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Steven Tyler -- The 'Idol' Audition

That Made Him Cry

1/18/2011 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Tyler had an extremely emotional moment during an "American Idol" audition, when a contestant brought his disabled fiancee to watch him compete.

Chris Medina American Idol
Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, the "Idol" judges were in Milwaukee when 27-year-old Chris Medina walked into the room, accompanied by his disabled fiancee, Juliana Ramos.

We're told Chris told the judges he proposed to Juliana two years ago ... and the couple was making wedding plans when tragedy struck.  Juliana got into a horrible car accident on her way home from work in October, 2009, and was left nearly paralyzed with significant brain damage.

The video below was shot one year into Juliana's recovery.


Chris' singing was great, but Steven was so moved by Chris' story ... he got up out of his chair, teary-eyed, walked over to Juliana, and hugged and kissed her.

Tyler, we're told, is becoming the star of the show, with big emotions ranging from snark to Paula-style sincerity.

Chris, who will appear on next week's show, made the top 40.

As for Chris' wedding, it's been placed on hold.  The medical expenses are so great, a website was launched to help cover the costs.



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the man    



What I don't know is why you keep posting how drunk you "know" she was? And why do you keep bringing it up. Obviously, you and "the lady" are two bitter, exaggerators with absolutely no credibility and an axe to grind. Whatever the situation of her accident was, hasn't she been punished enough? After allegedly visiting the beer tub, did you drive home? It is easy to pick on a person that can't defend herself because of her injuries. Easy and cowardly. Again, the anonymity of a message board makes you brave and a wealth of knowledge. If you are so sure you "know" so much, post your identity and lets see if your story is true. .....That's not gonna happen, is it? I didn't think so.

1303 days ago


Yes it was a very moving story. I've been watching AI and so far based on who they have shown us, I haven't seen anybody who's all that. I take pride in having been able to pick out the Idol winner a few times right off the bat (I know, it doesn't take much for me) and I don't see one who deserves it yet. I liked the rocker girl last night and amongst others they shouldn't have let the girl who sung True Colors through.

1303 days ago


Hey Jacks,
If she was driving home from Tinley Park then why would the police report be with the Chicago police department? We've seen the police report, and until you get your facts straight and know what you are talking about you need to just shut the hell up!! Leave them alone and let then be. They've been through enough!

1303 days ago


C'mon now, you and I both know exactly where the actual accident actually happened....on Pulaski in CHICAGO. If you saw the police report, like you have claimed, then surely you know it was written by a Chicago police officer.

And, the FACT is, she was drunk. That fact is very relevant to the whole situation. Accidents happen but alcohol played a major part in her crash. Like I said in my previous comment, no one believes something like this can happen to them. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. NO EXCUSES. EVER. I honestly hope that she fully recovers. She's so extemely lucky to be alive.

1303 days ago

random human being    

hOPE this post goes through this time. OKAY, ONCE AGAIN! 'JACKS', What really is your purpose to post b.s on here? You my friend are displaying yourself as a pure coward with your comments. THiS is a talent competition about an aspiring musician who has happened to stick by his FIANCE who is currently disabled from her injury, this IS NOT A CAMPAIGN FOR MADD.. we know what drinking and driving does, true or FALSE, IT IS NOT YOUR PLACE, it is not your story !!!!!YOU R OUT OF LINE!!!! I have nothing to do with anyone involved, I am just a midwest mom who has been a caregiver and have been taken care of who loves music and compassionate human beings. You are displaying yourself as an individual who holds resentment for one reason or another, who may know OF the people involved, one who is just so envious of another's success.. I don't know, but you should really back off. Your comments are completely unnecessary. Its not your place period. Freedom of speech but inhumane.

1303 days ago


Chris and Juliana are very dear to my heart and I hope everyone knows he is doing all this FOR her. I pray everyday for her recovery. Your my idol Chris!!!!

1303 days ago

random human being    

OK Jacks I get it, u just confirmed my suspicion, that u really are _______... What exactly is your purpose on posting b.s. on here? You my friend are a coward, I have nothing to do with anyone involved in the story, just a mom who loves music, who has been a caregiver and cared for.--- IS it really your place to post IRRELEVENT unauthorized information??------ True or FALSE, out of line!! U are portraying yourself as someone who is holding a grudge, who maybe knows OF the people involved, jealous? hater? Perhaps envious for one reason or another. This isn't a MADD website, or a campaign against drunk driving, its a talent competition... which happens to involve an aspiring musician who is engaged to someone who is disabled due to an injury. So the crap you are writing my friend is IRRELEVENT on this comment board. GET A LIFE!

