TMZ Live -- It's Lawyer Friday!!!

1/14/2011 6:00 PM PST
Awesome "Lawyer Friday" today -- Our in-house idiot savant Eric showed off his talents, we played Harvey's old interview with Charles Manson's son, and our roaming studio camera was subjected to a little employee nudity. Oh yeah ... Harvey and Jason also answered all your questions!!

(1:11) Gary Busey's fake DUI -- can he sue? (2:26) Kelsey Grammer announces his upcoming marriage on TV ... but he ain't divorced yet.
(4:30) "Law song trivia” with Eric the Idiot Savant!
(11:40) Illegal immigrants -- deportation law
(13:00) Jesse James has completed moved on since Bombshell McGee -- queen of Charlie Sheen's porn star harem
(13:48) Octomom on Oprah -- payday?
(16:10) Will Lindsay Lohan face off against the Palm Desert PD in a legal battle????
(17:55) AND NOW A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR -- that guy with the long messy hair who says "dude" a lot.
(22:03) Charles Manson -- will he ever get out???
(26:42) Girlfriends and mistresses -- what's the difference? Let's ask the expert, Harvey Levin.
(29:51) San Fran banning toys in Happy Meals? For real?
(34:32) Shevonne's back -- and just wait til you hear her unload on Camille Grammer.
(35:25) Rick bares all in one HILARIOUS cameo!!!