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Lindsay Lohan Case -- Over and Out?

1/14/2011 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for the woman who accused Lindsay Lohan of battering her says he's been told ... if his client submits a declaration to the D.A. stating she's not pursuing the case, the investigation will be dropped ... And she just submitted the declaration.

Lindsay Lohan Case
Dawn Holland, who has been fired from Betty Ford, says in the declaration -- obtained by TMZ -- "I do not desire Ms. Lohan prosecuted for the events of December 12, 2010," adding, "I will not answer any questions to any policing or prosecutorial agencies regarding the events of December 12, 2010."

Holland's lawyer, Keith Davidson, tells TMZ, the D.A.'s Office informed him today ... if such a declaration were filed, the case against Lindsay would be rejected.

The declaration follows an angry letter Davidson sent to the D.A., scolding prosecutors for trying to interview his client after she repeatedly told them she wanted nothing to do with the case.

The D.A.'s Office had no comment and says the matter is still under review.


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LiLo is luckier than a $2 ho who've never caught a STD!!!

1387 days ago


folks still maintaining this was the result of cash exchanging hands are not thinking clearly. In order for that to be true :
- Lohan would have been drinking, not a single test during her entire stay showed that
- in the event she had been drinking ,Lohan family would not only have to pay off Holland but the ENTIRE STAFF AT BFC ( and probably folks at probation office as well ) .They'd basically have to ask BFC to falsify their evaluation reports to judge

How likely is that scheme ?

1387 days ago


THANK YOU FOR THE CLARIFICATION NICOLE! OOPS. I apologize to TRUTH but the comment was still stupid and very 'ThinkAboutIt-esque.' I like your comments Nicole, just for the record:) I agree with the others that NOBODY is getting paid off over something so pesky. Not only that who is going to pay anyone shet when the deck is stacked in your favor? TMZ and their conspiracy theorists LOL...nothing can be simple to this crowd, I swear. Sometimes things are simple and exactly what they are on their face.

1387 days ago


The people who are wishing Lindsay Lohan dead should be ashamed of themselves. That's disgusting.

Dawn Holland may or may not have been paid off, but no one is forcing her to take the money! It's on her as much as it's on Team Lohan. The only reason she squealed in the first place was to find herself a big fat payday - either from a tabloid, or from the Lohans. The Lohans offered more, end of. Capitalism in action.

And aren't we used to celebrities getting off easy by now? The indignation is getting a little stale. It's not worth your breath whining about it. Money (+ power) talks, always has, always will. I actually find it reassuring.

1387 days ago


LMAO at the haters crying PAYOFF LOL! take it from me NO money was paid. Holland lied or as I said yesterday she exaggerated. Had she gone to court with that BS she would have been really battered in the witness box. Also, BF and Lindsay could have sued her for telling lies and breaching confidential information. Holland did this for HERSELF.

1387 days ago


BINGO PETER! Nice to see someone other than me mention HIPPA. If there was ANYONE who held the upperhand and could of made a killing on this? It was Lindsay. I think it speaks to her integrity but of course nobody want to associate that word with her cause she doesnt have much a past for exhibiting it. None the less. The only thing I could possibly see as happening (and Im not sure if this was just rumor) was that she got free treatment. Which I would of done as well if I was BF. It was an open and shut lawsuit that could of made LiLo MILLIONS. All the evidence is videotaped in Hollands interviews with TMZ. Violating HIPPA is SUPER DANGEROUS to any institution. Not only can you have your right to practice medecine revoke but have a hospital with MILLIONS of bucks nailed with hefty fines, lawsuit payout, and money to defend yourself. Not even Betty Ford wants to play with them apples.

1387 days ago


Actually the real story is this sentance....

"The D.A.'s Office had no comment and says the matter is still under review."

...the rest is just talk.

1387 days ago



1387 days ago


@ nicole - You said: "Nothing was going to come out of this ridiculous investigation Lindsay is back in court in 42 days and if she doesn't fail any tests until then she will complete probation. Posted at 3:31 PM on Jan 14, 2011 by Nicole"

And pray tell Miss Guru Nicole ... just what is the plan afterwards now that Daddy paid big time for this one to go away? Do you really think for a minute LL is going to stay clean?

Probation has been saving her life. Without it as a hammer over her head she is going to be back to the wildside in no time.

Why? Cause nothing happened at the Betty Ford Ripoff Center that changed Miss Lohan's life. ZERO.

She still has an addiction ... big time. Everytime she takes a drag off of her cigarettes she can thank the BF Ripoff Center for a job not done correctly.

If nothing changes .... nothing changes?

Tell me Ms. Guru... just what has changed other than Lohan is a day short of her big release from probation?

1387 days ago


By the way, I'm leaning towards agreeing with those saying this whole thing was blown way out of proportion. Everything reported in the media about Lindsay Lohan always spins wildly out of control.

Still, even if Dawn Holland's original story was BS, I'm skeptical that she would make a 180 degree turn so fast all by herself. However, the loss of her job and the subsequent damage to any potential future career might have been incentive enough to tell the truth, without any payday from Team Lohan. I'm 50/50 on whether money changed hands.

1387 days ago


lets hear the 911 tapes an see the video footage first before everyone starts hailing Saint Lohan...As for Ms Holland afraid of the confidentiality laws..what a crock..where are the laws that protect staff from unstable idiots like LL?? She was singing like a canary 1 day an the next wants the whole thing dropped?!?!?!?!..It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see someone got some shut the hell up money..BF is trying to bury this to save their already shady rep an anything anyone else says to the contrary has a serious case of cranium lodged in rectum..

1387 days ago


Say what you want, but this case cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law by any prosecution. It cannot be proven, no way. No how. That really is the bottom line, and I don't see how anyone can argue that. It would take a lot of tax payer money to try this case, and it can't be won. The D.A. has no choice but to drop it. What else are they supposed to do? They can't justify taking this case to trial. The whole thing is FUBAR. Everybody and their mamas know that the D.A. would get ROFLstomped if they took this to court.

If Lindsay isn't sober, her probation will catch her, just like last time, and she'll wind up back in jail anyway. There's no reason to keep purusing this. It's a waste of time and a waste of resources.

1387 days ago


I love how angry TMZ commenters are. Ernie's post was amazing.

1387 days ago


If there wasn't a payoff there would still be a case. Without a witness to colaborate the written testimony the case is dead.

Lohan ducked this bullet by deep Daddy pockets.

1387 days ago


LOL @ernie

like daddy has any money for anything.

love this pay off talk. not that long ago all the comments were that the lohans were broke, now they have all this money to pay off all these people.

the only one that paid off anyone was TMZ. The moment Dawn Hollands spoke to TMZ and added to her statement was nail in the coffin for any prosecutions of lindsay and any credibility Dawn had disappeared. Not to mention putting herself in the line of fire for a HIPPA investigation.

1387 days ago
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