1303 days ago

F. Knight    

As someone who has seen this whole story and even participated in the fundraising for Juliana, it has always bothered me that the story has been changed from "drunk driving" to "hydroplaning." This retelling of the story has been the only misstep in the two years of daily heroics from Juli, Chris and the family. I know why they do it, you can't raise funds for hospital bills when the story is about a drunk driver. But this has reached a national level now, and if people ever truly realize what happened, that she self served at a bar all night and then got into a car, the message of this story will change dramatically. On the other hand, if she were to come out as a spokesperson against drunk driving, that would show a different kind of courage, one that has nothing to do with singing contests.

1303 days ago

random human being    

F. Knight, I actually agree with you, if that is the case her story, and her before and after photos alone, could do GREAT things preventing young kids from drinking and driving. But let the young man have his spotlight, HE deserves it, and has EARned it. And ultimately, it is at her family's discretion to disclose that type of information and no one else's. Health care sucks and I am a mother and I just know that when it comes to the well being and health of your children, you "GOTTA do what ya gotta do," despite the cir***stances. They are now in the public eye, and the story will unfold. But again its up to THEM to handle and disclose the 'truth.'

1302 days ago


I'm glad you obtained this "police report" and let us know what REALLY happened just because you can't get this amount of attention throughout your whole existence, so you choose to spread rumors for what reason ? So no one donates to someone who truly needs it ? So, I'm assuming you are a perfectly healthy person, and to know someone like you is trying to take this all away from Juli, who is disabled right now, you should really be ashamed of yourself. It's obvious that you, The Lady & F Knight are all the same person. Either way, it's terrible how jealous you are. To go and fabricate stories like this, c'mon. Let's focus on Chris right now, and the fact that Juli can't come on here and defend herself, so back off. What are you trying to prove by telling us the location of the accident ? That doesn't prove she really drank & drove JUST because you think you know where it happened. I won't even bother telling your dumb ass what really happened.

F Knight,
It never changed from drunk driving to hydroplaning. Maybe that story changed in your little group of friends, did you ever think of that ? Since day 1, everyone knew her car hydroplaned in that rain storm, but there are people that assumed since she was working at the bar that maybe she drank, then that was exaggerated and turned into this. Haven't you ever heard of "rumors" ? Just because YOU heard she was drunk, & then heard from someone else she wasn't, doesn't mean her friends & family are changing the story. Maybe that means you surround yourself with nosey people ? It has not been 2 years, so get your facts straight. Seems like you need to do your research buddy. Are you doing this because you're cheap & looking for a way out of donating ? Either way, you're not a New Kid On The Block, poser.

1302 days ago


Regardless of what the "true story" may or may not be...I am choosing to focus on Chris Medina and what a fanastic singer he is and the stand up man he seems to be since I don't know personally know him.

Mary, I get that you are a friend but maybe you should do your friends some justice and stop posting here. Your constant posting is beginning to, in my opinion, bring controversy to her accident cause rather than to Chris' journey on American Idol. People are going to believe or think what they want to regardless of how much you want to prove their choice wrong. The more you keep defending the more likely people will begin to really question what is your are saying. I completely get you wanting to defend your friend Juliana but sometimes it's the things we choose not to say that make a bigger impact.

1302 days ago

random human being    

What people are failing to realize is that this is their reality, and the real thing to do is stand up and defend people you love.

Unfortunately, this family is getting a taste of how harsh media and publicity is. With the spotlight, unfortunately comes every tom and **** and harry coming out of the woods to impose negativity. On the other hand, they are being blessed by many MORE supporters! I am sure Chris Medina would trade all of this for his fiance to be 'back' to her normal self in a heartbeat.

1302 days ago


if you don't have anything nice to say......shut up!!!

1301 days ago



I will stand up for them as much as possible, and my few posts defending them is not bringing any controversy. It's brought nothing more then it has before I started commenting. Therefore, I will not take your advice, and I will continue to be their voice. Stop reading my posts then if you don't like it. :]

1300 days ago


These things make me ****ing sick. Every ****ing year they have stories like this on American Idol just to get ratings. They know people just love fairytale stories like this. It does nothing but exploit these people, and it's disgusting that the majority of people continue to fall for it.

Does no one else see through this or am I the only one?

1299 days ago
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