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Joan Rivers -- Sarah Palin Is 'Stupid and a Threat'

1/17/2011 2:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin deserves criticism -- and BLAME -- for the horrifying shooting in Tucson, AZ ... this according to Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers
Joan was at the Critic's Choice Awards party in Hollywood this weekend when things turned political -- and Joan exclaimed ... "This woman is just stupid and a threat."

So we gotta ask...



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Qoute:Palin is evil as are her followers. I believe they have disabled the "like" button. Also they get paid to troll the internet and support the trollish hillbilly.

Thanks for proving my point with such class.

1373 days ago


Joan Rivers and the other left wing liberal socialists want nothing more then to totally destroy the American way of life. They think the government should control your every move. Maybe Hollywood should pay a special tax, say 98% of income, so that we can all enjoy the fruits of their labors. After all they want you to share.

1373 days ago


interesting that No is now ahead since lasty two polls the yeses won ... people finally using their brain power instead following the leader

1373 days ago


Sarah Palin is dumber than a box of rocks, and that goes for her entire political charade. If anybody thinks Sarah Palin is even remotely capable of making decisions that affect other peoples lives then you my friend are the delusional one. Joan Rivers while probably not the smartest person in the world is smart enough to know a dumb **** when she sees ones. Give me her power and ill make my voice a tool instead of voicing my opinions and looking like a tool like Sarah. P.S. All you Palinites, That map she had promoted hate, no matter what way you look at it.

1373 days ago


Joan, you rate right up there with all the crybabies from the The Golden Globe Awards who had their feelings hurt by Ricky Gervais. You think you are so much better than anyone else and that anyone cares what you think. NOT!

1373 days ago


I agree with most on here. Sarah Palin is not the cause of the Arizona shootings. Joan Rivers needs to stick to bad mouthing everyone in Hollywood and say out of politics.

1373 days ago


This woman called her own daughter a c*nt during her routine. I don't care what kind of relationship they have to me that crosses the line. Joan Rivers is a disrespectful, tasteless bitch and to me if she really wanted to hurt Palin she should have said how much she liked her.

1373 days ago


No wonder her husband killed himself. This tightly wrapped botox and plastic surgery special is not qualified to enter any arena of responsible comment, besides who would deem her credible. I am not a fan of Palin but to make such a ridiculous statement regarding this unfortunate tragedy which clearly involved a "nut job" with no political agenda clearly adds salt to the families who are grieving. Shame on you, you old hag. Crawl under the rock you crept out of and take your vacuous daughter with you. You both make money off of "others" flaws but in reality you both are the biggest losers.

1373 days ago


If she's a threat than Joan has either outlived or over stayed her welcome. Please Joan put yourself in a home and give the rest of us a break!!!

1373 days ago


LOL...she first praise Sarah and then bash her....lmao

1373 days ago


Joan Rivers needs to have her mouth sewn shut. She has so much hate in her heart that she hates everyone. She is to be pitied. If I know she is on a TV show I will not watch it and listen to her spew.

1373 days ago


No No No poor Joan you have it wrong... YOU are a threat to every plastic surgeon in the US.. One more wrong slip of the knife and your face will fall off.... Shut up already..

1373 days ago

Mr. Anon E. Mouse    

1) What does Joan Rivers know about reality? She lives in her own little isolated celebrity fantasy land where she gets paid to make ad hominem attacks on people.

2) When did it become acceptable for so-called celebrities to talk like this? When did it become tolerable?

3) Who really is to blame for shooting up Tucson? Ask a conservative and she'll tell you we all have to accept responsibility for our personal actions. Ask a liberal and she'll tell you it's someone else's fault.

4) Why do liberals attack anyone who thinks differently than them? Why not practice some of that tolerance they preach about? Why not embrace our differences?

5) How long are YOU going to let liberal media bias portray you as intolerant, idiotic sheep who follow the likes of Rivers, Baldwin, et. al? How long are you going to dodge the serious issues that are destroying our country by answering with crap like "Palin's an idiot!?" Most Americans don't take liberals seriously because you all can't have a discussion. You can't talk to the points. You can only hurl insults or walk away in feigned disgust.

1373 days ago


Joan Rivers showed what tool she is when she insulted Johnny Carson back in the 1970's - and he banned her from the 'Tonight Show' forever.

She hasn't matured one bit since then. Old, haggard and noisy - nothing more.

1373 days ago


Typical radical left wing stupid idiot...she gets the bully pulpit and can say just about anything she wants and of course she does and shows everyone with a brain how utterly stupid she is...and this is said AFTER the President encourages toning down the redirect...that makes her even more stupid the rest!!! Go away you idiot!

1373 days ago
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