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MJ Music Video Dancer -- I Support Dr. Murray

1/18/2011 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not every Michael Jackson fan HATES Dr. Conrad Murray ... in fact, one of the guys who danced in the new MJ music video met up with Conrad this past weekend ... and insists, "He's a nice guy."


TMZ has learned Terry Henderson -- who was featured in the "Hold My Hand" video -- ran into Murray at 3rd Street Promenade shopping center in Santa Monica on Sunday ... and immediately struck up a conversation.


Henderson told us he fully supports Murray through his "tough legal battle" ... even though most hardcore MJ fans view Conrad as the enemy.

Henderson's olive branch got us thinking -- will MJ fans ever be able to make peace with Murray?

After all, MJ did preach love and forgiveness, right?


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all the name calling and accusations on earth in regards to Michael Jackson still does not provide a defense for Murray.

Murray is guilty and the D.A. needs to increase the charges to Murder in the first degree. Michael's murder was planned and premeditated!!!

1343 days ago


.......and Murray still does not have a defense!!!!

1343 days ago


I believe MJ needed sleep but I don't think he was desperate for it due to chronic insomnia or a sleep apnea. IMO: If Michael could not sleep, it was due to pain and anxiety. That's something Murray nor the media have discussed. I believe Murray was treating Michael Jackson for pain management, anxiety and breathing treatment only. Propofol was used to kill Michael Jackson. The use of Propofol cannot cure or treat pain, anxiety, insomnia, or any of the other ailments MJ had.
The media was quick to stop talking about MJ's medical condition when they learned the family requested a second autopsy. IMO: it's because they wanted to the public to maintain a visual that MJ's health was poor due to how thin he looked in TII. Yet we all know the Coroner's findings. (Thank you Jackson family for getting a second opinion--something I know the culprits nor the media anticipated).

IMO: I don't believe MJ was under the kind of pressure the media and culprits want us to think. Afterall he was the world's best selling artist. Even Invincible was multi platinum, as the fan base is well aware of. The critics can just kiss his azz (sorry yall)!! MJ has been pressured his entire life to succeed. Everything in MJ's world had to be larger than life. Each solo tour was more successful than the preceding tour. IMO, MJ's return to the stage was just another day at the office. It was familiar territory. After looking at TII, other than the variations to the dance routines, beautiful graphics and stage props, the concert was a standard Michael Jackson production.....homage to J5 at the midpoint of the show complete with family photos and footage.....etc.

The catalog as collateral: IMO: it does not make any sense to be under pressure to make a measly $50 million dollars when you have a reported $500 million dollars in debt. The logic of that is totally upside down!! MJ was smart, very cunning and a very shrewd businessman. Nothing on the surface of the deal with AEG makes any financially sound sense in regards to Michael. If Michael was doing it for the money, the deal is flat out ABSURD! Per Michael, his children were old enough to know what he does for a living and he was still young enough to do it. Otherwise the deal with AEG seems to financially benefit ONLY AEG.

As for his mother's home, I'm not buying totally into that either. It makes no sense for MJ to name/nominated anyone who cannot maintain a home or standard of living for themselves to take care of his children. IMO: MJ would only want a responsible guardian he trusted and who could provide for his children with or without a stipend from his (failing, cash poor-yeah right) the love of his life Diana Ross. I have no proof about the status of the Hayvenhurst home prior to MJ's death. Yet it makes no sense for MJ to leave the country for the 02 concert series only to return and find his mother homeless. (haters don't say his mother would have money to provide for the children after he died). You cannot not have it both ways. If MJ was broke and on the verge of bankruptcy he would not have anything to leave his children and mother. The executors would have liquidated what ever they could because the estate was too far in debt and was not making ANY money. The media bandits want us to think Branca and Mcclain saved the day. IMO: Branca and Mcclain just did their jobs and there was nothing wrong with MJ financially. Restructuring debt does not mean a person is broke, cash poor and on the verge of bankruptcy. Not unless your last name is Trump.......I wish we all could be as broke as Mr. Trump (he's been filing ch 11, or 13 every 7 yrs for the past 20 yrs-LOL!)

My theory on the past due bills at Hayvenhurst if any, are do to staffers not paying the bills on time. Not because the money was unavailable but because people were not doing their job(s). We all know the media loves to print anything negative about the Jacksons. Even a past due electric bill is BIG news when you're a Jackson. I don't believe Michael was backed into a corner by any means of the word. His anxiety was on
"Red Alert" because he was "fearful" of losing his life. I don't believe for a minute he was under pressure for any other reason. The fact that he was working again and headed for the stage tells me MJ was not backed into a corner. As for him calling for his father....I believe that with all my heart!!!

As for what would Murray would do in London. I don't believe for one second that Murray was concerned about London because MJ's murder was planned. Michael was never ever going to London in the first place. IMO: Michael's life had a natural structured daily rhythm to it. He was a father who spent quality time with his children. He hired personnel to nurture their needs as well. MJ was so into his children's needs that he allowed PPB to interview the potential staffers as well before hiring them. As a businessman he received an agenda every morning and fulfilled it.

