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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

Upgraded to Serious Condition

1/16/2011 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has been upgraded from critical to serious condition.

Giffords' breathing tube was removed yesterday. She also has movement on both sides of her body.

Capt. Mark Kelly, Giffords' husband, is scheduled to do his first TV interview this week with ABC's Diane Sawyer.


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That is wonderful news!

1378 days ago


Prayers that she continues to regain her health and her life.

1378 days ago


Best news out of Tucson in a in long, L-O-N-G time. Thanks TMZ!

1378 days ago

The 2nd Amendment was big mistake. The government should have a told ban on the trafficking of all amunition in the U.S. That might get around that stupid Amendment

1378 days ago


First amendment should be repealed too. Right after Sarah Palin is arrested for this, amirite?

1378 days ago

One can hardly compare the 1st and 2nd Amendments. The later kills over 30,000 people a year. Other countries simply do not have this problem. It is a form of Holocaust.

1378 days ago


yeah lets get rid of our guns and let the criminals who wont obey the law keep there' they can just go into peoples houses with no worries what so ever that the law abiding citizen has anything to defend himself liberal hippies need to grow a brain.its not the guns that kill people its the crazy people who kill people.also get rid of guns people will use knives.its a never ending cycle as long as there are humans there will be murders even with out guns.

1378 days ago


The majority of gun deaths, if not almost ALL gun deaths, are caused by: accidents, drunkeness, domestic violence, crimes of passion, human error, insanity (BIG ONE)...

If this madman in Arizona only had a knife, the deaths would have been greatly reduced if not avoided. The 2nd Amendment was one of the biggedst mistakes in human society.

1378 days ago



1378 days ago


Isn't it more correct to says she's been "Downgraded to Serious" ? Or maybe she's been "Updated to Serious" ?

tgrfan42069 said ...

The majority of gun deaths, if not almost ALL gun deaths, are caused by: accidents, drunkeness, domestic violence, crimes of passion, human error, insanity (BIG ONE)...

That's a pretty exhaustive list and I'm just wondering what the minority are caused by ???

1378 days ago


Dear TMZ...stay the hell out of the political news. You are well out of your depth and breadth.

The correct way to day it is she was upgraded to serious.
All TMZ is doing is taking AP wire service info and reposting it.

Downgraded in this instance would mean she is getting weaker which is very much like hurricanes and other storms.
Weaker, downgraded, stronger upgraded.

From best to worse
Undetermined, Good, Fair, Serious, Critical. Often added in is the indicator if they are stable or not.

1378 days ago


I hope when she is all healed and home she rips Sarah Palin a new A$$

1378 days ago


You Palinphobic dogs foaming at the mouth for a chance to slam Sarah should come to your senses and realize that nothing she did hasn't been done thousands of times on both sides, it's called politics. Get a freakin' grip and give yourself an injection of prozac. Thank God Giffords is doing better, I can't say as much for all of you brain dead zombies.

1378 days ago

Palin glorfies guns. And nuts have access to automatic weapons. The 2nd Amendment is America's curse. 30,000 death a years is a sign of a barbaric lawless country.

1378 days ago


no one never blames madden the video game for a kid wanting to play football and end up playing pro making something of himself..however if a kid plays madden and hurts someone by hitting them football style they are quick to blame.everyone always jumps to blame everything other than the person who does the act itself.that is what is wrong with society today.if you commit a crime its always something else fault people never want to hold the person accountable for their actions.its always someone or something else.

1378 days ago
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