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Ricky Gervais -- If You've Seen One Fascist ...

1/16/2011 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais told Conan O'Brien earlier this week his Mel Gibson/Nazi joke was shot down by the show's producers, so our camera guy suggested he dress up as a different dictator instead.


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I found this on another site. Says it all!
Open letter to the Golden Globes:

I say take that F-ing bastard Gervais with his big ti.ts and middle aged woman looks, get him a bra and kick him back to England! He's not funny! Get someone with some wit and grace from years gone by to host.

The celebrities that join your ceremony every year, do not want to be involved in or witness this creep trashing one of their fellow actors. Don't forget how many of these attendees have worked along side Mel Gibson and know him personally.

So many are appalled and repelled by these ugly hate attacks upon him, by what really amounts to just a few people who never, forget, forgive or stop complaining.

Everyone is sick of these bast.ards They have exposed themselves and their agenda by going so overboard trying to dismantle this mans life!

They allow horrible things, even applauding gross behaviors elsewhere, but if Mel Gibson, loses his temper in private and says a few mindless gross things to a person who has deceived, lied to and threatened him, well gasp horror. Boo Hoooo! We've seen a pack of hypocrites, who say worse than he ever did, as they attack him!

There has been an unprecedented onslaught by these hate mongers, so out of proportion, unjust and unnecessary, that one can only hope that the people responsible for this persecution will be repaid in kind one day!

Is the Golden Globe Ceremony going to participate in this disgusting behaviour, along with Gervais?
I hope they didn't.

1384 days ago

robert farrar    

Who is Ricky Gervais? I remember a used car dealer by that name from a long time ago in Massachusetts. Does it depend on the winners as to how often they have to polish a Golden Globe Trophy? Oh wait, a trophy is what you win at the bowling banquet. Just what is a Golden Globe? Just asking.

1384 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

again the USA hires a brit to insult and make fun of them
tonight is Piers Morgan

1384 days ago


Ricky is should not host any other ceremony in United States. He shows no respect for Hollywood, for the actors, for the public. He is sooooo unfunny. He should go back to England and stay there!!!

1384 days ago


nah the guy is not even funny. you go down to offensive jokes when you don't know how to do it better or you don't wanna pay for good jokes from writers who know how to do it.

1384 days ago

manny bobo    

You hire Ricky Gervais for his controversial guerilla style comedy and then moan he pulled no punches? The organizers are to blame not the host for just doing what he does. Next time hire Ryan Seacrest and write some safe material for him to deliver.
Also, these Hollywood celebs have no self-deprecation, which is a British thing. The phrase 'taking the pi$$' is the one thing that keeps people humble and normal and the monstrous/ fragile ego from which that these celebs suffer in check.

1384 days ago


What an ugly face! Hugs to you, Mel!

1384 days ago


Media it's giving us just crap and we take it. That's why we are becoming more and more ignorant.

So, it's not strange that some "comedians" they use the F**** words and other insults just to make the people laugh. Plus, some of them, including RICKY GERVAIS, they think they are "funny" when they make bad "jokes" about another human being. That's NOT a joke. That's BULLING.
The sad part it's WE ACCEPT THAT. We laugh. What kind of society are we creating? Why are we becoming so trashy ?

Yesterday I was ashamed that the whole world was watching Gervais in the Golden Globes and that USA allowed this man to host the ceremony. No wonder early this morning I got several Emails from friends who they live abroad telling me the same thing.

I don't know if one day we can stand up as a nation who wants to be respected for our intelligence and class. I hope so.

1384 days ago

Dalton II    

I see the usual Gibson defenders are out in force.

Is it fun being a bigot?

1384 days ago

Palm Beach, FL    

Not funny at all. Go back to England and find a dentist and get
those god awful teeth fixed and while your at it find yourself
a personality, you looser.

1383 days ago


I see the usual Gibson defenders are out in force.

Is it fun being a bigot?

Posted at 10:53 AM on Jan 17, 2011 by Dalton II

I would think it would be much more fun going to a foreign country and hiring 42 attorneys to exploit their legal system and getting rich off of it. Don't you?

1383 days ago


Ricky Gervais has done more than a few movies. He was very funny in the British version of The Office that the American version was made from.

1383 days ago


Ricky was the highlight of this pathetic show. Bunch of stuck up over paid celebrities deserve a few jokes at their expense. Harden up for goodness sake, I bet if Billy Crystal said the exact same jokes, everyone would think it was hilarious.

1382 days ago


I didn't think Gervais was that over the top, he was insulting in the tradition of Don Rickles. Picking on people is a comedy style. Everyone knows about Bruce willis and his ex wifes young husband and Gervais made a joke about it.Big deal Bruce!Get over it.

1382 days ago
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