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Ryan Sheckler -- On Warpath Over Vaporizer Picture

1/15/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Sheckler just declared war on a website -- over a picture in which the pro skater unintentionally shows off a giant device used to inhale marijuana -- and he won't stop until it's taken down for good.

Sheckler -- who originally posted the pic to his Twitter account -- was modeling a new hat from his big sponsor Red Bull ... but unfortunately, he didn't seem to notice the ridiculous space-age vaporizer sitting behind him on a coffee table.

The pic -- which has since been deleted from his Twitter -- was reposted on TheDirty.com under the headline "Lay Off the Ganja Sheckler" ... and now the Sheckmeister is royally pissed, claiming the site is ruining his good name.

Sheck's lawyer fired off a cease and desist letter to the gossip site on Thursday -- demanding they remove the incriminating pic stat ... or face the wrath of the law. As of now, the pic is still up.

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LOL....Americans with suing and whining about everything makes me laugh harder.

Marijuana is legal and so the Vaporizer. So what's the big deal...oh let me guess to whore media around.

1375 days ago


I don't think Nik Richie will cave to Shecky's demands. After all, he(shecky) posted it himself. He was just to stoned to know better. Once it's in cyberspace it's gonna lurk there forever. Ha Ha shecky ! ! DA Strong ! !

1375 days ago


A pro skater smokes dope? INCONCEIVABLE!

1375 days ago


clearly he was blazed when he posted this without realizing there was a volcano in the background.

1375 days ago


Ha, good luck getting that taken down.
The Erin Andrews pictures are still up on the Dirty's website and she tried to get them down too.

1375 days ago


Come on Sheckler just man up and admit that you're a pot smoker big deal. Plus if you were a little smarter and moved the vaporizer out of the way this wouldn't even be happening right now. Anyway I seriously doubt Nik Richie will take the post down and this pretty much sets you up for him to completely rip you apart on his website so even more tough luck for you. DA Strong!!!

1375 days ago


Wait a minute. HE originally posted it to HIS account, and NOW he's worried about his reputation? Everyone knows that once it's out there, you can never get it back. If he's the one who originally out it out there, I have no sympathy for him.

1375 days ago


note to every moron on a computer: once you post something to the internet, it is there forever. even if the website takes the pic down anyone who has right clicked it and saved it can repost the pic any place they please. ****in' idiot.

1375 days ago


Forget pot, he always strikes me as a meth head. Come on...have you ever seen his show? Guy looks strung out all the time.

1375 days ago

Buddy Lee    

Ryan may have taken it down from his twitter account, but the photo is still up on his crowdreel account...

see it here...


1375 days ago


Don't worry Ryan most people like myself have never heard of you nor care what you smoke or inhale so enjoy...douche bag.

1375 days ago


If I'm not mistaken Jackie marijuana is only legal with a prescription in California and 14 other states. It's not legal otherwise. I have no personal problem with marijuana used to use it all the time in my 20's but just wanted to clarify.

And really once you post something on twitter do you actually have any legal right to it being private or exclusive. He has a public twitter account and he posted the pic - if he didn't want this pic to cause damage to his name then don't be a dumba-s and post it on the internet.

I may or may not have done all sorts of drugs in the past (pot,meth,coke,e,lsd and what not) allegedly but I won't post a pic proving it to the world on the internet.
Just my thoughts

1375 days ago


the dirty is ruining his name, really?!? DA STRONG ;)

1375 days ago


Who calls Marijuana "DOPE"? Only cops and people that lived through the 60s. Today, "dope" refers to Heroin.
Aside from those that follow X-Games, who the hell knows or cares about Sheckler & his high priced Vap?
When are we as a country going to get over the stigma that POT is a schedule 1 class drug? ANYone and everyone that has ever used it, knows damn well it is no where near as dangerous as Dope, coke, e, lsd, ice, crack, etc etc.
U can't die from it, U can't over daose from it, U will never hear someone say, "I got cancer from smoking pot every day for 40 years"...it's non cancerous.

1375 days ago

Tired of Ignorance    

It is sad that most would never have known about this issue if it wasn't for this skater publicizing the letter that was sent. Sounds to me like he needs publicity and is making some very poor decisions.

1375 days ago
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