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Mark Zuckerberg -- Modest Move

1/14/2011 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and "Social Network" fame has made a big move -- into a 3,800 square foot rental in Palo Alto, CA.
Zuckerberg, whose estimated worth is $7 billion, now has to walk just a few blocks to work.

The house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, in case Sean Parker comes to visit. The home also has a tricked out security system.

Nice to see a 26-year-old who knows how to manage his money.


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Funny how one of the richest guys in the world live there, yet, my gut tells me that any of the "Housewives of the OC", all living beyond their means, would consider this slumming.

1385 days ago

Good Show    

Hats off to this young man for not going the young douche bag rout. Stay classy dude....

1385 days ago


He's worth 7 bills on paper not liquid funds. Net worth doesn't mean anything until you cash in. So right now it's all credit related purchases.

1385 days ago


95# Let's say that 7,000 ish Million which 1,000 is one billion isn't liquid he still has more then anybody it wouldn't be hard to say he's got 25 million on hand to Put into a house if he's got all his cash much into whatever then he's stupid .. which him getting a 3,800 sq house he isn't stupid his money hasn't changed him Me and everybody I know would buy big homes and cars

But Me if I was worth 7billion that's 7,000 million for you idiots

I would make sure 1,000 million-- 1 billion wouldn't be at risk

1385 days ago


what a clown. that is a very insecure house -and not even a nice one-. I hate facebook by the way.

1385 days ago


He is a representative of youth nowadays. I can safely say that a majority of my friends (college educated not high schoolers) are choosing an environment friendly, and modest way of life. Sure it is fun to have glitz every once in a while but even though my career choice is pre-med, it has absolutely nothing to do with money. I would just as happy working for free to provide health care to underdeveloped areas and nations as I would working at Princeton Plainsbro. Anyway, the point is that I admire him because he thinks about what he needs not what he wants. I can't justify anybody with two member family household living in a mansion when there are people in other countries who live in a hut or on the streets. Good move, Zukerberg. Although you may want to live in a gated house since.. you know... if you were my neighbor I'd be like, "Hi Mark! Can I borrow some sugar?" all the time! Lol.

1385 days ago


If he donates his money - I hope he keeps it in our country (USA) and not overseas!! He could always help reduce the deficit here in the US.

1385 days ago


lol people saying he should get a bigger house... i think its fine he's not married,he's having fun!!!!

1384 days ago


he is jewish what does that tell you lol

1384 days ago


LMAO! I agree with Marguerite, that is NOT where he lives....he makes entirely too much money w/ taxes and everything...this is a front.

1384 days ago

Margaret Cabral    

Mark Zuckerberg got the small house to be able to walk to work
and he has a small car so he is living like a average 26 year old. Mark Zuckerberg is living like Warren Buffet having a middle class life style.

1384 days ago


OH HI NEIGHBORS...i'm just a REGULAR JOE with a couple BILLION in the BANK...GEEZ you condesending ASS not like you'll EVER go a CASTLE or an are NOT just one of the guy's NOR can you EVER be again...want to be NORMAL again???? GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!!!!I WOULD ACTUALLY USE IT....

1384 days ago


That is why he is worth $7 billion and the ice laden, multi-car owners, and those that live in $20 million houses get broke! The guy did not get were he is by trying to impress anyone he can damn live where ever he pleases cause the man is RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1384 days ago


Mark Zuckerberg is only "potentially" wealthy. Facebook costs a fortune to operate and almost every dime that comes in from investors goes directly into maintaining and improving the system. Zuckerberg won't become super rich until Facebook sells some stock and until then he has to wait for that golden ship to come in.

1383 days ago


He's only rich in monetary terms. If he should ever sell Facebook for it's estimated worth, then he'll get the money. If he can find a buyer. My guess is it will eventually fade out in popularity.

1383 days ago
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