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Lindsay Lohan Case -- Over and Out?

1/14/2011 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for the woman who accused Lindsay Lohan of battering her says he's been told ... if his client submits a declaration to the D.A. stating she's not pursuing the case, the investigation will be dropped ... And she just submitted the declaration.

Lindsay Lohan Case
Dawn Holland, who has been fired from Betty Ford, says in the declaration -- obtained by TMZ -- "I do not desire Ms. Lohan prosecuted for the events of December 12, 2010," adding, "I will not answer any questions to any policing or prosecutorial agencies regarding the events of December 12, 2010."

Holland's lawyer, Keith Davidson, tells TMZ, the D.A.'s Office informed him today ... if such a declaration were filed, the case against Lindsay would be rejected.

The declaration follows an angry letter Davidson sent to the D.A., scolding prosecutors for trying to interview his client after she repeatedly told them she wanted nothing to do with the case.

The D.A.'s Office had no comment and says the matter is still under review.


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dawn look like a joker

1348 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Sorry to bust in on the Ernie and Jill show, co staring figure it out....but this is big news for Lindsay. I hope it works out for her and she is able to escape the hamster wheel of addiction. I think Dawn's problems are just beginning and Adam is excused....

1348 days ago


of course this is about da money: the rehab joke does it for da money too, each one of you ppl so upset in here works for da money too. The Lady here is out of work bydaway. why don't you angry ppl start collecting money for her instead of screaming da money thing se she can be poor and starving. Lawyers too do it for da money. wake up ppl and practice what you preach for once.

1348 days ago


Justice will never be served when it comes to this little jerk off...the only justice for the people who believe she has been a huge pain in the ass will be to AVOID purchasing ANYTHING she is involved in...INCLUDING JEWELRY, HANDBAGS, CLOTHES OR MOVIES.

Bye Bye Bitch...

1348 days ago


Ruby...Shawn Holley couldnt walk away from the case without causing serious problems. Lilo handcuffed her attorney by not giving her anything to work with. You are dealing with a V.O.P. case so you arent arguing guilt or innocence, which is Shawn's fortay. Lilo received the norm in reguards to a sentence. Most people making comments here seem not read the paper or have experience what happens with similiar cases....reason being is that case like this are not news worthy: no matter who you are. Shapiro was going to pick it up but it was better to just let the V.O.P. run its course and not complicate it.

The 'assault case' would of been ENTIRELY different. That woulf of been a criminal case that would of subsequently been followed up with a V.O.P. case. THAT was what I was refering to with the 'mince meat' comment. There wasnt a case....a public pretender could of sluaghtered that one.

1348 days ago


They must have paid her a LOT of money to make this go away. SMH

1348 days ago


I think Blowhan and Charlie Sheen should hook would be EPIC!!!! I truely cannot think of 2 people who deserve each other more....Sid and Nancy all over again. Someone PLEASE PLEASE introduce these 2 PLEASE!!!!!! I see the headline now....found dead, Charlie Sheen and Lyndsey Lohan, naked in a pile of coke and whores, bottles of empty booze strown across the Vegas hotel room. Dina swears it's not her but a look a like. Michael blames the media...states they died of natural causes but someone staged the scene. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1348 days ago


Can't believe her attorney who prepared the declaration didn't check all dates mentioned in it for accuracy- in section where notary public says sworn before me it says January 14, 2010 when it should be 2011. (In other instance- recall detective name was spelled differently in two letters her atty prepared- in that case wasn't sure if it was same detective or two different detectives with almost similarly spelled names.)

1348 days ago


The only mincemeat here would be Lindsay's career. As this point it would be catastrophic for Lindsay to be embroiled in a criminal case no matter how it turns out. She is very vulnerable herself if she is put on the stand. For another year to go by with her associated with legal troubles and reminders of her history of addiction and conflicts everyday would be very very bad. Her image may never recover.

1347 days ago

robert h    

She was obviously paid off! That's why in Washington State, once the case is going, the Prosecutors don't give a spit if the victim will press charges or not. Too much of a risk of a payoff such as this fine example.

1347 days ago


You guys are so funny. First you say she is a horrible actress who can't find a job and has no money. Then she buys a million dollar Venice beach condo and is issuing hush money payoffs. Which one is it? This girl realized she was filing a police report with no evidence to back up her claims and nobody is going to hire her with a reputation of not being able to work within the confines of her job.

1347 days ago


Hasn't the DA's office learned their lesson? What has to happen? God Forbid she gets drunk or high and kills or mames someone innocent. How much will it cost her if she kills someone? I am so sick of hearing about this woman. She hasn't done anything good in years, yet the media still talks about her. I think her mother should have to be with her right next to her in her next jail cell. N she's doing the same thing to her younger daughter. Don't they have a Division of Youth and Family Services in CA? Why can't somebody step in and stop her with what she is doing to Ally? She should have lost custody along time ago to both girls. As soon as she became Lindsay's manager. I think the whole situation is horrible!!!

1347 days ago


Just sad that she was bought out.

1347 days ago

Sitting Bull    

No way Lindsay DOES NOT make a comeback!!!!! That's what matters. This is amazing!!! Nothing boring about LL. If the movies are good, you go to the theater and pay.

1347 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hey Mike, comebacks are made by actions not by appointment. She's got a long way to go. Good luck to her....I think she'll need it.

1347 days ago
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