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Ted Williams Rehab Center -- Security Lockdown

1/15/2011 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The rehab center where "Golden Voice" Ted Williams is seeking treatment has already gone into lockdown mode -- bringing in extra security to make sure their most famous patient can stay focused.


TMZ has learned Williams checked in to Origins Recovery Center in South Texas around 10:00 PM Thursday night ... where officials have also added additional screen paneling to block the paparazzi.

We're told the average cost of a three-month stay runs around $49,000 ... and Williams is on an all-expenses paid "scholarship." We're told Dr. Phil is not the benefactor.

No word on how long Williams plans to stay at the center.


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Steve O    

The nation, by and large has adopted this homeless man, Ted Williams, and I think It's a great thing.....Ted, if you're reading this, you are doing the right thing...keep on trekkin' and get this thing done, you will need support on a regular basis, but after this, go out there and "kick butt" in the announcing world! : )Don't lose sight of this god given talent and "go for it!"

1376 days ago

Robin Renee    

Of course the facility is in lockdown, Dr. Phil announced on his program, for the whole world to hear, where he intended on sending Mr. Williams. Why in the name of God did Dr. Phil disclose the location? How is ANYONE going to get the treatment they're there for since the good doctor sent a gadzillion photogs and reporters to the place? I still can't believe it!!!!!

1376 days ago


WTG 34!ou said it perfectly!

1376 days ago


I Love my Mac N Cheese.....can;t wait to hear Ted Willams sponsoring them!
Those who claim to be perfect, you have a rough road ahead!

1376 days ago


Ted Williams deserves a chance. Those who are perfect need to reqalize, when pointing a finger they have three pointing right back at THEM!

1376 days ago

J Lo Pooding    

So when is he actually going to use his 'god given voice' to do radio work, like he was supposed to? Wasn't there a rehab center in the city they were going to put him on the air? This is sounding more and more like a circus sideshow act than the real deal.

1376 days ago


Ted Willliams was on Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil stated that he would send Ted Williams to Origins Recover Centre, and that he would pay for the treatment. TMZ says that Dr. Phil is not the benefactor. Let's hope that there are no strings attached no matter who the benefactor is.

1376 days ago


Everyone could be one paycheck away from the street. Have some compassion!

Posted at 8:27 AM on Jan 15, 2011 by Christy

Boy did you say a mouthful. Sadly, I am one of those people, and I don't drink or do drugs. But sometimes I wish I did because now I feel like I am this close to having a nervous breakdown. Like I always tell the people who ask how do I do it and how do I keep from going crazy: You do what you have to do, and who has time to have a breakdown?

Unfortunately, thinking this way is catching up with me, and I just don't think I have the strength to hold out much longer.

1376 days ago


I told a friend about this guy a couple of weeks ago and all that was happening to him. His first response was that he hoped this guy was in a recovery program because it was too much too fast and he would relapse without help. He called it completely. I really hope this guy makes it.

1376 days ago


Whats so special about this guy? How many drunken homeless guys do we have everywhere in America (and the world) who could use some sanitary facilies and professional help to kick their additions in? It disgusts me that just because this guy can immitate obnoxious, talentless radio announcers, that he gets an "all paid 50,000 dollar trip" to a rehab facility which if divided and spent at a more reasonably price facility, could easily help up to 10 people.

This guy is nothing more and nothing less than all the other homeless in the country. He is one of the worst-looking ones, though.

1376 days ago

MJ is LOVE    

I wish the best to Mr. Williams- hope this turns out to be a valuable experience for him.

1376 days ago

Patrick Henry    

In rehab, he is going to have to detox from whatever he is addicted to and he will be miserable. AA will be for when he gets out to maintain his sobriety. The addiction is just one layer. Once sober he will have to deal with behaviors and coping abilities. People turn to addiction because they can not cope with real life and have behavioral problems maybe even trauma in their past.
We worked with the homeless as well. Maybe 1/2 if they are families will work hard to get on their feet. If someone is single and not in a relationship they are more bound to stay on the streets.

There is not enough mental health facilities or shelters to keep up with the homeless. Because of the economy or maybe even a major illness, whole families are forced to the streets.

Lose your mortgage, lose your job, max out your credit cards for a sickness and you will not have money to support your family. Also there are a great many vets on the streets as well. And that isn't right.

1376 days ago


this part of the journey for ted williams was from the universe, it was suppose to happen this way. look at all the years he been holding up signs for money and got no media.the universe is part of this game with ted. he needs to start a new life and stay away from drama families . he will need to seek peace love for himself and also be strong ,or people will use him. god will show him who real and phony.hes been kicked around too much by different peoplewho only wanted what he could give ,does he receive money for being a vet? always remember there a reason for everything.

1375 days ago


It's too bad Oprah and Dr. Phil weren't more willing to help other people that just struggle to survive day to day working every day and don't drink or take drugs. If they did a show and helped a bunch of people like that I'd tune in.

1375 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

I wish there was rehab for regular people

1375 days ago
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