IMO: Without surveillance, Murray cannot accurately account for his actions after Ms. Chase left for work. I cannot find information as to when Ms. Chase left for work on 6/24/2009. No one is asking her either. No one is asking the Nanny or the children what time it was the last time they saw Michael alive. As far as what happened at the home all we know is that MJ had lunch (tuna) on 6/24/2009. Ms. Chase prepared dinner and left.
IMO: Since MJ died at home and the surveillance tapes mysterious disappeared, the death of Michael Jackson was an INSIDER/INNER CIRCLE JOB (period!). I will go a little further. I don't believe the surveillance tapes disappeared. I believe the surveillance system was "TURNED OFF" or "SHUT DOWN" long enough for the culprits to murder Michael Jackson. IMO: With the surveillance system turned off, the killer or killers went to work!

It's clear to me that Murray advised MJ not to eat before being injected with an anesthetic. The real mystery is when did MJ actually die? We know by her own admission, Ms. Chase found it odd that MJ nor Murray ate the dinner left for them on 6/24/2009. Ms. Chase found it equally as odd that Murray did not come downstairs to obtain MJ's breakfast. Murray stated he gave MJ propofol sometime after 10am. Why is Murray still trying to sedate MJ? It's clear to me that MJ did not need to be sedated in this manner prior to 6/24/2009. Ms. Chase returned to Michael's employ on June 2. We all know she was gone for 3 weeks. However she does not notice anything different about MJ when she returned. MJ was on a regular diet of healthy eating and a regular schedule for rehersals, and spending quality time with his children.

IMO: MJ was murdered while the surveillance system was shut down. Murray did not come downstairs to obtain MJ's breakfast because he was already dead. IMO: Murray stated that he injected MJ sometime after 10am was only to mask the time line so that it appears that MJ was still alive and did not stop breathing until sometime around noon on 6/25/2009. We all know Murray cleaned up and or had items removed from MJ's bedroom before bothering to call 911. Murray murdered Michael Jackson........Murray was paid and he had INSIDE ASSISTANCE TO PULL IT OFF!!!!! Mr. D.A. please increase the charges to MURDER in the first degree!

btw: haters and anyone else: If I have any of the information wrong please know that I can provide the source AS TO who or whom provided the wrong information. Otherwise it's just my opinion.......and I welcome yours!

1343 days ago


After all, MJ did preach love and forgiveness, right?
Unfortunately for Michael, Murray and his co-conspirators did not agree with MJ's message.

1343 days ago


.....nothing has been posted that clears murray of murder. Mr. D.A. please increase the charges to murder one. Murray does not have a defense. His supporters are too simple minded and cannot even defend the guy on a gossip site.

1343 days ago


Hi mymjj5,

You are SO RIGHT. Murray has NO DEFENSE, and is going to be found guilty. Unfortunately, even if given the max amount of prison time, 4 years does not equal justice for Michael.

1343 days ago


Posted at 10:19 PM on Jan 18, 2011 by duilama
It's obvious you have nothing to clear Murray. Your response was pure immature juvenile gibberish. It's late and murray still does not have a defense. TMZ please hire one or two internals who are capable of an adult conversation.

night all!!!!

1343 days ago


Hi mymjj5,
You are SO RIGHT. Murray has NO DEFENSE, and is going to be found guilty. Unfortunately, even if given the max amount of prison time, 4 years does not equal justice for Michael.
Posted at 10:25 PM on Jan 18, 2011 by Chico
Hi Chico
This is why we the fans have to keep asking questions and shoot holes through all the BS articles on TMZ. We can get to the bottom of everything if we just keep asking questions when the explanation given just does not make sense or add up correctly!

1343 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

will MJ fans ever be able to make peace with Murray?

1343 days ago


MJ may have preached love and forgiveness, but he didn't even practice it in his own life. He would cut people out in a second and never look back.

Posted at 9:05 PM on Jan 18, 2011 by Susan

This is so true.

James Warren (Jim) Jones did the same thing.

1343 days ago


God Bless and Protect Conrad Murray.
He's a far better man/humane being than Michael Jackson ever was or will be.

1343 days ago


If i wouldn't believe that MJ is alive i would say that you TMZ are big supporters of Murray & you are so cruel ! Hope this will have an end soon & Mj will come back after he will expose all the liars and fake people .God bless you Michael, i love you !

1343 days ago


Its not about love or hate, its about justice, the Dr did wrong even if the person receiving the treatment wanted it,murray broke the law

1343 days ago


Fine. Let this fool take the good doctor home to help him get a good nights sleep then.

Did you notice TMZ posting this with that last line in order to get us all riled up? Very good! Nothing like a line such as that to charge up the posters. Too bad it's so nasty.

1343 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

HOW DARE THIS GUY CALL HIMSELF A FAN AND TAKE A PICTURE GIVING THUMBS UP TO MURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1343 days ago
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