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MJ Music Video Dancer -- I Support Dr. Murray

1/18/2011 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not every Michael Jackson fan HATES Dr. Conrad Murray ... in fact, one of the guys who danced in the new MJ music video met up with Conrad this past weekend ... and insists, "He's a nice guy."


TMZ has learned Terry Henderson -- who was featured in the "Hold My Hand" video -- ran into Murray at 3rd Street Promenade shopping center in Santa Monica on Sunday ... and immediately struck up a conversation.


Henderson told us he fully supports Murray through his "tough legal battle" ... even though most hardcore MJ fans view Conrad as the enemy.

Henderson's olive branch got us thinking -- will MJ fans ever be able to make peace with Murray?

After all, MJ did preach love and forgiveness, right?


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Robyn Hope    

Yes, you can be a Michael Jackson fan and not hate Dr. Murray --- At long last, someone with common sense!!! I'm a big fan of MJ's massive talents, but NOT a fan of his personal life.
You wouldn't believe the abusive and nasty comments I got at Michael --- because I said in my blog that I believe the King of Pop played a heavy hand in his demise; meaning that Dr. Murray is not the "evil-doer", they, the fanatics, make him out to be --- and how "dare" I say that I think Michael Jackson had reason to opt out of this life!
I wouldn't recommend aforementioned site, unless you are dictatorial, judgemental and intolerant to opinions that differ from yours. Robyn

1348 days ago

Robyn Hope    

I NEED TO SHARE THIS; last Dec. I submitted an article called PERFECT TIMING, where I talk about what I think killed the KING OF POP. I said he planned his departure at a perfect time and that he had nothing more to prove to the world --- because he was the greatest, most accomplished performing artist that ever moonwalked the earth.
Having had no prior experience with fan sites, I didn't know I was dealing with fanatical, MJ-obsessed idiots, who have zero tolerance for opinions different from theirs.
How dare I say the King of Pop committed suicide, which means Dr.C. Murray is not responsible for his death!
The fanatics wanted me to demonize Dr. Murray, 'cause they all think he should be nailed to the cross. I guess what really got their goat was when I stated"if Michael could speak, he'd say: leave Dr. Murray alone --- I am where I want to be."
You wouldn't believe the ugly, nasty comments I got from the fanatics at Michael I call them fanatical idiots --- that's what they are --- because they are incapable of critical thinking. Yes, my blog is controversial --- and so is Michael Jackson. But intelligent fans would've said:"we don't agree with you, but have a right to be here and say what's on your mind, anyway." And speaking of "controversial, it's a well-known fact that MJ's life was fraught with trouble --- nothing disrespectful about stating that. In fact, one of TIME's headline reads: Deformed by Surgery, Warped by Fame --- the Sad End of an American Icon.
The dictatorial, fanatical, judgemental and intolerant jerks on aforementioned site accept nothing negative about the King of Pop. It's all about fluff:"he's sexy, his nose is cute, blah, blah, blah.........." nonsense like that!
As I said in my blog: I enjoyed and appreciated MJ's massive talents --- and accept ALL of Michael, good and bad, which is not to say I like all the decisions he made, or things he did. But unless you can accept the good, as well as the bad, you can't really call yourself a true fan.
It really makes me mad these fanatical idiots, who are likely half my age, saw fit to tag PERFECT TIMING as "offensive, disrespectful and disgusting" --- because they didn't like what I had to say. Never mind that the things I said made "uncommon sense"; but they're obviously unconcerned about sensibility, or incapable.
Their actions towards me were offensive, disrespectful and disgusting --- and that includes the site administrators, as I am now banned from Michael
Robyn Hope

1346 days ago

Robyn Hope    

I fully agree with Heather.
Robyn Hope

1346 days ago
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