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Steven Tyler -- The 'Idol' Audition

That Made Him Cry

1/18/2011 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Tyler had an extremely emotional moment during an "American Idol" audition, when a contestant brought his disabled fiancee to watch him compete.

Chris Medina American Idol
Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, the "Idol" judges were in Milwaukee when 27-year-old Chris Medina walked into the room, accompanied by his disabled fiancee, Juliana Ramos.

We're told Chris told the judges he proposed to Juliana two years ago ... and the couple was making wedding plans when tragedy struck.  Juliana got into a horrible car accident on her way home from work in October, 2009, and was left nearly paralyzed with significant brain damage.

The video below was shot one year into Juliana's recovery.


Chris' singing was great, but Steven was so moved by Chris' story ... he got up out of his chair, teary-eyed, walked over to Juliana, and hugged and kissed her.

Tyler, we're told, is becoming the star of the show, with big emotions ranging from snark to Paula-style sincerity.

Chris, who will appear on next week's show, made the top 40.

As for Chris' wedding, it's been placed on hold.  The medical expenses are so great, a website was launched to help cover the costs.



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If you ever want too know what being a REAL MAN and a REAL PARTNER is you need too look no further..I WISH NOTHING BUT THE BEST OF THEM ..GOD BLESS U BOTH :)

1341 days ago


I'm going to state exactly what I think. This dude is using his fiance to get ahead on AI. Sick.

1341 days ago


that IS difficult to watch...especially if u know someone that has become disabled due to an accident

1341 days ago


Not to be a complete jerk, here, it's a touching story, and the guy can sing imho, but if you look at her Myspace page, her blog dated Dec 13, 2007 states they were engaged right around that time frame. In 2007, not in October of 2009.

1341 days ago


#80- if you knew how to read you can see that it clearly states that the accident happened in october of 09, and that they were planning their wedding at that time, not that the engagement happened in 09. It clearly states that at his tryout (which most likely took place in 2010) he told the judges he had proposed 2 years before. Which would be right around that time.

1341 days ago


Heres another version. And yes he DID write it

1341 days ago


some of you took a touching story about an amazing guy and a very strong girl who have bigger hearts than any of you ever dreamed of having and turned it around to make him sound selfish and her unattractive. shes the most beautiful girl inside and out and he is the most selfless, genuine person possible. you should be ashamed of yourselves for the terrible comments.

1341 days ago


Chris has treated Juli like a queen since the day they met. If he gets famous, it is because he deserves it. I remember going to Chris's shows in years past and wondering how in the world someone like Lady Gaga was famous and not him. Chris has impressed all of us daily with his strength, commitment, and talent. If you want to be a critic and judge his talent, fine. Please do not judge his commitment.

-Friend of the Family

1341 days ago


I know Chris and this situation..He deserved American Idol for talent alone..But this really shows what someone is made of american, and this is what an IDOL should be, the whole package...Clearly you will see, just watch..Love ya Chris

1341 days ago

Kelly ( marys bff )     

I know Chris , and I met Juli a few times she is a sweet girl. For all of you who are bad mouthing them you should go on fb and go to for juliana page read , and watch the videos. You will feel like a moron for talking ****!
# 78 he is def not using her
# 22 are you an idiot??!how could this be staged did you watch the video? why dont you go to the fb page for juliana and read about her!

Chris has a great voice , and if America agrees great, if not then too bad. If he wins or not he will still be with her!

1341 days ago


To Bad this story had to be told on TMZ because of all the negative comments that flood in everyday. Chris and Juliana dont take it personal its just the way it is here.Some people make negative comments to get a reaction and most of the time it works. Sad but true. Good Luck on American Idol and prayers to Juliana for her recovery.This is what true Love is all about.

1341 days ago



1341 days ago


I hope Chris gets far in American IDOL and Juliana gets the money for her recovery. GOOD LUCK GUYS.. P.S. ignore the negative comments it seems like some people cant wait to get on TMZ and cause a war of comments.

1341 days ago


To all the friends and family of Juliana and Chris I know it hard to read the negative comments but its normal here on the TMZ comments. Honestly I think some of the people that comment cant wait to get up and search TMZ so they can get a war going on the comments. I wouldnt even comment back because that is what they like to see the reaction their comments can make. I know it hard because you love and care about them. I pray Chris does well on American Idol and Juliana gets the money she needs for treatment. There are Alot of good people out there that wish you well and pray for Julianas recovery.

1341 days ago


this whole show is a joke. plus their website does not allow you to comment negatively or positively on the show. pathetic.

1341 days ago
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