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Kelsey Grammer

New Marriage Next Month

1/14/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's not even officially divorced from Camille yet, but Kelsey Grammer isn't wasting any time getting new girlfriend Kayte Walsh to the altar -- he says they're getting married next month!

Grammer appeared on "The Late Show with David Letterman" last night, where he told Dave he and Kayte would be "getting married soon, sometime in February."

The news comes just days after Kelsey's soon-to-be-ex-wife Camille Grammer told Howard Stern that Kelsey wasn't gay, but suggested he signed on to the cross-dressing "La Cage aux Folles" because he liked women's clothes.



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camille is pissed now because she isnt getting any money only property she must sell.she quit her show with anticipating a divorce pay day.she was all nice to him till she found this out.seems kindda funny to of luck with you and your new wifey to be Kelsey.

1376 days ago


the botox bitch is going to go nuts when she reads this. and she will read it.

1376 days ago


all I can say is, Kelsey...PRE-NUP!

1376 days ago


What a piece of trash Kelsey Grammer is. He can't even have the respect for his 13 years of marriage and for his children to wait a decent amount of time to remarry. He obviously was cheating on his wife, since the new one was already pregnant before he and Camille separated, but expects everyone to forget that he is acting like s*** and accept his mistress. That's all she is because he is STILL MARRIED. He is worthless and a horrible person. His new marriage will not be any better because he has low morals and views marriage with disrespect. Once a cheater always a cheater. He should wait to get a divorce before announcing he's getting married again. Think of the pain this must be causing his kids. Shameful.

1376 days ago


hey bev...get off your high horse. you're going to get a nose bleed up there.

cammie...she is absolutely no better than kelsey.

1376 days ago


I'm not a HUGE fan of Cammile's but I can't believe the guts that Kelsey has! Have some self respect and show your children a good example! MY GOSH!

1376 days ago


Kelsey's big hurry??? He has to hurry because he knows he is a pedophile and if he hurries he can snag another young fresh face that would have NEVER been with an old man like him without money, travel, etc.etc. RUN KELSEY RUN. She may wake up tomorrow and see you for who you and we know you are: SELFISH and SELF-CENTERED. Camille's issues aside. YOU HAVE THE BIGGER ISSUES...I see you look a that "girl" like she's candy. It's so sad......and sickening. No ones jealous Kelsey. Not everyone uses fame or money to avoid being a decent human being. He will be back in the news in I'm guessing a year with this failed relationship. Grampa and new wife will never work. But it will be tragic to watch with his kids.

1376 days ago


I have to agree that Camile is no piece of gold...but Kelsey really dropped to the bottom of the barrel. He could have waited to impregnate his GF AFTER his divorce.......The priority of a parent is to protect your children...and this, I agree, is not good for the kids!!!

1376 days ago


Men are so stoopid. Oops, should I have said Stupid? The look in his eye is like he has a new lollipop and the thought behind the look in her eye is "yeah baby, got your butt now...get me to the alter so half of what is yours becomes mine".

1376 days ago


What a piece of crap Kelsey is. Terrible actor, crappy father, crappy husband - just an all out POS.

How does he have a 2nd woman waiting for him? He's like a negative 2 in the looks department - wtf? Are these women blind?

1376 days ago


she's too young and he's losing his mind (like sarcozy) but he has the right to fall in love and get a new wife. problem is that she's too young. but ehy! all men like young girls over the old ones, what u wanna do? even Dave appeared kinda embarrassed : Grammer was sooo excited to talk about the new blond toy... like a kid: right now he can only see her and forget about work and everything else. it's OK when you are 20 but it's not OK when you are ..well .. more than 20.

1376 days ago


Camille has HER OWN MONEY, which she had before Kelsey.

He is a pig. Simple as that. He looks like a dirty old man in that one photo for sure, looking at that girl who could be his daughter like a drooling old man....

I bet her parents are just thrilled with this situiation, their daughter is marring Chester The Molester.

Oh, and Harolet whatever, Bev is right on. No high horse needed. You are showing your age. It's so sad to me how accepting you youngsters are to shameful situations.

Bev is making very vaild points here. There is zero shame in this country. Marriage means NOTHING to people, commitments are no longer in vouge. Nobody cares HOW it effects the kids.

If a man professes all of that love for you and your kids....and then just decides he has an itch to scratch....they just scratch without thinking of anyone else.

Ms. Harlot, I hope you don't suffer that fate, and if you do, don't complain because we can say you are on a, high horse was it?

I got to call my husband and thank him for stepping up since he was 19, and being as faithful as a hound dog. I'm VERY lucky.

Most people have no stick it out......believe me marraige gets better. Don't throw in towel so quick.

1376 days ago


We don't have to like her, we didn't marry her. There's no sliding scale for fidelity based on what others think of your wife.

Danielle's not exactly Miss Congeniality but *he's* the one who initiated the divorce, not her. If she wanted to fleece him and leave, she could've done it years ago. Now it's just payback, to which she is absolutely entitled.

Having said that, the biggest fool in all this is Kate Walsh. Kate, do you really think the three-time loser that you were having an affair with while he was married to #3, and who had a kid with another girlfriend between marriages (wonder where she is now?), is going to be faithful to YOU? And let's not forget the DUIs and the cocaine busts. Oh yeah, he's a prize.

1376 days ago


Hey, harlotohara--it's better to be on a 'high horse' instead of down in the muck with you. BOTH Kelsey and Camille are shallow, selfish spoiled people and their kids will pay for it.

1376 days ago


Kelsey is an A$*!
Why is everyone assuming Camille is a gold digger. I heard she is very savvy with investments and really helped him in this respect. I am no Camille fan, but come on!

1376 days ago
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