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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

Upgraded to Serious Condition

1/16/2011 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has been upgraded from critical to serious condition.

Giffords' breathing tube was removed yesterday. She also has movement on both sides of her body.

Capt. Mark Kelly, Giffords' husband, is scheduled to do his first TV interview this week with ABC's Diane Sawyer.


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Even I can say this is good news,,she didnt deserve this.Sounds like she is going to be much bertter than expected for a head shot..

hope your happy sarah palin,,,this is all your fault

1376 days ago


You're an idiot, Midnight Toker. I think it was Obama who said "get in their face". Who's the inciter? Yup...Mr. Uniter Barack.

1376 days ago


Super awesome news on Gabby!!!!! But does Miss Dramatic Dianne Sawyer need to do the interview? I dont know who I cant stand more--her or Anne Curry.

1376 days ago


Hey giffords, Stay away for those Left wing loons. These people are unstable and all should be under lock and key.

1376 days ago


Hate to seem harsh BUT she isn't the only woman ever to be shot in the head and recover. Once again, the little people get walked over to praise, laud and pamper the privileged.

1376 days ago


So glad she is getting better! I hope she continues to get well.

Now to sum up the rest of the comments on here. Full of 1.)anti second amendment rights idiots 2.)People blaiming sarah palin.

Boy oh boy we are f'd in the a if there are a lot of thinkers like you out there. Completely blaming the wrong or underlying issue. This is so simple folks. This jarad guy was stupid crazy idiot. Out of the millions of people out there, this will be bound to happen from time to time. It's not sarah palins fault (you are so stupid if you blame her) and for god sakes it's not the guns fault either. Really people, get your heads our of your a**.

1375 days ago


Gee TMZ, this would be a perfect story under your old POLITIX section. What on earth happened to that section btw? Oh that's right, since 90% of the people that read this crap think the President is a Marxist d-bag you took it down.

So we learned last week this liberal shooter was influenced by radical leftwing punk music and radical leftwing conspiracy theorist movies. He hates Christians, God, and Capitalism. This Hitler was a swell guy and reads Mein Kampf. Now over the weekend we learned the quack also despised Bush, thought he manipulated currency and thought he was behind 9/11. He sounds like the prototypical liberal to anyone with a half a brain.

1375 days ago


@ Toddy - can you please explain why it matters who's boss is? Do you think he really works for TMZ?

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm pretty sure he/she doesn't work for TMZ. People can choose any name they want to use for commenting on the forums. I could have chosen TMZBeyatch if I wanted to (unless someone else already had that of course)

So with that logic, it seems very weird that you are demanding this person's work information and basically screaming at him so angrily.

1375 days ago


@7 I agree that if there are no guns that the maniacs will just use a knife or something else instead.

The point is, do you think someone armed with a knife could have done anywhere close to the damage that Jared Loughner managed to cause with his gun?

Using your logic you may as well just let everyone have their own nuclear weapons.... I mean it's not the nuclear weapons that are dangerous, it's just the owners.

Also the chances of your home being broken into by some thug with a gun are only so high because of your stupid gun laws in the 1st place.

1375 days ago


The leftist quacks are clearly losing their ****. According to them, patriotic, white, Christian citizens that love capitalism and respected President Bush and did not believe he was behind 9/11 are considered Conservatives. But now when one of their own goes on a shooting spree, a guy that burns flags, doesn't believe in God, hates Christians, bashes Bush and thinks he planned 9/11 they also try and say he is a "Conservative."

Hey nutjobs, you can't have your cake and eat it too. It's as obvious this creep is a liberal as it is that Harvey loves him some hairy *******. Just accept it and start looking in the mirror and asking yourself what is wrong with you.

1375 days ago


I'm really happy to hear that she is doing better, but what about the other people who were injured? Do we not get to hear about them and how they are doing?
People have lost lives here and we only seem to be hearing of this woman. I do wish her well, along with everyone else. This was a horrifying act.

1373 days ago
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