1308 days ago


you should go to jall for what you did it hurt me so bad for what you did

1048 days ago
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