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Ryan Sheckler -- On Warpath Over Vaporizer Picture

1/15/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Sheckler just declared war on a website -- over a picture in which the pro skater unintentionally shows off a giant device used to inhale marijuana -- and he won't stop until it's taken down for good.

Sheckler -- who originally posted the pic to his Twitter account -- was modeling a new hat from his big sponsor Red Bull ... but unfortunately, he didn't seem to notice the ridiculous space-age vaporizer sitting behind him on a coffee table.

The pic -- which has since been deleted from his Twitter -- was reposted on TheDirty.com under the headline "Lay Off the Ganja Sheckler" ... and now the Sheckmeister is royally pissed, claiming the site is ruining his good name.

Sheck's lawyer fired off a cease and desist letter to the gossip site on Thursday -- demanding they remove the incriminating pic stat ... or face the wrath of the law. As of now, the pic is still up.

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No Avatar


Hey Ryan....
Man up *****.

1346 days ago


Hey Ryan....
Man up *****.

1346 days ago


I feel your pain dude..now lets party

1346 days ago

johnny blaze    

This is what you get for making me watch that stupid double pits to chesty commercial every five minutes on sportscenter. F scheckler. Douche.

1346 days ago


Most twitterers beg to be retweeted. What's his problem?
Is it still a private pic if you tweet it?
If a photo is accurate and NOT Photo Shopped, it can't be liable. Right?

1346 days ago


Sorry Sheckler, you're an idiot. You need to chalk this up to experience. YOU posted the picture on a public website. Now you're mad someone else reposted it because you were too dumb to notice your vaporizer sitting next to you? Get a clue.
I would think if you were so worried about someone seeing the vaporizer, you wouldn't have it on display like that at your home?
Also, you are sooo into grooming your face, you're starting to look very feminine. Between the tanning, the skin care, the eyebrow trimming, etc... Or maybe it's the marijuana increasing your estrogen?

1346 days ago


Good luck getting anything removed from "The Dirty".

1346 days ago


this is the first i've heard about the vaporizer pic...maybe ryan should have let it go and let it fly under the radar instead of fighting it and bringing attention to it...

on a side note, ryan doesn't really have a good name...he is known as that crying little bitch on his stupid MTV show that got canceled a few years ago...

1346 days ago


What else is new another young stoned athlete. Stress and pressure on skaters, snowboarders, skateboarders, etc... is horrible. They need some kind of illegal drug to calm them down and to help them think clearer. The reality of being a pro in any sport can be tough on anyone. NOT!

1346 days ago


Oh BOO HOO you idiot. Before posting pictures pay attention to what exactly is in that pic, you big ding dong!! So now someone is getting sued over your own stupidity. Save some time and money and sue yourself for being such a moron.

1346 days ago


ok lets see here... you posed in front of a bong for a pic some one paid you for aaaannd you now are pissed about the fact that you agreed to it and let them use it. I remember back in the day when I used to skate, we would grese up rails at the bart station and get a cheap camcorder and tape the bails and rails. I never remember needing a tampon while doing it.

1346 days ago


Hahah hes a total dumb ass if he was the one that originally posted it and didn't realize the volcano in the background. He gets what he deserves. Lmao

1346 days ago


RS owns the picture. no one else has the right to appropriate it for their own use.

But in reality, this is much ado about nothing.

Ryan, take my advice and just ignore the mess - it will go away on its own...

1346 days ago


Oooo pot....Ooooo criminal! LOL

1346 days ago


Yo Ryan......
Your a douche bag if you really are vaping weed and now are denying it.
You are in a position to stand up and change what is wrong with this world. Marijuana isn't bad, and I'm sure it helped you someway in your life.

1346 days ago
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