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MJ Music Video Dancer -- I Support Dr. Murray

1/18/2011 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not every Michael Jackson fan HATES Dr. Conrad Murray ... in fact, one of the guys who danced in the new MJ music video met up with Conrad this past weekend ... and insists, "He's a nice guy."


TMZ has learned Terry Henderson -- who was featured in the "Hold My Hand" video -- ran into Murray at 3rd Street Promenade shopping center in Santa Monica on Sunday ... and immediately struck up a conversation.


Henderson told us he fully supports Murray through his "tough legal battle" ... even though most hardcore MJ fans view Conrad as the enemy.

Henderson's olive branch got us thinking -- will MJ fans ever be able to make peace with Murray?

After all, MJ did preach love and forgiveness, right?


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this loser wants to be seen, But He would never be MJ. so hes just salty sorry loser not theway to get ahead horrible set back for him.

1317 days ago


This is terrible to get a picture taken with the person who provided drugs to kill the person you are SUPPOSED to be a fan of!!! Sounds like he is more a fan of Murray than Michael!! He might have well been holding a sign saying that is a MJ fan! Murray provided the stuff that killed Michael! Stuff that was used improperly!! I don't care if Michael did ask for it; doctors should know better than to provide unnecessary pills and meds for people just because they ask for it. Murray needs to get more time than 3 years, if for nothing more than being a stupid doctor!

1317 days ago


Why is Dr. Murray ALWAYS at the mall?

1317 days ago


i am a true mj fan, however mj was responsible for his own demise,i miss him, the world miss him. but blaming murry would not serve the problem, what about the other doctors, what about the plastic surgeons what about those people who drag him in and out of court and what about those who accuse him and make his life hell. come on people wake up.
This post is ridiculous. murray is guilty of murder. the only problem that needs to be solved is Michael's murder. all that blah, blah, blah about plastic surgeons and law suits has nothing to do with Murray's choice to inject MJ with Propofol. the asked and answered allegations have nothing to do with MJ's murder. Michael survived all of it. Michael and no one can survive being poisoned to death. MJ was murdered by conrad murray!

1317 days ago


A "new" michael jackson video without michael jackson. all the projects and products under the 7 year deal are bogus BS.

btw: like Christ, no it's the anti-christ.....7 year deal

1317 days ago


hmmm...i bet Murray paid him to say he's a nice guy ect...

1317 days ago


Why is Dr. Murray ALWAYS at the mall?
Posted at 12:57 PM on Jan 19, 2011 by kathy
He's spending the money stolen from MJ's house. His TMZ PR Team is always on location!
AEG funds all of the trips and baby mama stuff!!!

1317 days ago

beverly grissom    

Michael Jackson died because of (I won't even call in Doctor)
that man and if anyone out their thinks this man is not at fault, then I hope no one in your family ever falls victum to
this person who can't even do CPR Because the Michael Jacksons fanily did and most of all his children....If you support this man who thought more of saving his ass,then saving Michael, than your attitude is the same has his, save your ass.

I am a hard cor fan and always will be. My Love wiil always be with MJ and is children. Justice for Michael Bev Grissom

1317 days ago


The thing that refers to itself as "Linda" needs to seek some mental health treatment. You're disgusting and I certainly hope you don't have children! Perhaps, you can ask your physician to give you some Diprivan.

1317 days ago



1317 days ago


wow i still cnt believe u idiots are still calling him a pedophile. yall r really sad, there is a certain term called "not guilty" in the court system and well...that term was used for MJ so leave him the f alone!! Geez the guy is dead and u still cnt even express the smallest respect for even that, that shows ignorance in a person.
Heck if the guy supports Murray then o well people have different opinions, i dont c y yall worry about stupid things like this when there are actually important things in this world that need to be called attention to.

1317 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

TERRY HENDERSON YOU ARE A TOTAL DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I DO NOT LIKE YOU AND NEITHER WOULD MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1317 days ago


Of course, Dr. Conrad Murray will always be nice to him and to anybody because he needs badly an ally these days! I wonder what (Terry Henderson) got from him. Sorry, I am just thinking aloud.

1317 days ago


thats my brother i swear after thta he gave him a lot of money

1317 days ago
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