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Zsa Zsa

Out of Surgery,

Leg Successfully Amputated

1/14/2011 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor's right leg has been partially amputated by doctors at UCLA Medical Center ... TMZ has learned.

Zsa Zsa Gabor Surgery
According to one of Zsa Zsa's doctors, three quarters of her leg was removed during the surgery today -- starting from just above her knee.

We're told there were no unexpected difficulties and she's expected to heal just fine -- but docs are monitoring her closely because of her age.

As we previously reported Zsa Zsa's husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, green-lit the procedure to remove a life-threatening infection. 

No word yet on when she'll be released.

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Mississippi Girl    

This lady is an icon. She and her sisters have been around since dirt. She is the only one left and may her remaining days be pain free and happy. Her husband can't be all that bad, he has stuck with her and cared for her for years.

1347 days ago


How the heck do you amputate 3/4 of a leg?

1347 days ago


Bless her heart. Good looking out for her Prince.

1347 days ago


God Bless you Zsa Zsa. You are a class act. Not only that, you made us laugh too. Your beauty is ever lasting, as you are beautiful inside and out.

1346 days ago

ricardo hilton    

Shame on you wannabee stand-up comedians for kicking Zsa Zsa when she is down. As they say in show biz, 'break a leg' Zsa Zsa! Hopefully, you will fully recover.

OK,I'm just pulling your leg.

1346 days ago


All of it is von Anhalt's fault. All of it. Zsa Zsa never was the same after falling from her bed, hip replacement surgery and infections. At home (as in the hospital) there should have been serious precautions to prevent Zsa Zsa from falling out of her bed, in the first place. Von Anhalt should have purchased a bed with guard rails and/or hired nurses for her 24/7. The No.1 cause of injury for the elderly is FALLING or Falling down. I believe von Anhalt is a cheapskate when it comes to Zsa Zsa and absolutely dishonest. He should be in jail for elderly abuse or neglect, in my honest opinion.

1346 days ago


My sincere wishes for a steady recovery to the Queen of Glamor; may God and the Angels protect you from your enemies (you must know who they are by now). Zsa Zsa, I have admired you for over 50 years myself and I know you will always remain the beautiful woman you have been even long after you are gone. In the mean time, enjoy life all you can.

1345 days ago


zsa zsa, bless you good woman,hope you get well very soon. when you do, all of us fans are waiting to see you, even only a peek in the papers is good. you need and deserve your R&R you have really earned it.sunshine,rest,good food,happy memories and a plans for a good tomarrow plus a good man will pull you through this. from, gail

1345 days ago


To Poster # 47: I was a big fan of Eva Gabor. Eva was a very talented actress and a hard worker.

1344 days ago


I wish I coule have the opporunity to heal Zsa Zsa. May God bless her soul and bring here healing and be well soon. :-)
David Nemo

1340 days ago


As for me Im glad this old whore is FINALLY getting her just deserts. She is a TALENTLESS person who made her way into hollywood by marrying anyone she could snare. SHE IS NOT THE GABOR FROM GREEN ACRES but even her sister EVA is a TALENTLESS person. The two sisters knew how to spread their legs efore they knew how to talk. ( BY the way this old whore is also paris Hilton Grandmother)

WILL you please die and leave us all alone, If you truly want to make more men happy----die @@

1337 days ago


My mother was 80 years old when she got her leg amputated due to an infection after a knee replacement at the Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, PA by the famous Dr. Booth et al. It was heartwrenching. My mother made that decision fully conscious. She was released 1 week later to rehab at St. Agnes in Philadelphia, PA where she caught quadruple pneumonia and passed 1 month later at the Methodist.
She had been in great health before her knee operation.
Little old ladies at in their 80's & 90's should not have to go through having an entire leg amputated. Hospital Infections are rampant. It's a disgrace.

1337 days ago


Chuck: I was a big fan of Eva, and nobody trashes the idol of my youth: and I mean nobody. Not only was Eva a very talented actress, she didn't believe in living together before marriage, and she was a religious woman. The only men that Eva ever slept with with her five husbands after she married them. Yes, I've heard the rumors that Zsa Zsa slept with Nixon, Richard Burton, and President Kennedy, and that Frank Sinatra raped her, but Eva had a whole lot of class.

I'm 53 years old, and the Gabors were part of my life. I now pray for Zsa Zsa and I just leave her in God's hands.

1335 days ago


How disgusting to hear that you want to auction off Zsa Zsa Gabor's cut-off diseased leg on eBay! For heavens' sakes: that poor woman is falling apart! She's a very sick 93-year-old woman.

Zsa Zsa Gabor needs our prayers and support, despite the fact that she was a troublemaker. Please don't use this forum to make such disrespectful comments and jokes. She's suffered enough!

1330 days ago


Zsa Zsa has lived a charmed life. She's never known what it is like to be looking for her next meal.
I find it odd that her and her 2 sisters failed to have children. That is except her one daughter whom she claims cam from rape at the hands of the famous Hilton dude.
There's something wrong with the Gabor family. Maybe the father was abusing them. They all were in a fantasy world, but of course that's what made Zsa Zsa so interesting.

1253 days ago
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